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Monday, June 18, 2018

Orchids and Orange Cookies

Life by the woods continues peaceful
but seems I never stop.

Orchids love the old chop block this was not my choice for them but seems to be where
they grow the best with no problem.

New bloom of a sickly sale plant I rescued
this orchid beautiful and on sale 3 years ago, have to look up name and it has never bloomed again.
This is the bloom when purchased.   A beauty and so unusual.....
Online with information on this Orchid tells me it needs more watering then my other plants that I water once a week.   Also should re pot, keeping moist.
Now re potting is something I have  never done with my Orchids, since all are doing well
did not want to try this.

Unusual name "Papn. Raisin Pie" is the name of this unusual looking Orchid

Heat continues but determined later when it cools
to make "Nan's Orange Cookies" who writes from "Letters from a Hill Farm"
use many of her recipes.

Saturday, June 16, 2018


Started this morning after breakfast.
A long weekend and heat index upper 90's (do not like)
the best first corn at the market yesterday, cut off of the cob (was difficult)  and fried in old iron skillet like in the old days.
and to think I use to fill freezer with 50 bags every summer. for many years.
Before this made pineapple upside down cake, been a long time - so simple
and was difficult to flip iron skillet - but did it.

then orange jello with pineapple, Mandarin oranges and always stirred in Dream Whip when
jello started to congeal.   My family liked this through the years and made something similar
with Lime jello
Tasty and light in this very warm weather.
Fried some chicken, soaked it in butter milk a while before egg, flour, and egg flour again
then fried in an iron skillet, so good.

Opened last jar of Blue Lake Green Beans shared with me by a friend who had canned them
so I have enough to eat for several days.

Kitchen cleaned, tired and the whole time making this thought of my corn bread and mashed
potato's :)

All of this work was worth it.

Friday, June 15, 2018


A favorite just bloomed.
Searching old cook books and my recipe books for old favorites made in the past.
Seems I am hungry just for my food.

Trip to market and have wanted a Butternut Squash,  Broccoli and Mushrooms. needed Avocado, a Lemon, Lime and
Orange jello for recipes with fruit and whip cream that I made when my children were growing up.   Also thoughts of a
Pineapple Upside Down cake, so simple and tasty, surely I can do this.

Also pulled out recipe for Alfredo Fettuccine, my crust less Quiche and would love to create
a fish Taco - he place in Nashville my son took me too, fish taco so good and has closed.

Seems Nashville is booming, construction on every street, loved this town I lived in years ago
now cannot drive there (too far) everything has changed and so many good small places their to eat.
Hoping in another couple of weeks when my driver is better we can take off for 1/2 a day.
Or I can meet my daughter half way and go into the big city.

Hoping this weekend I can make some of these dishes.
All of these creative cooking ideas, now need the energy to fulfill these thoughts

Something weird has happened, I always download my images from camera to a photo file
it seems to have disappeared and a lot of pictures that are not mine have appeared in my file.
and have deleted many......really do not have time for this:)

And my computer family has no time to help me......

Need to take trash off
trying to do a lot that I have not been doing
being careful..

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Hot Days

Super hot days continue through June, July and August.  Inside a lot,,,
Morning walk
and seems a good size snack has taken up residency around the house,
last night resting on steps

I know he eats a lot of things not desired here, but still not attached to him or her.

Day lillies are blooming, they do not last long.

A long time since I made Jello with  fruit.  Refreshing in
this hot weather
an addition of pineapple, peaches and banana
was good...
Aging in place
still seems like a good idea
just a lot of maintenance here by the woods.

Seems I have not lowered my standards as my son suggested on his visit :)

Thank you to my Jamie
spending yesterday with me - a lot of errands taken care of.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

A New Day

Early Sunday after an omelette, put on an apron that my mother made for me years ago.  Apron
has 3 big pockets in front, I put my phone, camera and clippers in the pockets.  This apron
out of blue jean material and she embroidered a big red E on the front.
So many items in this cottage she hand made for me and so thankful, keeps me ever close to her.

I walked a little with walker, water in a basket (a lot with me :) and could not do what I wanted, wanted to step into to smaller flower garden,
and weed, cannot do.

Inside and My aunt Lucille's banana bread I have wanted to bake, was given this recipe about
50 years ago, my girls have it and has been posted in the past and past on to many.

Put everything on the counter and finally at 1:30 it was ready to pour into 2 loaf pans.
Kitchen a mess
but so worth it
turned out so good....
Rain started about an hour ago.

Daily on deck, in garden is a male Scarlet Tangier.   He is beautiful and have not been able
to get an image

 Also Humming Birds number many in front and back of this cottage
at the feeders.

Something continual with computer
all of images I take in a photo file
now cannot pull up and going to Piccsa
and seems a number of pictures - not mine
are in my file ?
Do not like continual problems
but still enjoy my computer.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Later in the Day

So very pleased to drive to market again today - solo.

Enjoying rereading my books about Tuscany.  A dream of mine that never happened, that's OK
when I reread these books it is though I am there.   I see the flowers, trees, taste the wine and olive oil, pasta, different types of cheese and special sauces
and all the special foods they prepare and are favorites of mine.

My son and daughter tell me, "always buy the best Olive Oil that is available."

Prepared stir fry, a simple quick meal.  Squash, bokchoy, celery, carrots, mixed greens, (probably more and simmered in olive oil along with piece of salmon, enough left over for Sunday meal.
A diluted glass of wine, crackers and some slices of imported Gouda Cheese.

Keep thinking of my Banana Bread and bought extra bananas and going to make,  It simple
and surely I can accomplish these 2 loaves and maybe I will gain a lb or two

I have missed my passion of cooking and am trying simple things

Miss items from Nashville and the Trader Joe's store ( as you enter the buckets of flowers)
Someone would have to drive me, pleased can do local but not in the busy city of Nashville- maybe soon it will happen, missing my special bread from the bakery , family would pick it up for me and now it  has closed :)

Love my country setting but big city has some items I like to use :(

Update on Shingles
they are still here on my face, ear and around eye on right side of face, just trying to ignore,
pray and meditate for healing and I am confident it will happen.

Painful but will not have nerve shots or take pain medication.....

Early Morning Emails from Family

Love this image that son sent from across the ocean
and one from my Jamie
preparing for sweet 16 party

Very hot weather
in progress