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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Addition To My Bookcase

Just finished reading "The Invention Of Wings" by Sue Monk Kidd.
It will be added to other favorite books in bookcase in my bedroom.
I truly enjoyed this book.

This bookcase holds old favorites
some go back close to 50 years.
It holds my first bible given to me when I was 9 years old
Nardin Park Methodist Church in Detroit, Michigan. I was sent alone
represented the family and sang in the choir...
Also 3 other bibles all underlined, dated and tear stained.
Some much loved books
would be older then the 50 years
but so sad that when I married and packed away my books
and returned for them several weeks later
my mother had thrown them away - the thought of this still brings a moment of sadness

A bookcase in area by computer, sitting and kitchen
holds all my Yoga, Buddhism, classics and gardening books.

I have mentioned to many that my favorite book of all times
was "Shell Seekers" by Rosemunde Pilcher.
An hour ago took it off the shelf , a paperback
and inside dated 1989 and I wrote "my favorite book of all."

My son, all of my children and grandchildren  are avid readers and I remember the
afternoon he called and told me he noticed a First Edition of "Shell Seekers"
 in the window of a used book store.  I immediately told him to purchase
it for me. Price was reasonable and this is the hard covered book.

Also 4 other of this author's books on the shelf.

Have not reread this book in over 10 years and going to begin again
this evening or tomorrow.   Want to see if I still think is is wonderful.

I shared in a post years ago that I allowed a movie to be made at the
old farmhouse years ago.   I would never do this again as it was very emotional for me.
Special furnishing all put outside and covered for over a week.
Home totally redecorated for film and accustomed to somewhat of a solitary lifestyle
and there were many in my much loved surroundings.
Strangers, camera's, but the best part a special truck with the best food for 3 meals a day
for those working on the set and "this one."
Food was fabulous and much cooked on outdoor grills, a dozen picnic tables in my
yard. Very little income for this major discomfort and I now smile when I remember my son's
words "look at this like an adventure." :)
I also remember the crew and director wanted me to leave the premises
told me they would put me up in a motel - no way was I going to leave...

One of the directors of this film, an older lady that I became very fond of
was the one of the directors on the move set of "Shell Seekers."   I have a special
letter she wrote me.

Of all things
the name of this film being made
was "Is There Life Out There."

As time went by in the farm house
this divorced one
with 4 children
had begun a new journey
a lifestyle much unlike she had lived in the past in the big city.
Strange that I knew almost immediately
this is the lifestyle I was created for...

With older children finishing college and now my youngest in college
I sometimes would wonder
"Is There Life Out There."

Enough sharing.....


Friko said...

I have never read a Rosmunde Pilcher book. They have made many of them into TV films in Germany, none of which I’ve seen either. Maybe I should try one to see if I like them.

You should at least have been well compensated for having your home occupied by film crews. I don’t suppose they’d get away without nowadays. It must have been a great and unpleasant upheaval.

lil red hen said...

Ernestine, I loved your sharing.
The farmhouse sounds wonderful.
I really should make more time for reading.

Tabor said...

My husbands cousin released her lovely Santa Barbara home for a commercial once, and truly regretted it!! Nothing was damaged, but they had no respect for anything.

Mitzi said...

I share your love of Rosamond Pilcher books. Have read and reread every one of them. I enjoy reading your blog very much.

Wisewebwoman said...

The Shell Seekers was my dead sister-in-law's favourite book. So I did read it. Was not 10/10 on it or anything. About a 7. I did see the movie too, don't know how that happened, I may even have it in my stunning collection of films :)

I think I was forced to watch the movie in your farmhouse by a friend who was crazy about it. New Agey, I think? Not sure.

My books crawl all over my house, even on the stairs, they are everywhere, such a comfort. :)


Sharon said...

I just added the movie to my Netflix queue. I've never known anyone who had a movie filmed in their home. I read the "Shell Seekers" years ago - I think a friend loaned it to me. There are certain books I re-read because it's like visiting an old friend.

Kay said...

I've never read her books either, but now you've made me curious. Loaning your home out for the movie was really an adventure. I see that one of your commenters mentioned it being on Netflix. I'll check right now.

Judy said...

One of my favorite books also--so long ago. How cool to have your home in a movie!!!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Friko, Charlotte, Tabor, Mitz,
WWW, Sharon, TTW, Kay, Judy
thanks to each of you for visiting
all special you are
to this one :)

Rian said...

I have several Rosemunde Pilcher books. "Shell Seakers" was my favorite, but I picked up a few other paperbacks when we were in Cornwall years ago.

Also your mention of "Is there life out there?" hit a mark with me as I once wrote a story by that same name. Now wondering if the film you mentioned was ever made and produced...

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Rian, I love her books.
and yes a movie is on Netflex.
Thank you for visiting...

Beverly said...

Shell Seekers was one of my favorite books too!!!!