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Friday, September 9, 2016

At The Moment

First born in Washington, DC visiting my grandson.
Her daughter my oldest granddaughter started teaching in N.Y,  a few days ago and now has her own room of students :)
Second born is flying back to Nashville today from Nantucket
been visiting chef granddaughter.
This family is busy
but  this one does not want to leave the woods...

Youngest, my Jamie forwarded images of youngest granddaughter
who broke her arm  a few days ago and keeps smiling....
picked cast to match her cheer leading outfit :)
Cast did not stop her from
cheering at the football game yesterday
old iron furniture being put back on deck and porches.   Love these areas empty
and dislike filling them up again.   Old Meadow Craft furniture needs to be painted.
and new cushions, guess with time everything is wearing out :)


Tabor said...

My woven furniture that I brought back from Indonesia decades ago and painted several times, is finally giving up. It was usually kept in sheltered areas, but my deck leaks and that water goes down onto it. I hate to remove it, but I am wondering if it is safe to sit on any more! You grandchildren and children do lead interesting and useful lives it seems!

Nan said...

Did she break it cheering? I know you were worried about her.

lil red hen said...

Indeed! Everyone is so busy these days! I guess we just float along and take things as they come our way. Your header photo is so very pretty; don't you just love zinnias!!