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Saturday, August 7, 2010

What A Week

Time spent with my little girls is always special. Monday was their day. The youngest I treated to a hair trim. Older sister's was done last week and she made the remark to mom "what about my hair". So grandma beat mom to it.

I should not have parked behind my soninlaw because my car would not still be in the repair shop. A part is difficult to find. I made a remark to one of my daughter's that I will buy another car in a few years and this will be my last. She said that sounded kind of sad. I did not think so - it was just the fact. I think sometimes a classy one, maybe a convertible. Then I think probably the best is something that will go in all kinds of weather and one that will hold my gardening supplies. But my trusty old truck is good for that. Anyway I am fine and that decision will come. Might not even buy another one.

I decided to return the lawn tractor. Only used it once to see if I could operate it. At the present time there is no time or energy for me to use a lawn tractor. If I change my mind then next Spring I will make the purchase. Lowe's is picking it up tomorrow. Will be nice to once again have extra space in my garage.

A friend invited me for tea and muffins one morning. Fruit and a special treat that I have never tried before. Raisin bread spread with goat cheese, fig preserves and chopped basil. Slightly warmed and toasted in a pan. It was delicious and I am ashamed that I could barely sample everything as I had a hardy breakfast earlier that morning.

It was such a treat to sit and talk and relax. This is not something I do often but then there are not many people that I feel connected and are as special and gracious as this lady.

I have not been able to get into the new restaurant in the town that is 8 minutes away and really not that big . Every time I drive by the people are practically standing outside. I have the thought that economy in this farm community must be doing alright.... I did find a parking place not far away and went inside for a menu. They have some things I want to try.

A vegetable lasagna that is much different then one I make. It has zucchini and yellow squash as some of the ingredients. Mine has spinach, carrots among other things. I also make one with broccoli I love this dish but it is something I cannot make a small amount of. I do not like to freeze it and my son is the one who really enjoys it and he is not near. I probably need to cook and freeze portions more - just do not like to take things out of the freezer and warm. Like it fresh from the oven. Guess I need to stop being so fussy or I will never gain the weight I lost while building this home and relocating.

This 100 degree weather is surely not good for my handful of fine hair. I still dream of thick, curly and long hair that I can do all kinds of things with. A hair trim and shaping has helped some. My hair has been her department for over 15 years and she is like a daughter. I do not like leaving home and I go so seldom. I chop on it in between and I think I am pretty good :) She is always urging to come more.
When she works her magic it always looks good and makes me feel like I am not a full time gardener!! When I leave she always hugs me and tells me she loves me. I leave with tears in my eyes. I am ready to meet the world. But really do not want to meet the world - like my woods.

My youngest daughter is in New York. Cannot share part of the excitement of this trip.
She has to post it first. So next week "I can talk". She will have an opportunity to share lunch with my oldest granddaughter. "Jess, I miss you and Sarah out there in California but soon to be at Manhattan School of Music - I miss you also".

Oh - before I forget - A phone call early one morning from thousands of miles across the ocean.
He sounded like he was next door. Sure made his mom's heart smile!!!

As I close with the thought the week went by so quickly, was so hot and I wonder where are the birds hiding out. I filled my feeder's and nothing has disturbed the food except a squirrel who was having a feast at sunset last night.

I must add that it is nice and cool this morning, picked the veggies on my picture - my little garden sure has not been a disappointment. I have the screen doors and a window open. Also picked up my car late yesterday.

Every visitor to my journal site - I am sending Peaceful Thoughts for the weekend.


Tabor said...

Thanks, I just caught that peaceful wish! Those green shoes are way too clean to have been used. My garden clogs are always muddy and weedy. I leave them on the porch but am always careful I don't put my foot in and mash a hiding frog! I also had the thought about replacing my car in a few years and wondering if indeed there would be room in my life for one more after that. Not a sad thought...just a thought.

One Woman's Journey said...

Tabor, wet grass on the clogs and i have to continually rinse off and bring inside by door - or Miss Callie will chew them up. Already ruined one pair. Not knowing the years. I believe you have room for several more cars. I have some years beyond you.:)

Beverly said...

I know that this week had to have been the hottest I ever remember....temps over 100, as you know, what I get, you get about 8hours later!!!

mermaid said...

I'm so glad you were invited and kept such good company. I think you should try the restaurant, maybe with this woman:)

Balisha said...

Hi Ernestine,
I have said the same thing about a car to my family.They just don't want to hear it. It doesn't bother's just reality.
That treat that your friend made sounds good. I've never had goat cheese, but would like to try it.
Do you have much yard to mow? We just hired someone to do our big yard this year. Joe hated to give it up, but he had to.
I'm anxious to hear about Jamie's trip too. I'm so glad she can take off and enjoy her end of the summer vacation.
Hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

thesouthernlady64 said...

I don't like to warm things from the freezer either! I have this notion in my head it is not fresh or something. Your fresh veggies look great. I am like you about the car. Don't know if I will buy another or not. Have a good week.

One Woman's Journey said...

Beverly, Mermaid, Balisha and Judy, your welcome comments have just been read. Seems almost like fall this morning - cooler :)
Have a wonderful day.
Mermaid - I am planning that lunch
Judy and Balisha - We will see what happens with the car.
Beverly - I know you are having a cooler morning also.
All have a great day!!

lilalia said...

Love to hear about all the comings and goings of your family.

Surely, there must be a nifty convertible that will hold your gardening supplies... The whole idea of buying a new car must be fun to contemplate. I've never owned a car in my life; public transportation gal is my second name. Not that I haven't dreamed occasionally of owning one!

One Woman's Journey said...

lilalia - I am miles from a grocery and too old to walk there or ride a bike (smile) The short time I lived in the big city was still 3 or 4 miles from the grocery.
I have memories of the young woman from the Netherlands who stayed with our family for a term at the University - she rode my son's bike everywhere. Amazed me how she would wind through the traffic on the busy streets. Wish I did not have to contemplate another car and this lady in the woods may be fine the way things are!!

文王廷 said...


Nan said...

Here is an unsolicited recommendation - I'll just say that my Beetle is fantastic. Just the right size. Holds everything I need, even when I go to the big stores for lotsa supplies. And it is cute. And it is the most comfortable seat I have EVER ridden in. And I have a sunroof and heated seats. I am happy, happy with this car. Had the first one nine years and am two years into the second.