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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Little One

A fruit, yogurt, muffin, tea, and coffee 65-degree morning, litte one get out of the soybean field.

think the hummers have left, seems early, maybe a prediction of early winter.  Remember many years they are here into October, maybe they are still sleeping :)

Friday, September 20, 2019

Good Day Arriving

How can you not begin a day with a smile
when you receive a picture your son took while walking the beach in that far away land and sends
it to his mama
Thoughts, miss him, wish I was there and thanks to him for making me smile on a cooler morning

My helper girl came through surgery with flying colors, so thankful, now Christy heal and change
some unhealthy habits.

Writer daughter my Jamie spent most of the day with me on Tuesday, hair wash, blow-dry and feels so good, picked up fish taco's, so good brought home.  Seems at this time of life do not like noisy
eating places and just like to pick up something twice a week and bring it to my cottage.

Look at her recent image and still difficult to accept we are not cat people, guess it changed,
she adores him. 

Yesterday a horrid experience
license time to be renewed
thought I would be smart and renew myself
3-hour wait
was not good for this one.

So all you share their words with me
thank you and take care of yourselves.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Been a While

Yes it has been a while since I shared and have hesitated too as so much going on
Here goes, some of it.

My special helper and driver on errands not comfortable for me noticed a swelling on his arm about
3 weeks ago.  Thought it was an insect bite, possibly a spider bite.  It never went away and became
bigger, after much urging from wife and because they were planning a trip to Florida she went with him to doctor, he looked at it and immediately took him to the surgeon in the hospital.   Cancer and
now awaiting biopsy of a large section.

Next, young woman, I am so pleased with after weeks of searching for someone to be with me a few
hours on the weekend, she is just 48 and was having pain in her chest, ER, test, moved to the best heart
hospital (where I went) in Nashville and has 8 blockages, so more test for her tomorrow.

On and on, good friends for years, older sister in her 90's lives in Jacksonville, Florida, she visits
her family here in Tennessee about 6 times a year, she is amazing, recovered 2 years ago from Hip surgery, had a fever, tests being done, she has been moved to rehab and who know where this will
go.  She is amazing, beautiful, smart, so concerned over her.

Her 2 surviving sisters in 90's also, one finishing a handicap home next to the home she lives in.
and her twin showing signs of dementia, so on and on.  I listen, pray for them and when sitting, counting breaths I send good wishes and healing  to all  of these

All of this and I am told all is well.,   Someday will write what changes as you age.
Do not like any of this and trying with all my strength to keep moving, doing, eat and on and on.

The main issue is arthritis pain, nothing will restore me to what I was like 5 years ago, then Shingles
that still affect the face and heart attack you may never be the same.

I am using walker, sometimes cane and sometimes nothing and oh how I miss walking in the woods, my yard and working in the garden.

So please forgive me if this sounds like complaining, not so - just how it is in soon middle 80's.

What a pleasure in my nature surrounded cottage holding my camera,   I miss my baking and cooking, so thankful a good mind, will probably be trying to accept until the end.

I never had help, but now is necessary for a few hours to do things I use to do and love the

Being in rehab several times and with much figuring it is less expensive this way than a facility.
I will stay in this home if I have no one but surely miss some of the perfect people I found\
and they will return but it will be a while

My special girl, first t help me still with me for a couple of hours some evenings, loves my flowers
waters, weeds and my feeders if not for her would not have the hummers and other birds.

Also, lack proper words about my special children and grandchildren, not near, all so busy
son calls from Thailand weekly, writer daughter has 2 teenagers, one college next year
and I smile about my youngest granddaughter in a magnet school and choose a language in Chinese.
Another daughter, my nurse helps me with thoughts, that granddaughter in Nantucket a Chef,
and my oldest in Florida, all that is going on with her is difficult for her as she remembers maybe more than the others of an independent talented mother who would tackle anything and I have changed, age and closer to the end does change us in many ways and we are not the same, another great-grandchild is due in November and on and on

So my life continues and may a long time and have to learn to tolerate the pain and walk with a cane.
and count my blessings, read and carry my camera, such is life at the edge of the woods.

Hope and Pray I have not left out anyone, forgive me if I have.....

Friday, August 30, 2019

60 degree morning

Have a wonderful weekend.

So nice to have doors open

and hot tea on the screen porch.

New tea warmer, only use a tea lite candle
love it.

Keeps your tea or coffee hot.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019


Peaceful view at dawn
Beautiful day
and now some
Butternut squash soup
and toasted - my pimento cheese sandwich.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019


Cooler weather has definitely arrived and I love it.   Can finally sit on the screen porch and eat lunch
and enjoy a book.

Started reading again and such pleasure, sometimes looking at the dates of years gone by and the
special words I have underlined.    Will share some in the future.

It has been another difficult past week,  Tests at the hospital, transportation inconvenience for some
as I have to travel to the local big city hospital, the one my nurse daughter recommends. Also, this is near my two daughters.

A lot is different but will not begin my day sharing, will another time with thoughts who in the
the world wants to read all of this unless they are at an advanced age and may learn something.

I do know that this independent, always doing and creating, needing no help is now different, life changed
little by little and maybe I did not notice but I know it now.

Life after 80 began to change drastically, I fought it with meditation, prayer, natural healing
and kept pushing but now continual thankfulness for their words "you are fine, rest more, keep moving"

So a slower pace is trying to take place, not good at it and will be honest but onward I go.

A lot of rain, leaves are falling and everything growing is lush and green.
An early Fall is what my heart tells me.

Saturday, August 24, 2019


A wonderfully cool 6:00 morning.

Busy medical week.

Will share some soon.

Thanks to all of you
for being who you are.

Have a wonderful day

Seems like an almost Fall morning...

I smile as I look at my Orchids and see one with 9 buds, a gift to this one.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Thursday, August 8, 2019




Morning Fog

Fog finally lifting
love this little red wagon
when I struck out alone with my 4-year-old
I hauled wood inside the big farmhouse for my daily fire
those were the days.

Left the big city corporate world
remodeling an old farmhouse, baby calves I fed with a bottle, gardened loved this gravel road out in the middle of nowhere.

Not that way now
grown children in other states and countries
big city, all with wonderful careers.

Now cannot imagine
one of the youngest grandchildren checking out colleges for next year
and this is really something
youngest granddaughter
now in a Magnet school and when I inquired what language you are taking
she replied "Chinese"

Oldest granddaughter expecting my second Great in November
a chef in Nantucket
and another cannot even begin his accomplishments

So better begin my day
fog lifted
school bus on the road

and this one
so many blessings

hope I did not forget anyone
if I did
forgive me
it is early
and need to begin my day

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Something New

Returning home yesterday from the big city
we headed for my smaller local town
which is certainly growing.

Instruction to one driving
go to the new coffee shop on our local Historical Square
read on Instagram their specialty this week.

Oh my
been a long time
a Rueben

This one on Sour Dough bread

Do generously
Corn Beef layered with Swiss Cheese
or Guyre Cheese, Sour Krout (drain, squeeze dry)
and Thousand Island dressing

Toasted to perfection in my grandmothers iron skillet
so good and may reproduce here in the cottage kitchen;

Thoughts of ordering a small Panini Press, but enough small appliances I do not use already in this kitchen.   So small iron skillet serves the purpose.

Opened the doors this morning
and a storm with high winds must have passed through.

In the yard, rocking chair, small table, rug, and flower pot
had blown off.

When someone arrives will have them replaced
that is off of my to-do list at this time.

Beautiful 68-degree morning.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019


A  day of errands

still results of  DNA test not in.

A stop in my favorite Thrift Store
and spotted this flower pot. 
Unbelievable. buy

So heavy, helper had to carry and put in the car for me.

will come in handy
when plants are brought inside
before Winter arrives

They love an upstairs room
heat rises and when watered
they really grow

Shool has started
oh my seems Summer went by so quickly.

Monday, August 5, 2019

Monday Continuing


Protein cereal with almonds, raisins, and banana
liquid yogurt and the creamy kind
green tea, apple juice (son says no - it has sugar]

I do this once a week, cook oates a morning and  scrambled egg with a slice of bacon and toast
one morning, usually rotate.

The nurse called and coming later in the day.
I read, do research and now antibiotics are not working for me
medication given to me makes me sick for a while.  Still sick and going to stop taking it.

I get up early, always have, up and rining and then 3 hours later - crash.

So I am truly an imposter if someone reads my rambling early.

Truth at the moment
I am crying
not accepting aging as early I think of what I  cant do, will do and cannot do it as I grab my cane and
sometimes the walker.

Arthritis I do not like you could use a more explicit word but will not\
Also do not like people who lie,   Recently one who I did much for her, older than this one promised
something and did not follow through.

Arthritis attacked those before me
ane one shares "not me"
I think how I thought the same thing with all of my good habits
So I think "good luck."

I wanted to get out'
big deal
go to market
just to get out, hold onto the cart
and always see someone I know.
Buy very little and they put in the car
driving fine but tricky getting out
seems the Universe is looking out for me with blessings
as always someone passing on and hands me a cart
and then I can fly.

So, one woman
what did you think
that aging would be easy?

It is not
and all will face it, but our personalities all different as others just sit, nap and I complain.
Seems strange that my helpful son can give me answers and I smile and say you are right on target.

Mama we are not meant to  last forever and when I am at my worst and say
"maybe I am dying"
he simply replies
"Mama, we are all dying"

Now you tell me
why do I smile when he gives me these answers.

I say "bless him"

Almost lunch, no appetite and think I will make a batch of  Pimento Cheese.
Easy, I have some good Cheddar, Pimento, hot sauce and the good Mayo.
It is easy with my small processor.
A nice big tomato on hand and will toast my sandwich.

Later will finish my spaghetti
so  am all set

Thanks for listening.


A quick note on this wonderfully cool foggy morning, it is 67, strong wind and some needed rain
at dusk, some plants were blown over and cushions in the yard and helper will have to tend to that
this evening on arrival.

Up at 5:00, a long prayer time
excited for my youngest granddaughter
her first day at Magnet school, it is in downtown Nashville
mom has a distance to drive.

Back to my morning
after much going through my mind and some meditation
I begin my usual 15-minute bed Yoga
stretches and use the smallest weights
not like years ago when I walked a few miles with 5 lb weights in my hands.

Practice what I have tried to change to no avail
I turn on the computer
a lot of information is forwarded to me from my Jamie on the magnet school my youngest is on the way to this early morning, some emails, turn that machine off and the day begins.

It is foggy, deer in the front Soybean field, strange they look towards my cottage as I begin to
raise all the blinds.

So as the day begins, always bed made the first thing.   I have always told my children they can tell when
I am very sick as the bed will not be made.

Thankful new H/A man came and put up ceiling fan on screen porch
have missed it.   This cottage built almost 12 years ago and it seems some now needs replacing.
It is evident nothing lasts like it did in many homes I have lived in through the years.

The nurse arrives this morning, checks b/p and hoping DNA test is back, do not like this UTI, so pleased that my insurance
ok's this weekly visit.   Like Jana so much and a plus she is a neighbor.

So pleased that my daughter in Tampa called yesterday, granddaughter and that first great-grandson
visiting.  Missed not talking to my Jessica, she is expecting in November.  My family growing.

Busy family.

Enough shared...............

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Hummers and Spaghetti

They are everywhere
and yesterday saw a baby, so tiny

All of a sudden
a craving for Spaghetti
addition of my Basil and Oregano and this one loves Garlic.
Might add that I am beginning to cook more, just simple recipes but so good

Where do memories come from?  I began to think of Anna, loved her.  She was an Italian war bride.
I have her recipe, similar to what I prepared but she had meatballs.
Her husband a master of creations, so talented helped me with several homes, a charmer, everyone liked him but  a ladies man,  a scoundrel.
My time with them over 50 years ago and memories of he broke her heart.

I often wonder if that is the way it was in another era or maybe still is.

My best friend after high school was Ginnie, I tried for years to locate her to no avail.   Worked with
her at the corporate office at Ford Motor Company in Michigan after I graduated from High School. Loved visiting her and the hugs her mama would greet with.
Her Italian food was supreme.  So different from my background of Southern cooking.
Have always been drawn to Italian people, a dream was to visit Italy and have a number of books
I have read based in that country.   May reread them as they always give me a warm feeling.

Notice lately so many  past memories arise in my mind, some wonderful and warm my heart
and others remember they broke my heart and I quickly try to erase them.

Saturday, August 3, 2019


Up and see my Jamie's email
they are home from a week trip in Florida, her girls each took a friend.

What a surprise, I prayed continual for a safe trip home for them during the night, kept thinking they would be in

Her busyness begins from this much-needed trip, orientation for one going to a new school is today and the other one continued education search will be going on.  Plus she is a writer who works from
home and know her desk is piled with paperwork and many emails that will need attention.

Thankful for her email.

Will welcome her visit next week
it is her Birthday.  My youngest, born 3 weeks early and so tiny.
Such a blessing she is to her independent mama who now seems to need some help in areas.

Thankful that my helper arrives early this morning and I want to begin planning another small
a place for flowers lost so many over the last 2 years.

This one still problems with ongoing UTI, will not share much
but seems most antibiotics not working and a DNA test was taken to see what can help.
Makes me feel really rough but just keep moving.

So just continuing on and almost have lost faith in the medical profession and will not expand on

Did not share when she was on this needed trip and daughter who lives in Florida has had
her daughter and that precious great-grandson visiting and another one due in November.
Family is growing.

I miss everyone, but it is what it is - for lack of better words.

Hot weather is here and wonder if any rain in August.

So wherever you are enjoying your August maybe it is better in your location.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Magic Lilly Ttime

One minute they are not there
then you look
and they have arrived
This vine invasive
but I like you
Cyprus vine
with your tiny red blooms
as a lot have finished their season of blooming
you add some color

Sunday, July 28, 2019

No Air Conditioning

I did not do too well yesterday when my air conditioning stopped

Mostly because I like people to be sincere with me
and this unit is just 2 years old, suppose to be serviced every year or less.

Many calls made and continually promises that did not happen.

My special yard boy, I called among others and he immediately said I am sending my neighbor
who services these units.   So very thankful and I say God Bless him as the temperature was rising

Other disappointing and upsetting situations happened and finally, have just brushed them off
but it seems more difficult as time goes on.

Even thought of not writing again
but I will continue onward.

Thoughts of a different form
maybe like a diary.

So many special people I have met over the last 14 years of writing and I am not ready to
let you go :)

A beautiful day, there were a number of them before this one and was even cool enough
to sit on the screen porch.   The ceiling fan stopped on that special porch and someone visiting
yesterday volunteered to put up a new one for me.   So a trip to Lowes tomorrow with a helper
to purchase one.

I have so many thoughts surface, guess that is normal at my age, a busy life that took many forms.

Practicing letting them go and not expecting more then others deliver.  As time goes by, we each answer for ourselves and at the moment I go forward with a clear mind.

It seems everyone's life is so busy at this time.  I remember with working and raising 4 children

Will say that special son in a land thousands of miles away can talk with me just a few minutes and with very few words can put his mama back on track and another can do the same thing for her mama

Check back in soon

Now this makes me smile
only a few came up
but I enjoy and soon the birds will too.
A blessing is a young woman
who helps me some evenings with my garden
and feeding the birds.  Appreciate her so very much.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Their Time

The front field has about 20 turkeys out roaming
and also 5 deer.

Inside the cottage
Orchid blooming time is beginning

and temperature in the 70's
door open to screen porch

how lucky can one woman be

Tuesday, July 23, 2019


Driving Miss Daisy day

my once a month special driver took me to the big city

visited several small shops

a favorite Church Thrift shop.

Always find a buy-in this special shop in an upscale neighborhood I used to live in.
Two small bud vases to add to my collection that I now just focus on one flower

Also a new silk blouse
$6 from an upscale shop and originally $75

My lucky day

Lunch picked up, chicken, veggies, rice and chocolate cake.

So Miss Daisy is home

Home always welcome after these short trips

Monday, July 22, 2019

So Good

You are weary of carrying out food
so yesterday - you cook

Salmon with your fresh Dill, twice baked potato, green beans, and carrots

Finished for lunch
just now.

Will make myself do it
if it takes a 1/2 day.

sliced watermelon, cantaloupe
and strawberries with cake and ice cream

The Best

My son gave me this CD
probably 35 years ago.
Rediscovered it
and it plays continually.

Mozart best for relaxing.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Hot Weather

Just plain hot
not warm.

A quick errand to market, weary of carrying out food, bought a slice of Salmon, will have with green beans and twice baked potato bought a slice of watermelon and cantaloupe so all set for the weekend.

Would like to sit on the screen porch, too hot
Aloe plant purchased 2 or 3 years ago for .99 has gone wild,
so guess this is a reading day

Friday, July 19, 2019


French toast
with bananas, strawberries, a sprinkling of cinnamon and maple syrup
in the almost 200-year-old small skillet
that was my grandmothers.

Nothing could be better

Everyone checking in
have a wonderful day.

From the edge of the woods.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019


A little shared
as so many follow me.

Fluid removed from knee
I dreaded
and strange
not quite as painful as in the past
as I asked Stacy
"are you through"
she replied yes, you did good''

I asked to let me see how much fluid removed

oh my - she showed me - could not believe it

in the past about 2 test tubes full

there were 4.

No wonder the pain and could hardly walk without help.

I wait like this
thinking I can help with
all I do, nonstop and thinking positive - did not work'
but will continue to research, read and do all I can.

ao this treatment may last 3 months, weeks or days
only time will tell,

I will continue going forward
exercising, icing, prayer.

No pain medication, since shot
see, I am a fighter.

My thankful list
number l
was fine until 78
even though the mind says 50
maybe crazy, but I think not
be thankful it is sharp
you can write and use your camera.

Now how lucky can you be

So lady by the woods
stop complaining
that you cannot work in your flowers
cut your grass
walk mile,
You can sit on the deck, view beautiful woods and creature, go the store and pick out a different plant  anyone have some seeds or cutting pass them on

stop listening to those who upset you
tell them to shut up and hang up
try to quiet your sensitive spirit.

Keep moving
and be thankful for 80 years of good life.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019


Yesterday returning from an appointment
my Jamie and helper stopped in a restaurant
both holding on to me so I would not fall.

Delicious lunch needed to bring home.

Will write later
but  a young woman approached me
as I looked at a necklace
it was a beautiful light green color.

She said
do you like it
I said it is beautiful
she took it off the mannequin
and placed it over my head
and said it is yours

A beautiful light green
the picture does not do it justice
Heart Charka

I replied
oh no
just admiring it

she hugged me
kissed both of my cheeks
hugged me
many in the store
watching this go on
I began to cry
Jamie began to cry

She then shared part of her story
and kept repeating
anything you want
I will do for you
is there anything in this store
you like
let me get it for you

I kept saying "oh no"

at 1:00 another appointment I said never again
shots in knees and fluid drained off
so painful arthritis

So I know God is blessing me with attention from many
that my heart wants from some others
but it is provided.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

A Line To You Special Ones

Doing what I said never again
but had to

UTI, so bad

So lucky I could reach a helper
and he picked me up
almost literally
and head for the local hospital.

Two days of IV with antibiotics, potassium, and fluid.

Home, weak
so sorry I am a wimp
just weary of this.

So trying to regain my strength
I will
just takes a while.
In bed for 2 days
makes you kind of weak

Thanks to my writer, my youngest daughter
doing a lot of research.

Enough shared

Love to all of those who read my rambling.

A surprise just a while ago
an image of a White Cone Flower
I have Pink
So I consider this one
a gift to me

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Need Peace

Have decided to go off of Instagram

did this with FaceBook.

Article in today's N.Y. Times

Urged me onward.

Instagram and Facebook become an addiction.

I do not need to do it

Takes away my
reading time, meditating time, praying time, stilling mind time and more.

Early morning
appointment for bladder and kidneys
wish it did not bother me so much.

Arthritis in knees
as I was told it would continue to be this.

Only strong pain medication will help the pain
not for me yet.

I love writing
and need to have a clear mind.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Quiet 4th

Rain off and on
just me and the flowers/

New restaurants arriving in the close nearby by town
today a turkey and marvelous cheese panini arrived with broccoli salad, I need to start making this salad again and apple salad, easy and think I can handle that.   A friend made a Zapple pie, made like an Apple pie made with Zucchini instead of apples.   Can hardly tell the difference, thank you, Ann.

I miss my baking and cooking so very much and just cannot handle.
Miss the way so much was in the past but this is a part of aging.   Accept, I am not doing well at this.
I may sound good, but much going on and will not bore everyone with it and also have to have pacemaker checked soon.
Something does not seem right.    Never a person who went to doctors or took anything but vitamins.
A lot has changed and continuing too.  Like I keep repeating, do not like it, I am not aging or have
aged gracefully, but I like me.

Writing, my camera, books, and calls from family keep me going.   Some angels and other disagreements and learning to not to be the leader and Make no response - it is the best.

Some pictures from the past

Sunday, June 30, 2019


So hot outside

Looks like rain all next week
so pleased wheat was cut.  A small harvest compared to over 40 years ago when I moved
to this land, sold half of it over the last 40 plus years, but knew in my heart I would someday return to where I built a small home and live now
The field looks so clean and neat.

Blood pressure still not where it should not be as it goes really high during the night

Nurse daughter came today, had some thoughts and contacted who you could reach by phone
after hours.

I thank her for her suggestions and help.

It will be resolved in time but makes me really anxious when so high at 3:00 AM.

Plan on returning to where PaceMaker was put in and some tests and blood work will be done
just takes time and I want it resolved immediately.

A memory picture, the year the field was filled with corn.
Now they are teenagers.

If anyone on Instagram, join me
I really like
a picture and a few words are all there is to it.

But really
same picture I post on my journal

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

In The Garden

Orchids have begun blooming
sharing a few plants
and since I lost last year gardening
I am so pleased with these.
Not a good week
seems blood pressure up to 200 plus again
Doctor appointment tomorrow
and will increase some medication.

Dislike sharing
but severe panic attack this morning.
Do not like what is going on
and I feel as though much being treated for
they do not know.

May just put up a gate
shut it
never leave
and enjoy my garden, home, and creatures that visit.

Girls busy and truly do not understand much
I understand but guess I want a hug
see how childish I am.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Fair Trade

my neighbor brings me fresh eggs
and I give her
the Sunday New York Times
the only paper I subscribe too.

I would say..

Saturday, June 22, 2019


Just before dark last night, the phone rang.
I usually do not answer the phone after 7:00
still earlier and picked up the receiver
it was my nurse daughter, she shared of storm warnings and said turn on the television.
I rarely turn it on at this time of life and did not.

Oh my what a storm and have trees in the drive, gutters running over and some outside furniture
not where it was placed.

Lights went out and all of this I found upsetting but got through it.  When lights and phone came back on it seemed for some reason lights upstairs were on, I no longer go up there without help, but did try
and halfway came back downstairs as it unnerved me.   Have not heard from anyone
and started raining again this morning.   A new young man that helped with my roof called and said when the rain
stops he will arrive and clean out gutters and the trees, thank you, Jose.

Also, have a sink leaking and water turned off in my bathroom.  Put necessities in the utility room
The first thing to go wrong since I built this smaller home by the woods, so that is good.

Received a picture from my daughter and looks like my granddaughter who gave me my first
great-grandchild last year is presenting me another one in November :)

Jessica, husband and that 19-month-old great grandson are on their way to Italy.  Safe travel wishes
and have a wonderful time,  May start reading all my favorite books about Italy.

Have decided to let my special driver take me to Nashville once a month, my outing.  We did this yesterday wanted to
go to Farmers Market, not much there would be better on a Saturday for special baked goods and plants.  An upscale flower area enjoyed walking through but everything so expensive.
Did buy a Lucky Bamboo plant you put in water, had one years ago and they sure grow fast.
Maybe it will bring me luck
Like this but would not look like my country garden and price outrageous
Headed home, to weary to stop for lunch.
We pass my favorite junk shop and they came down to less then $20 for a bench that helper is
painting the apple red.   I have several places may put it, maybe in the woods by my son's Buddha.
Enough shared
wish I was not so emotional at a time with storms going on, lights going out and a lot more.
But love my home by the woods.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Good Deal

Was not going to write this morning
here I am
before a busy day begins

Might add
do not like UTI that hangs on

Junk store finds
but tomato plant a gift from a friend

the bell me
the little chair my son found $2 deal

New paint jobs
love the red
my son says auspicious

My favorite kind of shopping