Sunday, October 19, 2014

October Continues, Finder, Keeper and Callie

Ground is covered with acorns...
I spotted a bluebird yesterday
best shot I could get
An article read in New York Times
this afternoon.
I found interesting and will share.

"it's the things you come across,
not the things you buy, that
can carry the deepest imprints.."

Brought to mind a number of small, no value items
that I have found over the years that are in this home and bring back special memories...

Interesting - if you care to read about it
go to
you can download a sticker of where book is coming from.
I have so many books that may come off of my shelves
and may leave some of them in different places.
Will be interesting to see where they wind up.

Callie, is a little better and would only eat when I feed her by hand.
Today she ate a slice of ham out of her bowl and loves a bowl of milk.
Not the healthiest diet but at least she is eating something.
Refuses everything but this ham, offered her some scrambled egg
this morning and she turned her head.
Her liquid antibiotic - the syringe fell apart - I put in a spoon, open her mouth
and it it goes - with my thought - hope she does not decide to close her mouth
and take my fingers or part of hand.
So will see what tomorrow brings.
She is drinking water and took a short walk with me today.

The last few nights really cold to this one
in high 30's to low 40's.
In the past cold weather never bothered me.
Last night - long underwear (which I never thought I would wear to sleep in ;)
sure felt good...

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Humming birds still at feeders and keeping fresh sugar water available for them.
Lawn is covered with leaves and I can remember living in the city
almost picking up every leaf as they fell.
Not anymore
I like the way they look and have discovered with a few windy days
a lot blow away and also excellent mulch for my perennials.
The ground is covered with acorns and being careful that one does not make me trip.
Also use to cut back all plants and now do some but leave many
as it seems the birds find something to nibble on in the Winter months
and I like the way they look as they glisten with ice and covered with snow.
Soon will separate perennials and plant along the woods path.

Time for hot water bottle at end of bed
do not like a heating pad - as it is drying.
Time to use down comforter and not just turn down like months past.
Time for Rum in my hot tea and turning on
gas logs - oh how I wish they were real logs burning like in past years.
Time for homemade soups, chili and getting out the small crock pot.
Time to read more of favorite books and not buy anymore.
Need to plant some tulips in pots
and will not put in the ground for squirrels to eat.

Soon will bring plants inside from screen porch and sometimes it is  almost November
Soon will start putting suet cakes out for the birds - still too warm.

And I might add.

Nothing is made like in years past....
going to 50 this night
and heating unit will not come on
nothing but problems with it since installed
5 years ago.   H/A man arriving in the morning
to see if some critter built a nest in it.

Update on Callie.
Vet thinks she ate something in the woods.
Liver inflammed, she has a fever, given a shot
 and I am giving her an antibiotic.
Hopefully she is soon her normal self and well.

Well aware that this one has much to be thankful for.
My life journey has been full of ups and downs,
never dull, filled with many creations
and so many blessings.

Following my son's advice
need to lower my standards in this cottage and flower beds
and relax more.
Trying to do this and
aging will probably make this happen

Seems I hardly ever sit down
always something to do....

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

White Chocolate Cake With White Chocolate Icing

A slice of this cake was recently brought to me by a special person.
Oh my, so good and I immediately called for the recipe.
For family visits dark chocolate cakes always are made
and now I am going to add this one.

White Chocolate Cake

3 oz. white choc. squares chopped
2 tbs whipping cream
1 box super moist white cake mix
1 cup sour cream
1/2 cup vegetable oil
3 eggs

bake according to cake instructions.

3 oz white choc. squares
3 tbsp whipping cream
1/2 cup butter
2 cups of powdered sugar

Can add chopped walnuts on top
but I think I will leave plain.

Going to make as a sheet cake   -   and I did
and in the future try a layered cake

Hope I have good luck...  turned out good....

May make this for my  birthday cake - soon.

and I did

My girls do not bake cakes like their mom :)
and I do not want a store bought cake.

I am still the fussy one....

Monday, October 13, 2014

Oh My

Sent to me and I needed this.....

"It does not matter how crazy life is these days,
since it seems you can still make the sweetest lemon meringue pie
out of the sourest lemons available.
You are capable of manifesting the beautiful visions in  your dreams
if you are handed the right ingredients.
Don't be distracted by the vagaries of the moment.
Keep your eyes on the prize
for the best results."

Once again
just me and Miss Callie
and she is not eating her dog food
but will eat a little chicken left over from Sunday dinner.
Rabbi shot tomorrow
and Vet will look at her :(
Hopefully my little rescue dog that I have had for 5 years is fine.

Last Saturday
all the smoke alarms went off - there was not a problem in this cottage.
My daughter able to take 2 down (so glad she was here with me)
but one the ceiling was too high for her to reach.
They would not stop their noise
and was put outside in a vehicle
and still sounding off.
Electrician replaced them early this morning
said this rarely happens....

Ordered a small truck load of large rock this morning
 to put in an area that is forming a ditch with so much rain.
Truck got stuck in the mud but was pulled out by company that sent him.
My school boy helper - moved some gravel into ditch
and eventually will have to have someone with a tractor blade
move the remainder.

My helper continued with picking up limbs and several other chores.
A lot accomplished in 2 hours.

This one was going to rest today
but up since 4:30 AM
going nonstop.
A lot accomplished.

At the moment I have stopped.....
This one has a habit she is trying to stop.
Seems I cannot rest as long as there is something to do.

Storms due tonight
and hopefully they miss my cottage by the woods.

Check Facebook once a week
to see what is going on in family
and saw this
mom with her Jamie :)

Friday, October 10, 2014

A New Chapter Is Beginning

It continues to rain daily in my area
ground saturated and so muddy
for this one to be outside and cleaning garden.

Humming birds are still visiting the feeders daily.
My granddaughter spotted them at the feeder from
my bedroom window and made the comment
"they sure are fat."   I smile as I share they are
eating a lot in preparation for the long journey.

Some hang around a long time
I noticed in the past.
Seeing - Rufus and Red throated at the feeders.

I was going to have some outside help with her visit
and even several projects inside but it never happened
just enjoyed talking and listen to her.
She is so wise for one so young and I smile when she
said "grandma you do not seem like your age"
and I replied that's the number but not my spirit...

White Chocolate Cake is going to be baked to go along
with a carrot cake for family visit this weekend.
Daughter arriving in hours from Tampa :)
so happy to have her with me....

Continually writing down words that speak to me
and most of the time do not note where they came from.
Reading some books on aging to see if I am different
from many - same in some ways and different in many.

The spirit and the flesh are certainly different when it comes
to this one "the spirit seems to think it can do anything and still makes long lists
but the body cannot do some on this list."    I have thoughts lately of what else
could I do to this cottage that I would enjoy.
I truly thought in this simpler home
I would never have thoughts of doing anything more
then gardening, reading, writing and enjoying all nature has to offer.

This mind seldom slows down.
A long time ago
someone shared with me that when they had thoughts like
this - it bothered them when they could not do them.

I am not like that
as I can plan it all in my mind
and this is what I enjoy
it does not have to materilize....

With a creative past it starts dreaming - goes like this - I could glass in the screen porch
with big windows that can be opened in the summer so I can enjoy it in the Winter.
Also, I could enclose part of the deck - make a sun room with a small wood burning stove
(but I truly cannot handle the wood anymore like I did in the past.)
So many plants and here I am trying to have less and it will soon look like the woods inside this
home.      Thoughts continue, I should have made the
garage bigger instead of for one car - but then cottage would have been bigger because of room
upstairs and did not want more room - the goal was something small.    Thought of building small outbuilding for garden items
and truck which I do not like sitting out in bad weather - but every one's vehicle sits outside
in the rural area and it truly does not matter at this time of life "but I love my truck :)  Then the long gravel drive -  all of those bigger homes through the years had concrete or blacktop
but this drive is 4 or 5 times longer.  Would be nice for when I walk so I do not stumble on a big rock
or hole in the grass beside it.   Really budget should not do any of these things - need to watch
everything in case I live a long time and need more help with just day to day simple things.  Stupid thought - if I get that bad
I do not need to be here.   Family busy and I do not need to be a burden.
I am ready to go - at peace - but still want to be here a while to see how my granchildrens
lives develop - they are all so smart - these are this grandma's thoughts.
Guess little by little I will continue to clean the woods around me.  Cut down anything I can and open up
more space where I can see activity in the woods.  Put up more bird feeders and as I separate
perennials put them in the woods.

It is very apparent
I am becoming different
but remain the same
in so many ways.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Some Special Days

From my son far over the ocean

From my oldest recently married granddaughter
14 blooms and 4 buds
From a special niece in Michigan
Grandma and her 2 youngest
grandchildren.  They spent the night with
me last night, a bad storm, no electricity
but were still here...

A dozen cards on my table

So much love shown me this day
and continues through the weekend

Guess this happens
when on this day
October 9
you were born to your teenage mother
at your grandmother's home,
weighing in at a little over 4 lbs.

Been a life of many chapters
21 years with your parents
22 years of marriage
that produced 4 wonderful children and 5 grandchildren
and included one little blond headed girl that came along with her father.
Now seemingly it seems
the rest of those years you
were on your own....
for this one who turned 80 today.

Will keep sharing and writing
until everyone gets bored with me....

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Special Gift

A busy day
grass finally cut
2 small trees cut down
need more sun in the garden.

My granddaughter and I are pulling out of drive
to pick up a pizza
and notice a special friend by her car.
She tells me that she has put several items
on the screen porch for me.

It is October
and look at these Iris.
I have never heard of these plants
that bloom several times a year.
Look at the color of one of them,
they are magnificent and did not
plan on planting anything else in this small garden.
But may :)

How beautiful this is
and a piece of 2 different cakes
that are new to me.
A blueberry and chocolate
and must have the recipes.

An enjoyable day
and Polly you made it even more special.

Thank You
Dear Friend....