Friday, August 15, 2014


A welcome visitor early this morning.
I remember her well almost 40 years ago
singing in the choir every Sunday Morning.
I remember her pretty young daughter
who I have never seen without a smile on her face.
She soon caught the eye of a local farmer and they were married.
She recently retired from our local newspaper
and now enjoying all the things she loves to do and
many of them represented things I enjoyed doing

I always wanted goats, she has goats and makes the most wonderful soap.
Wrote about it in the past.  Her home is surrounded by flowers, vegetables,
chickens and acres of rich farmland.

She brought me a small cantaloupe, tomatoes, some cookies she made this morning,
and 2 bars of her wonderful handmade soap
Green Tea and Ginger
and Goats Milk and Oatmeal.

Image of granddaughter of one
who gave my Jamie piano lessons
years ago
holding baby goat...

I will  share some plants with her next Spring.
Her parting words "please be careful and keep phone and cane close by"
and I do....

Weather in my area is beautiful
with cool mornings and sunny days.
Planted turnip green seeds yesterday...

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Thankful for so many reaching out to me on my journal and email.
You are all good and
have such good hearts....
I am proud to call you my online friends.
Need to share with you.

After writing my previous post
a severe arthritis flare up is what I am told happened.
Several trips to ER for pain and after blood work was given a shot of morphine.
Test, ex rays and beyond, this one went through.
Cortisone shots in shoulders.
Taking something at this time to ease coming out of this nightmare.
That really has been creeping up on me all year.

Do I laugh
when results were shared
that I am really quite healthy.
Bones, organs and all that is flowing through my body.

But I am one petite lady filled with arthritis and inflammation.
at least that is what I was told.
My body experienced something like every muscle, tissue and bone was with pain
nothing like I have experienced.
Nothing was left out
and have to say it made me super angry and was repeated told to calm down.
but  did not like the visit this monster made.
Told probably  will happen again
Will continue to do everything in my power to keep it away
but  will have to take medication for inflammation
I evidently have lost.
Cannot rely just on diet, meditation, yoga, being good and living in this nature that surrounds me.

Sometimes I feel like an impostor.
I type away and share
and all sounds delightful
the family, writing, simpler lifestyle and beauty of nature which surrounds my daily life,
the super good, super bad, in between and now Heaven. This long life has a lot of  memories which at times without being invited
surface, you have to be aware of how sneaky they are and stop them in their tracts.
Because family and friends read my sharing
I truly have to be careful with my words.
it is the wise thing to do.

Through this health experience, once again it has shown me who is always there with
just the right concern and special words, old friends and some new ones  - and those that you wish in many ways were
different and not so casual and I can no longer welcome those who
continue to cause me pain into my life.
By welcoming them
I am punishing myself and I have done enough of that.
 There is not much time left
to experience all the joy, love and peace that I want to saturate my being..
There are so many good people with good hearts that are a part of my life at this time.

  My girls and grand girls who live in the big city
spent last weekend with me.
Needless to say they are a joy....
Frequent calls from son far over the ocean and daughter in another state
and those special grown grandchildren with magnificent careers
that I still think of as 12 years old.

So I will continue to heal, accept all and be more protective of the time I have
left on this planet.

Every health professional I came in contact with were proof of angels and they appeared
everywhere with their kindness and encouraging words

So many blessings
Going to visualize myself as a snail or a turtle
they are never in a hurry
as each day unfolds.

God Is Good

and as each day unfolds
I just know that there I will be typing
a lot soon and camera will always be close.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Gardening A New Way and Correction


Before I begin this sharing
I noticed yesterday reading my post about building and moving
the date was way way off :)
corrected it.


I miss my garden plot of the past and must have a few fresh home grown items.
 Because I am 1500 feet off a country road
with a corn field as my front view,
tucked among my shrubs in front are
a zucchini plant and yellow squash,
one of each planted as an experiment and they
provide this one all she needs for her plate.
The zucchini plant has provided 10 cartons in the freezer for bread
and maybe more to come:)
Yellow squash has not been a disappointment
A new area I am hoeing a little every morning to prepare for turnip greens and turnips which
will be planted next week.  Just a few seeds, wait 2 weeks and plant more
and then in another 3 or 4 weeks the rest of the package.  This is by my deck, sunny area part
of the day.
So far 4 plants moved to this area in the Spring are doing well.
Tomato plant, green onions, lettuce and herbs in pots did well.
Chives, dill, sage, mint continue to volunteer yearly.

Next Spring will experiment with a few more items.

Noticed today
a lot of butterfly's
it seems later for them
but then
nothing is like it use to be.

Friday, August 1, 2014

South African Rooibos Tea and Organic Turmeric Ginger Tea

A lot of tea is enjoyed
by this one,
Green tea, Chamomile, White tea, Ginger, Earl Gray and many others.

South African Rooibos Tea
is new to me
and for the life of me
I cannot remember where I heard about it.
Might have been on Dr. Oz
when I think of it I will watch. (and I am not a television person.)

 Rooibos tea has a different taste, needs nothing to sweeten.
a crimson red color
and has a lot of health benefits.
Discovered a number of benefits when I did research.

The next time I have difficulty falling asleep
(which is frequent at this stage of life) I will make a cup.
Chamomile used frequently and may replace it with this new tea.

Recently brewed a cup and poured over ice
and was so good, did not need anything to make it sweeter
and I may replace my Southern ice tea that I drink daily
 with this tea because it needs no sugar.
Sugar is one of my addictions
and trying to cut way back :)

The only tea I ever sweeten
is the Southern ice tea that can always be found
by the 1/2  gallon container in my fridge.
This tea is sweet because it has an addition of  orange and pineapple juice
plus sugar.   Often add a slice of lemon and orange to the glass.

Have noticed this summer that my two youngest granddaughter's
like this tea. I smile because never thought at their age
they would enjoy tea.  When I ask "do you want milk" they reply
"no grandma I will have tea like your drinking."

This post written several days ago
and in the mail just received
"Organic Turmeric Ginger" green tea.
I had never heard of it before
and it was ordered from
a company with the name
"The Republic of Tea."

Turmeric and Ginger both good for inflammation.
Will try this soon...

Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Voice

I was so excited when this book arrived in the mail
 "The Voice"
by Kaveri Patel.

I can remember when I first starting reading her blog
about 5 years ago.   Her poems always touched my heart in a special way
and even though I have never met her in person
I feel as though I know her and by that I mean
know a big part of her heart and a lot she has experienced
in her young life might have been this one at another time.
Remember many times making the comment to her
"you need to write a book."

She lives in California, a practicing physician and here
this one
could be her mother and lives at the edge of the woods
in Northern Tennessee
at this time of her life.
Often have the thought
that life is so special to bring people like this into our lives.

This is Kaveri's third book
and I smile as I type away at the moment
with thoughts of how proud I am of her....

Her first book "An Invitation" 2011
second, "Under the Waves" 2012

and now "The Voice" 2014

You can find out more about her and her work at:

In her first book "The Invitation"
among her acknowledgments
she mentioned my name :)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

His Words Are a Gift

When I started writing about 6 years ago
I wanted to share about some who were so
important to me in my growing up years,
those that passed on before them
and stories shared by
 my mother and grandmother.
These entries were mainly for my grandchildren
and some pictures and stories I shared
were new to my children

An important contact was a second cousin.
The grandson of my mother's sister.
He shared so much valuable information
with me and sent copies of genealogy research
that he had done.  I am ever grateful for this.
I have passed on to my children
where most of this information came from.

Such encouragement were his words when
I was trying to decided whether to leave my city home,
follow my heart and move
back to my country property.

"The cabin can be your final creation as a builder in the physical sense,
while at the same time serve as the nurturing point for your new love of writing.
Let the closing of one door serve as the opening to another.
I think you will find having a retreat in which to escape and create,
putting thought into words, will prove equally as pleasing as that received
from the love and devotion you spent in building homes.
Buildings can impress, but words can inspire.
So build your cabin and continue your journey, until the last leaf has fallen."

Yes, 2 months (1/2009) after this was written to me, clearing woods and construction
on my cottage began.  I upgraded from a cabin to a cottage :)

This is his comment on the poem
that I shared yesterday
"The Moment"

"Enjoyed the poem.  So true.  The only thing we own are our memories and even they
often betray us.   I sometimes sit in my great-grandmother's rocking chair, the one she
rocked my mother in as an infant, and I am deafened by the silence of those who have
already passed.  I look at the various items which were a part of their lives and which
their hands touched.  I still think of them as theirs,  I merely their caretaker, till others
come along to fill the position in years to come."

My reply   " You have such a way with words, we are alike in many ways
                     and you are young and I am old."

His reply
made me smile    "You too have a way with words and are much like a poet with your thoughts.
                               Yet, I am not as young, nor you as old as our years would suggest.
                                For in many ways I am much older then many who are my age,
                                while you are much younger then many who are yours"

Thank you
special cousin
your words are a gift to me
I do believe
you are much wiser then you think you are......

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Activity Constant

Recently the young man who cuts the grass
moved my bird feeder.
Wanted it closer to my bedroom window.
Because of some rain the ground was soft enough to dig it up
when it had been in that location for 4 years.
Such a pleasure when sitting at my desk
to view the constant activity.
I might add on this Sunday afternoon at 2:00 it was over
100 degrees on my deck
Hopefully rain expected tonight and cooler tomorrow