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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Years Day Tradition

As long as I can remember, this one,
my mother, grandmother, great grandmother and aunts
cooked black eyed peas, turnip greens and cornbread
for New Years Day.

Tomorrow it will be no different but a smaller portion
is being cooked in this cottate
at this very moment.

Black eyed peas
and a little different with an
addition of
 chopped green, yellow, red pepper
onions and chopped ham.

Turnip Greens, rice and cornbread....

This meal is said to bring us good luck for the coming year.

this mom and grandmother
will continue what she was taught over her 3 score, 10 plus years.

I wonder how many of my children
and grandchildren
will continue this tradition.

Probably not
as diligent as this one.
But maybe some will continue
this family tradition...

I am well aware that if my children
do not share this with their children
then this tradition will be lost.

But then I notice
times are changing

I am having some tonight


Balisha said...

Traditions are hard to keep for the young. They will have your words and pictures here on this blog to follow.I have found that some of my grandchildren are very interested in what was done in our family... in the past...I think that they will carry on some of the traditions.

I have enjoyed you so much this year. I think a deep friendship of a different kind is possible between two bloggers. I will keep you in my prayers....that you will have a healthy 2014,
Hugs, Balisha

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Balisha, 2 of my girls emailed me
Laurie and Jamie and said they will be having this tomorrow.
Thank you for your prayers and you are in mine also.

Wisewebwoman said...

I am not used to the tradition of New Year's and all it entails here. I remember with love "Women's Christmas" always celebrated on 12th Night (January 6th). Here I will celebrate with all the females in my life this Sunday. Pics and report to follow.
Enjoy your feast, I wish I lived near you, we could share each other's celebrations.

Sky said...

When we feel like cooking/eating at home on New Year's Day, the menu is: black-eyed peas, collards seasoned with bacon or ham hock, white rice, stewed sweetened tomatoes that are rather thick, and pork chops. Corn bread is on the menu, too, but my real preference is cracklin' cornbread, cooked and shaped in individual "pones." I have never seen cracklins for sale here, so we'd have to have them on hand in the pantry from GA if we want this! I am a girl who likes to eat what appeals to my tastebuds instead of what is part of family tradition, so it makes no difference to me that my mother may have baked a ham or served deviled eggs or potato salad along with these other dishes. While I love deviled eggs and potato salad, I don't usually eat them on New Year's Day. I'm not a person who likes ham at all except as a seasoning. But I love pork chops and pork roast. Happy New Year. I hope you have a wonderful feast. Are you going to Jamie's to celebrate? If so, be safe in your travel. :)

Hill Top Post said...

Reading this at a late hour, waiting for the clock to strike twelve. Your New Year's Day menu is much like the one I grew up with...a must for good luck in the new year. Wishing you the very best in 2014!

Judy said...

I never had a black eyed pea in my life. My mid-west farm family always had Oyster Stew on New Year's Eve. I have no idea how they ever got fresh Oysters, but great grandma always had it. I don't much like oysters either. Glad 2013 is outta here!!!

Pienosole said...

Wishing you a joyous new year! Thank you again for sharing with us on your blog :-).

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

This wasn't a tradition in my family, and I didn't find out about it until a few years back.

My husband and I love black eyed peas, they remind us of something else we really like, boiled peanuts. :-)

I put black eyed peas to soak last night, and got them going in the crockpot with some diced hickory smoked ham from my neighbor, sliced carrot and diced onion, and turkey broth from Christmas. I've got it on high, so it should be done in 2-3 hours and be smelling the cottage up nicely. I'll add some chopped kale near the end, and I have some potato rolls in the freezer I can heat up.

Have a wonderful 2014 Ernestine and enjoy those black eyed peas.

Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

lil red hen said...

Happy New Year, One Woman.
I wish you good health and happiness.

Judi said...

I wish you a healthy 2014. I look forward to your blog so much. Listed as one of my top favorites. So glad I found you

Beverly said...

I had black eyed peas, rice, swiss chard, and corn bread.... My sister in law always asked me if I had the peas....My son had peas last night.... So some of the children are keeping it up.. Other son did not....

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

WWW, Chip Butter, Sky, Judy,
Beverly, Pienosole, Judi, Lorraine and Charlotte,
thank you so much for visiting...

Anonymous said...

I didn't grow up in the South, but I've lived here all my adult life. I don't recall how many years ago I began eating the traditional Southern, good-luck meal on New Year's Day, but I've enjoyed the tradition. On New Year's this year, my son-in-law wanted to watch football (and I don't have television) so my daughter and he and my granddaughter came for the day after New Year's and warmed my home. I made greens, black-eyed peas, and a turkey pot pie with a corn bread topping. It was lovely and I assume the "charm" of the food still worked, even if we were a day late!