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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Right Speech Gives Peace

Right Mindfulness helps us slow down and listen to each word from the birds, the trees, and our own mind and speech. Whether we say something kind or respond too hastily, we hear what we are saying.

I am sad, I spoke without thinking.
One Woman, you read, you pray and you try
Must not be doing these enough
A firm reminder
you are no where near the mark you hope to attain
You said something
To one that is so dear and special
Words should not have been said
A sharp reminder that
You have not attained the wisdom
That you desire
May forgiveness be granted
Peace restored

Words can travel thousands of miles.
May my words create mutual understanding and love.
May they be as beautiful as gems,
As lovely as flowers

"The Heart Of The Buddha's Teaching"
~ Thich Nhat Hanh ~


the wild magnolia said...


Annie Joy said...

I am sad to report that I often regret what I have said; often wondered if it was taken the wrong way; often lamented that it really didn't need to be said at all. Thank you for this poem and the encouragement to continue trying. Annie

Bring Pretty Back said...

Peace restored. Beautiful words.
What a great post,
Have a pretty day.

Marcie said...

Lovely. We all need that reminder sometimes.

Tabor said...

We all go that way now and again but most of us are not wise enough to know that we have done it and to ask for forgiveness and to start once again on the right track.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

WM, AJ,BPB, Aislibng, thanks you for visiting.
Tabor, just need to wear a badge
"In Silence"...

Beverly said...

So many times I want to suck my words back in my mouth, just like I did with my spaghetti when I was a child....I have done this a few times the past few weeks with the kindest most gentle soul I know and it made me so sad.....

the wild magnolia said...

Good morning...sweet "One Woman"....wishing you warmth and peace this fine day.


Judy said...

I have also said things that afterward I realized were taken the wrong way, misunderstood and caused hurt. I am doing better at keeping my nose out of other's business and my mouth shut. But still....

Balisha said...

Keeping silent is so hard...We all feel that we "know" the answers. Sometimes, especially with our kids, they just need to work things out for themselves. Later we are glad that we kept silent.

teri said...

I am sure there have been many times your words have brought comfort and healing. I hope that balance is restored.

Sky said...

i, too, have been there - too many times to count. ask forgiveness and try to raise our consciousness a bit, hoping to ward off a future episode. of course, there will be others. we are human. forgive ourselves our imperfection. move forward in love. that is all we can do. <3

Sharon said...

We do the best we can in the moment. Each one of us is human and sometimes we misspeak. Love does mean saying we're sorry, and it also means accepting an apology gracefully.

May you feel peaceful and at ease ~

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Beverly, WM, Judy, Balisha, -teri, Sky and Sharon - to all of you
Thank you so much for commenting.
Yes, Right
Gives Peace :)