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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Changing, Market and Images Not Staged

At dawn outside with blower
all the rain making leaves fall, other things from the trees
and need to tidy walks.
Hummingbird feeders filled
some weeds pulled.
Inside on the mat for 20 minutes
phone rings
son from Thailand, was not going to answer phone and glad I did.
Lately turn phone off when doing yoga...
Neighbor arrives with her fresh eggs and I give her Sundays New York Time.
I have some yogurt, fruit, 2 cups of green tea, last of zucchini bread and a handful of supplements with several
glasses of water.
Time to change again as I get ready to go to market.
My Cosmos about 6 inches high
and I spot this beauty for $5
Will place this beauty among my beginners.
Change my clothes again
off with town clothes and back in garden clothes.
Time for my late meal
lettuce from my pots and have the thought it looks like something is eating it
and  spot a big fat toad in the pot...
Simple lunch of Naan bread warmed in olive oil, tuna salad with hard boiled egg
all on my lettuce and basil, some tomato, green pepper, sliced radishes and corn chips on the side.
Little flying insects flying everywhere and take everything back inside to table,
notice in this image a small black speck - guess one of the insects :)

Cherries in abundance at the market so reasonable $2.99 a pound and every week buy a pound.  They are so tasty, continually eating a handful,
know they are good for inflammation - maybe they will help this one.

Everything I prepare in the kitchen lately leaves such a mess and do not remember this years
ago when preparing for a family - maybe I forgot.

Question:    Do others change their clothes this many times a day - maybe it is the season,
                   always put a better grade of clothes when going to town and then put back on
                   home clothes when I return.

My day is coming to a close...


Barb said...

I'm afraid I look just the same in town as I do at home - black yoga pants and a t shirt! Your lunch is making me hungry for dinner.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Barb, after working outside in the dirt, have to change.
In town usually straight leg jeans and t shirt.
Then back to some old garden clothes.

Judy said...

If I have been outside working, I always change into something clean to go to the store. I keep forgetting--Michigan cherries should be coming on soon! I too eat them by the handfuls, but never thought they helped with the arthritis inflammation. I will still eat them, even if not......:-)

Sallysmom said...

I always change to go to town.

Sandra said...

I love your cosmos flowers! I live in the city, so I need to change before going downtown!

Sky said...

depends on how much dirt is truly visible as to whether we change clothes! we try to plan our days so that we do all our "going" early and have the remainder of the day to spend in the gardens. if you are speaking about going to market or grocery store, we do that on a different day than when we plan to be heavily involved in garden work. we do not spend every day in our gardens - usually do that heavy work on weekends and 2-3 late afternoons during the week. the rest of our time is ours to do with as we see fit. occasionally we find we need something for the garden work while we are in the midst of working outside and will race out to get it while dressed in garden clothing if we aren't too filthy. we don't really care a flip about what anyone else thinks of our appearance - just don't want to get the vehicle dirty. we have been known to put coats on over pjs, which look more like yoga pants, to pick something up from grocery store at night! I sit outside in the gardens on the courtyard patio of our home mornings and early evenings (a cul de sac) in my nightgown and a bed jacket or robe daily! this is how I feel: "if you don't like what I am wearing then look in a different direction!"

Sky said...

I forgot to mention that your photo of the cherries is splendid! The light reflecting off the fruit, the clarity, etc. - great job!

Wisewebwoman said...

Love reading about your days. I had to light a fire today as it is still cold. I am a lover of the cold and hate the heat. The tropics were always wasted on me :)
The food is yummy, can hardly wait for cherries, they are so, so good.

Don't be too strenuous, take it easy.


lil red hen said...

I smiled at your question. Yes, working in the chicken houses requires a change of clothes; there's always dust from feed, and the down from the baby chickens, that has settled on everything, and when I brush up against something, there it is on my clothes. And even when I have clean clothes on, if the farmer comes in and asks me to help with something, I take off my good clothes and change into older things.

You are just such a BUSY lady!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Charlotte, trying to slow down and discouraged I have not made progress - but then what am I do. Callie, dirt, cooking, cleaning, gardening and children and grandchildren my life.
WWW, rain every day, everything growing so fast, weeds everywhere now the cherries, I consumed too much and been sick for hours :)
Sky, Sallysmom, Judy and Sandra, :)

Hill Top Post said...

My favorite kind of post...simple, daily happenings! Your "simple" lunch looks like a feastto me! Right now I have Nell's doggie hair all over from another hair clipping session with her. Looks like another change of clothes for me!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Mary, just me
and life at this time
thanks for visiting..