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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

You Is





Busy day
back to the country
and what in the world would I do without my helper.

Hair washed and blown dry,
where done for years when I did not do it
something I can no longer do.

A quick drive to my home
 a number of small items I miss and need put in car.

Also my favorite blue rug
and will see how comfortable I am with it
since I am using a walker.

Some more special pillows since I never have enough,
my terry robe for bathroom and a number of items from
the pantry (especially some of the different kinds of tea I use)

Some more blouses, sweaters and jeans.

Most of it missed at this special place at the moment.

A cool cloudy day
love it when the sun shines.

Thanks so much from my heart
for the many comments and emails.....

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Speaks to my Heart

Her art speaks to my heart and soul
Terri McCloud

her work is amazing

at times I have posted one of her poems
and not given her credit :(
"healing arts for the soul"

Friday, January 19, 2018

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Up in the Night and find this image :)

did not share this image with me.

Recent storm
 Miss Callie
and Jamie's two dogs jumped in her bed.

I smile
Oh my she never did this on my bed

so more freedom at my daughter's :)

She is happy
but I miss her......

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


What I shared yesterday
I read
and it sounds delightful.

But the truth is
I still have severe arthritis  and pain
goes and comes in its severity.

Balance still not good at all and walk very carefully with walker.
The walker using instead of cane (still use cane when family takes me some place)
started about 2 months ago.
Feel safer using it in this facility.

Did not realize how many have a balance problem in the past.
In this facility seems everyone has it.  Seems to be a part of aging for many
and really in my past years never gave it a thought and if I did
thought it would skip me :)

In this facility many are getting over falls, returning from hospital after breaking something
I would say 75% in wheel chairs
so I am very fortunate to be considered independent, doing most for myself
and being very careful with the walker.

One here in her 90's shared "if it is in your bloodline you cannot escape it"
so my mother, aunts, grandmother all had this, did not fight it and guess
I still am fighting it and probably will continue the fight and doing all I know to do
without strong medication.
They just seemed to sit down and accept, not my nature
good or bad, do not know......

I still exercise daily, they offer chair exercises almost every morning, went to
class several times but like doing my exercises at 5:30 to 6:00 AM early every
morning, my lifetime schedule has not changed and in bed by 6:30 or 7:00. every night.

Appreciate all the encouraging comments

Granddaughter's still out of school, so cold and roads horrible.
So I am fortunate to be in this lovely place with this severe cold weather.
At my country home it is about zero.

Miss Callie but she is in a good place with Jamie and girls.
I still wonder does she miss me :(

My Caitlin, now 15 with first boy friend, time going by too fast.

a memory

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Winter In The City

So I am in the city, maybe for the winter
and look at this view from my window
This place sits on one of the highest hills in this area.of Tennessee   Really beautiful
It is similar to this at my country home on flat land.

All is well except I feel closed in.   This one accustomed to getting in the car and driving
and not possible at this time and should not be anyway with the not good roads.

So, One Woman calm down, count your blessings and who knows what Spring will bring
and a son arriving soon.....and two wonderful daughters and 2 talented granddaughter's
really close and dropping in to see you often

You have a beautiful room, looks like your home, good food, nice people surrounding you
with so many stories, so relax and rest.   Seems your anxiety has left, blood pressure better then in years
and you feel rested.  Just, it seems I have turned into someone I really do not know...
and have not decided yet - if I like this relaxed one :)

Just not accustomed to feeling this good without a list of chores to do, cooking meals, cleaning, list of outside area work  and almost tripping
over my special one "Miss Callie."

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Moving Forward

St Francis now sits in my window and a glimpse of my country bird feeder hangs in the tree outside
my window

created a small area to slice somethng or put in small microwave
very small microwave, fridge and storage, wish were a bit bigger
but for tea, something small to warm up it is fine

So the one who has created many homes, decorated them is pleased she took a good size
room, filled it with her favorite pieces and has made it seem like home.

Here or the country home
I am ready for whatever life has in store for me
just cannot fall.....