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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Fair Trade

my neighbor brings me fresh eggs
and I give her
the Sunday New York Times
the only paper I subscribe too.

I would say..

Saturday, June 22, 2019


Just before dark last night, the phone rang.
I usually do not answer the phone after 7:00
still earlier and picked up the receiver
it was my nurse daughter, she shared of storm warnings and said turn on the television.
I rarely turn it on at this time of life and did not.

Oh my what a storm and have trees in the drive, gutters running over and some outside furniture
not where it was placed.

Lights went out and all of this I found upsetting but got through it.  When lights and phone came back on it seemed for some reason lights upstairs were on, I no longer go up there without help, but did try
and halfway came back downstairs as it unnerved me.   Have not heard from anyone
and started raining again this morning.   A new young man that helped with my roof called and said when the rain
stops he will arrive and clean out gutters and the trees, thank you, Jose.

Also, have a sink leaking and water turned off in my bathroom.  Put necessities in the utility room
The first thing to go wrong since I built this smaller home by the woods, so that is good.

Received a picture from my daughter and looks like my granddaughter who gave me my first
great-grandchild last year is presenting me another one in November :)

Jessica, husband and that 19-month-old great grandson are on their way to Italy.  Safe travel wishes
and have a wonderful time,  May start reading all my favorite books about Italy.

Have decided to let my special driver take me to Nashville once a month, my outing.  We did this yesterday wanted to
go to Farmers Market, not much there would be better on a Saturday for special baked goods and plants.  An upscale flower area enjoyed walking through but everything so expensive.
Did buy a Lucky Bamboo plant you put in water, had one years ago and they sure grow fast.
Maybe it will bring me luck
Like this but would not look like my country garden and price outrageous
Headed home, to weary to stop for lunch.
We pass my favorite junk shop and they came down to less then $20 for a bench that helper is
painting the apple red.   I have several places may put it, maybe in the woods by my son's Buddha.
Enough shared
wish I was not so emotional at a time with storms going on, lights going out and a lot more.
But love my home by the woods.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Good Deal

Was not going to write this morning
here I am
before a busy day begins

Might add
do not like UTI that hangs on

Junk store finds
but tomato plant a gift from a friend

the bell me
the little chair my son found $2 deal

New paint jobs
love the red
my son says auspicious

My favorite kind of shopping

Thursday, June 20, 2019


New Bloom

I know that I am posting a lot lately
but carrying the small camera in my pocket, noticing something new
and taking an image
is like medicine to this One Woman.   I believe my children think I am fine when I post on this journal
and Instagram - but - like I said "it is like medicine" to me, calms me and blesses my soul.

So, What Helps you.....

a new color
Pink Cone Flowers
also, have white that look like bugs eating the bloom

This Spring and Summer is strange, many flowers not blooming, like my Clematis on the screen porch
, no buds all leaves, also a lot of rain.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019


I believe
Nature is healing
Not much done in my garden for 2 years and so pleased many plants returning.

Another subject
all my books are special
like the feel of the paper, holding a book

Tuesday, June 18, 2019


light rain all night

I open the screen door
and this is what I view

thank you

So thankful
for the gift of life
and this camera
that is constantly in my pocket

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Memory Picture

The way it was

Father of my children
passed away last year

My middle daughter
the nurse
put flowers on his grave today.
Called me to tell me and said she cried.

She was always a daddy's girl
and the last several years
spent much time with him helping him

One daughter does not live here, son in another country
and youngest daughter stays busy working and has two teenagers.

Love you
my Beth

Moving Forward

Busyness seems to never stop
Questions still surface in the mind of all that has happened over almost 2 years.  Much I still cannot remember.  Told to stop searching for answers and just move forward (easier said than done)
Rehab, hospice, shingles, caused nerve damage on the face, painful arthritis, downward I was going and then 3 trips to
ER and a heart attack 3 months ago.

So it seems I have miraculously recovered from much
but now it seems
I no longer am me, a different person with different thoughts and energy level drastically
decreased.  Very thankful but at times not happy with this aging body and mind that is
good and still has thoughts years younger than she is and body cannot do.

All I am told at this time is I am a miracle and move on.  So I smile most of the time, cry
other times and continue to move on.

It has been increasingly difficult to go up to my much enjoyed upstairs and sit by a big window even with help.

So have just about given this up and bringing some items that are special to me downstairs
where I can enjoy them.

Do not care if you can hardly walk downstairs because I am surrounding myself with all I love
and have enjoyed for years and many memories surface regarding them

Wicker table purchased 50 years ago is now downstairs and I am arranging some favorite books
on it.  Stack of Mary Oliver books and ashamed to say I did not know she had passed away
in January at 83 years old,  her books underlined, markers sticking out, tear-stained and have helped me on my journey.

A stack of Chinese poetry books.  My son introduced me to these books and for the life of me
wonder why I feel so much in common with monks who went high into the mountains and lived
with little and hoed the ground for their food.

A stack of This Thich Nhat Hanh books, which my son introduced me too also.

Books everywhere in this cottage on every subject, need to start reading again.

So busy still going through medical bills and papers, girls not here and busy so mama just carries
on at a slow pace.

Thankful for a little garden help, cleaning flower beds and trying to open up some of the paths
in the woods that I cannot walk on unless someone holding my arm and this one holding a cane.
To think several years ago I would walk them almost daily and sometimes with the blower, rake
and with a broom, I would use to sweep them clean.

Maybe I am crazy, but I smile typing this because I am happy to be where I love
living, writing, and camera always in my pocket.  But I still do not like being the way I am
that much I did can no longer do
if this makes sense.

Next, a chair moved downstairs, love chairs and spotted this about 50 years ago.

So will stop sharing, a beautiful day is arriving, up since 4:45 am, need to eat, pick up
N.Y.Times in the drive and rest.

One Woman

Wednesday, June 12, 2019


to my firstborn

So proud of you
a new passion that has come about
"your painting."

Two talented grandchildren, you gave me
and now my granddaughter continues with a great-grandson and another one on the way.

Aaron my son-in-law is the best in every way

I am so fortunate for the continued family you have given me.

Enjoy your day

Love you,

Monday, June 10, 2019



Early morning breakfast
French toast, with bananas, raisins, cinnamon cooked in my old iron skillet with an
addition of Maple Syrup

Day begins.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Saturday, June 8, 2019

In The Woods

A long story
will share some.
Building my cottage 11 years ago, son moving to Thailand, his deteriorating statue placed in my woods
At that time I had made paths all through my woods, would clear with blower and even use the
broom, I loved doing this and planned on planting flowers around the Buddha, maybe placing
an old bench there, a place to meditate.  Never happened.

I ask my special girl helper to go where I directed her, she found him, he is continuing to deteriate\but you still can recognize him and she  took this picture
for me.

Now I will have her carry forth my plans
plant some flowers
and will find an old bench somewhere.

Maybe he can be sprayed with something to slow the deteriorating?

I enjoyed my woods so very much
and have thoughts quite often
of having boy helper tie me on my tractor so I could carry on doing what I have loved doing
a lifetime

Silly. but maybe a good way to go
doing what I love doing :)

Norman Vincent Peale
Imagination is the true Magic Carpet

Tuesday, June 4, 2019


driver took me to Nashville

saw my little girl
My Callie

Been over a year

I wanted so to bring her home
but this one walking with a cane
cannot fall


I have not failed

I have just found

10,000 ways

that won't work

Thomas Jefferson quote

Saturday, June 1, 2019


Morning in the country

a life long habit of up by 5;00, love the morning
have been told to rest more but morning is my time.

Can't hold my eyes open past 7:30 in the evening
so will continue on
my way.

Bluebirds busy bringing food to their young and I  missed a good image.

Who knows how much longer I can do this?

All I know is I love daybreak and it is my high energy time.

Friday, May 31, 2019


and something new I found at the market
so good and Mango flavor a favorite of mine

Wednesday, May 29, 2019


Nails do not look so fancy
but kept the squirrels
off the top of the tree stump
I feared the baby bluebirds were in danger
so this was my unique idea.

Rain for weeks
now hot and dry
like in the 90's daily
think I am in store for a hot dry summer.

At the moment
flowers beautiful and love watching the Humming Birds

Monday, May 27, 2019

New Old Bike

About 8 years ago a friend was going to throw away an old bike, I asked for it and leaned it
against a tree in front of the woods.   Now it is falling apart and I have been looking for another old bike.

My son looked while he was visiting and even old bikes pricey.

Two days ago the girl who helps me some evenings, watering flowers, filling bird feeders, etc
pulled in and in her truck, she said do you want this old bike.
I asked how much and where did you get it and she replied it was in a ditch for trash pick up
so it is free :)

It looks like new to me, I love it.

my old bike
and the new old bike

lucky me :)

Sunday, May 26, 2019


Mozart is playing, tape almost 20 years old, so relaxing is the music.

Frequently the thought arises of not posting online anymore but then I dismiss it because I enjoy writing, sharing and posting pictures.  Love Instagram and not Facebook.

Guess I will continue sharing and my Instagram.

Miss my Callie so very much, it has been 16 months since I saw her.   A short stay in a rehabilitation
and my Jamie took her when I returned I did not like this but she was correct that I could not trip
over my girl,  Seems one thing after another for almost 2 years and now getting over heart attack which was 3 months ago
and rehabilitation, like Heaven to be home, doing well, using cane and walker, moving slow and
I have gained 5 lbs.

Problem is blood pressure fluctuating, medication has been increased but seems first thing every
morning it is still alarmingly high so now taking something at night in case there are thoughts
arising that I am not aware of

So everyone brags on me, how good I am doing, how good I look, that is fine
but difficult accepting the change in my life, but it is happening

So fortunate much did not happen until 80 years old and onward
so how blessed can I be?

I am the most unlikely person for a heart attack, always did everything correct, diet, exercise
so where did a heart attack come from and need to just forget and focus on life as it is and

And to have a son come to be with you making a long trip from Thailand for one month
how lucky can a mama be?

So enough of this sharing.

I love all creatures But do not like the many squirrels I see at daybreak hanging and eating from
my birdfeeders
this morning here is one on the porch in my flower pot

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Time What Are You Doing

Yesterday. 2019
at 8th grade formal

Yesterday in the past

Grandma loves you and so proud of your musical talent, awards you win and just that you
are you.

Sunday, May 19, 2019


A lifetime of excellent sleep has seemed to have left this one, hopefully, for a short time.

Maybe blood pressure medication
and blood pressure needs to be checked or take medication differently as it goes up drastically
and then back down causing stress.

Never a heart problem and difficult to accept that in last time of life this is happening when
I took excellent care of myself in every way.  Son repeats from 80 bodies just wear out
or I am now worn out. 

Very fortunate I have lasted this long.

I used this sound machine for several years, stopped, plugged it in last night and sound not as loud as I like at this time.

Using the Ocean Sounds, oh it is wonderful and I can imagine being in Jamaica, can almost
smell the ocean.

Just ordered a new one, reasonably priced at about $19;

not a clear picture
but birds everywhere, red birds hatching and bluebirds.

Spring is a wonderful time of the year.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

New Family

New family resting in the
Lilac bush by the deck.

What a good father as he brings food and watches while mama is out.

I believe this is the 3rd summer here by my cottage
they have made their home.

Look out the door many times
and he is sitting on the outside door knob..

Two families of these red birds this Spring.

Must like me

Saturday, May 11, 2019





Some words I wrote in my journal