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Friday, May 9, 2008

Mother's Day Tribute

My mother has been on my mind a lot over the last few weeks. So many things come to mind. Too many memories to write about this afternoon, but one thing stands out. The quilts that she lovingly made become more dear to me as time goes by.

I wrote my children not long along reminding them of all the handwork and time spent on these quilts. I told them to treat them gently and with much care. I never saw my mother sewing them. She was an early morning person like myself and she would quilt at that time, cutting all the little pieces, pinning to fabric and then hand stitching. I took that for granted for years. Now I do not. Especially since it is an ordeal for me to sew a button on or hem a pair of slacks.

I smile at this - my 5-year-old granddaughter on a visit showed me her torn bear. I picked out the thread and threaded the needle. The entire time she was watching me intently. When the stitching was done and I handed her the bear back she smiled and said thank you grandma. She replied "I told mama you could do this grandma."

My mother was not the ideal mother for many years. Marrying at 17 and I was born at 18. My father someone she had only known for 3 weeks and mother threatened to run away if her parents did not consent to the marriage. In my eyes at this time she was a child. Also it was the end of the Depression which brought many problems.
But as she aged she became the mother I needed.

She always listened, encouraged and was always there when I felt there was no one. Mothers are like that. They are always there. I have always felt their love is the closest to God's love.

It her last years I was her main caregiver. She would never let me take her to lunch and always considered the days I took her to medical appointments her time. We would stop for lunch and any place special that she wanted. As time went on these special days became more numerous. So with Mothers Day around the corner I send her my love and thank her for these beautiful quilts.

Another memory on my journey through life.

p.s. Here is a tribute my youngest daughter wrote about my mother in 2006.


~Kathi said...


I read your comment over with the Elderblogger survey--don't be discouraged, your blog is sweet and lovely!

I don't get many comments either, but I hope to get revved up and try some more. A few scrolls down on mine, you can see a picture of my mother and me the day we got our St. Bernard, Heidi. It was around '52, I think.

My mother loved animals, gardening and giving parties, but she left (died of cancer) when I was only 13, sadly.

Now my life has rescued cats, including a real teenage character, Jack, the blind black and white cat.

Keep enjoying and reaching! ~Kathi

Beverly said...

A very nice Mother's Day tribute. I very much treasure my quilts that my mother and grandmother made.
Happy Mother's Day to you...hope you have a wonderful day.

Beverly said...

Oh, I forgot to ask if you saw my post on Ronni's site. It was at Elder
Stories Telling, for mother's day.

Liza on Maui said...

Very touching tribute Ernestine.

We have in our closet a quilt that my mother-in-law's grandmother made. It's so special. It's given to N. It's a very precious memento.

Belated Happy Mothers Day. I glad a very busy but wonderful Mothers Day.

So when is your date with Jamie? :)