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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Last Day of March

Special thank you to all who have helped me these past 3 months.

Two unexpected hospital visits and one calling 911

For something so simple it sure was a lot of expense, weakened me and lost weight which I did not need to lose.

Linda Wells - a neighbor I reconnected with and memories of her boys helping me in yard
when I lived at the old farmhouse.   Linda has constantly made weekly visits, for weeks
would bring me something to eat, put hot water bottle in my bed and wait while I took a bath
to make sure I got out of tub safely.  Still comes weekly and says "call me if you need me."

Lisa Williams, helping me weekly, taking me to grocery, doctor appt and most of all coming
with her husband to take me home on a very cold snowy afternoon when I was released from
hospital.   She is an angel...

My local pharmacist, who does not ordinarily deliver medications - did this for me, knowing
I was not driving and not well.

Weekly visits from Lana Osborne who brings me fresh eggs from her chickens and I give
her my Sunday N.Y. Times
Ann Morris, visits or calls weekly,  The Copes who have the near  dog kennel and kept
Callie for me while I was in hospital, checked on me and picked up meals for me.
Judy Holland, a dear and special cousin Judy and another special cousin Ronnie, who call me.
The mail carrier who bring my mail down the long gravel road to my cottage,
Judy Holman, who stayed with me in hospital and at home for several days and hopefully
have not forgotten anyone.

These health issues took place
during the cold, snowy days when roads were not agreeable for family to be with me.

All mentioned still visiting and calling.

Arthur, the therapist who came to my home for a month and helped me in more ways
then he will ever know.   His constant encouragement was a blessing and never will forget him.
His words constantly echoing in my mind "you will have to find a way to accept what is going
on with your body - it is not going away."

Now driving for 3 weeks and going to out patient therapy
and Victor has now taken over twice a week.
Oh my
wonderful and wish I was able to go to him the rest of my life.

I realize that these treatments will not heal me
but give me pain free hours, help me keep moving and  I always leave Victor's with a smile on my face
and hope.

Always hearing their words constantly echoing in my thoughts
"do not fall."

So a special thanks to all who have helped me....
and you will never be forgotten.

I do not like what is going on with this container, which is my body
but so much to be thankful for.


Val said...

Kindness and goodness mean just about everything in this life, I think. And you have been blessed with show after show of that, it sounds like.

Here's to a healing April! ♥

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Dear, dear Ernestine ~ God sends people to help when we need them. Not only the help, but the love that comes along with it.

Aging is a process, one we all have to deal with and it isn't always easy or pretty, it is what it is. I think you are doing very well in spite of pain, etc. and you inspire me.

Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady

Mitzi said...

You continue to inspire me. I am glad you get pain free hours now.
Spring is coming and soon we will be able to open the doors and windows and breathe in that wonderful fresh air.
You are so fortunate to have so many people watching out for you. I wish you better days to come.

lil red hen said...

It's wonderful to know you have so many people who love you and want to help you. Sometimes it's difficult to understand why, as we age, we have to suffer and not be able to do what we'd like to do. But in spite of your pain, you seem very positive about things. xoxoxo

Judy said...

This was the big glitch in your older life. Now that it is behind you, you will increase in strength and live another decade, at least. What does not kill us, makes us stronger?
The hardest part of living alone is getting sick with no one in the same house to help us. Thankfully, you have wonderful friends and all your blog buddies who were worried, but praying hard for you. XX OO

joared said...

Wonderful that you have so many to help you when you needed them. When we live alone and/or are less able to be completely independent as we once were, there's much comfort in knowing who we can call on or what assistance is available to us should we need it. When I was young and single I was alone and ill on occasion but when that occurred these many years later, it became a relearning adaptation experience.

Sallysmom said...

So glad to hear that many good people helped you.

Judi said...

Good to "hear" that spark back in your conversations with us. May the health continue.

Wisewebwoman said...

I am so happy you had such wonderful helpers. They make the world of difference and you were blessed with so many!

Tabor said...

I have a philosophy that people who are very special get these types of blessings from their network of acquaintances. You certainly must deserve this!

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Tabor, thank you
When I returned to my woods
and this community
most I knew in the past
had passed away.
This has been a blessing to me
and I have wondered
where did they come from
but they appeared in my time of need'

Lonely Rivers said...

So glad your son will be with you. Enjoy every minute! Buy a new outfit, put some ribbons on your cane,
and let your hair blow in the breeze! You are loved and beloved.

Marcie said...

I had gotten a little behind in reading your posts, but am caught up now. I am so glad you have so many family and friends around to connect with. Take care, dear Ernestine!