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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Shrimp Scampi And Peach Cobbler

I have baked more then normal this week. So some orange cookies and a loaf of zucchini bread are going in the freezer :)

Yesterday a friend stopped by with some peaches. Early this morning I made a peach cobbler using 1/2 the recipe 4 cups of peaches instead of the usual size of 8 cups. This gives me 4 servings. I had one bowl early this morning and another after my shrimp scamp. I believe I have had all the food I need today!!!!

The cobbler was tasty and I did something different and added a handful of coconut and chopped pecans to the topping.

With the heat I do not feel like cooking and do not have much appetite. Going through old recipes I spotted a favorite that is so simple - Shrimp Scampi. I had everything on hand.

So once again I made a serving for one by just decreasing the ingredients less then 1/2 . Normal recipe is as follows.

Shrimp Scampi

Angel Hair Pasta - for me I cooked a handful of pasta
3 tbs butter
3 tbs olive oil
1/2 lb shrimp - I keep frozen shrimp in the freezer and used 6
1 clove garlic
1 fresh lemon

Boil water and add pasta - cook for 5 -7 minutes

For the sauce - melt butter into into olive oil over medium heat. Add garlic and shrimp, salt to taste. When shrimp are done - squeeze juice of lemon over them , when pasta is done - drain
and toss with shrimp and sauce.

An abundance of basil in my garden and fresh spinach in frig - so before removing the sauce and shrimp from the stove - while the oil was warm - I tossed in a handful of fresh spinach and basil. They wilted immediately and it gave a little extra flavor and nutrition for One Woman.

On my next trip to the big city of Nashville I will stop by the bakery and buy some Tuscany bread. It is delicious and keeps so well in the freezer. It would have been perfect with my scampi,


Jessi Cotterill said...

Where's the pic of the Shrimp Scampi?

Thanks for the recipes. It looks so yummy. I don't have peach, can apple do?

thesouthernlady64 said...

Your meal looks wonderful. I have blackberries in the freezer I need to get out and make a cobbler. I enjoyed your pictures, too, and the ones below of your granddaughter and you. I hope we get a break from the heat this week. I have been making pickles!

Tabor said...

And you stay so thin!!! I hate you...not really. I am joyful that you are such a good cook.

One Woman's Journey said...

Jessi, yes apples make a wonderful cobbler. Nuts would make a great addition if you have them. Do not know about the coconut. Also when you make it with apples you need to add some cinnamon - if you have it. Judy, I know this sounds odd with me being from the South but never really cared for blackberries. Think it is to be cooler this week.
Tabor, really not fun to cook for one. I go in streaks that I cook and then it is peanut butter.
Remember, I have this immune disorder and that is one reason for the weight. Hopefully with proper life style and diet I can make it go away.
All of you have a good day.

One Woman's Journey said...
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marciamayo said...

Hi, what a wonderful recipe and maybe one I can follow. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I started mine, like you, to leave something for my children and grandchildren. Now, I find that I've made new friends too. Such a surprise. Are you near Nashville, TN? I'm in Atlanta. A young friend of mine just moved to Nashville.

One Woman's Journey said...

Marcia, thank you for visiting. I am about an hour from Nashville. Recently left the big city for my homeplace in the country.

Deborah Carr said...

I must thank you...I've been cooking for a houseguest all week and am getting really tired of trying to figure out what to have for supper.

Your shrimp and peach cobbler will make my life easier tomorrow night. So easy!

PS: Love the new look!

One Woman's Journey said...

Deborah, thank you if I helped out.
This is so simple and tasty.
Have a wonderful day.

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Yum yum YUM!

I am so sorry I haven't visited your blog this week but with school starting life has been crazier than usual.

I am making the Pioneer Woman's lassagna tomorrow. I'll have to report on that!