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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Last Week Of August

Early this morning what did I see as I drove down the country road to take care of business in the small town?

The weather has changed drastically over the last 5 days. Mornings in the 60's and the daytime
80's, and it is delightful.

The tabacco barn reminded me of fall. I stopped at the side of the road - hoping I could get an image of the smoke coming out of the barn. Thankful no one came over the slight rise in the road and hit my truck.

I wish we could put this late summer sunhlight in jars. I can see how it would look with the jars ranged in the fruit cellar. And on a dark January day we would bring up a quart or so of sunshine and open it and smell again the warm dreamy air of a late summer day".

Gladys Taber "The Book of Stillmeadow"


lilalia said...

So true about putting late summer days in jars... this started me thinking about all the other memories I'd like to preserve. Sure got me daydreaming.

Tabor said...

Autumn is always my favorite time of year. We need winter, spring, and summer to survive...but I just love autumn.

One Woman's Journey said...

lilalia and Tabor, thanks for visiting me on this sunny late summer day.

Jessi Cotterill said...

Wow!! the pictures are so beautiful!! with the soft sunlight and the smoke.

you could make postcards out of them. I think it's easier than putting them in a jar... :D

One Woman's Journey said...

Jessi, an early morning thank you.
My photography is a new hobby. I love taking pictures.

Nan said...

What wonderful words from Gladys! She is just the best! Do you belong to the Friends of GT, Ernestine? I think you would enjoy the quarterly publications. I want to ask about the top picture. Is that road a driveway or a dirt side road? The picture evokes such a feeling of longing for older days. Your photos are really beautiful.

One Woman's Journey said...

Nan, I would love to belong to this group. Also that is my driveway going back to the woods.
Have a great day.