Friday, January 13, 2017

Spring Reminders

From the sale table at local market and after I enjoy will be planted in my smaller garden.
On this rainy day
a spot of pleasure
by the bare woods..

New Orchid bloom

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Life at This Time

So much is going on in my small world, those I know in the area I live seems a death monthly
and many of those who write online have sorrowful things happening at this time

You wonder at times whether to keep sharing or stop.   With me, writing my thoughts
on the computer helps me and maybe might help someone else.   If no one reads or comments
it is helpful for me to write.  When I have thoughts of stopping I am urged on by many
keep writing it is good for you.

What I am experiencing at this time is nothing compared to others who share and some I know.
 we each go through much personally it is our personal battle and sometimes many choices
we may have to make.   I love my isolated cottage by the woods and this is where I want
to stay and I belong as long as I now have some help.   So thankful for those who drop in and Callie always alerts me
they are approaching down the long gravel drive, I think it pleases her also :)

Cold, snow and now rainy days and want to drive but  still not comfortable
so will wait for awhile.  I will know and no there as of yet.

I smile at a phone call just received from a young school boy I know, he has helped me in
the past with outdoor chores, he asked is there anything he could help me do as he is now
getting out of school early?

Now this an answer to prayer
as he can go to grocery with me, bring items up the stairs to the pantry and keep my bird
feeders filled (a must for this one as she looks out the big glass windows)

So many needs being filled and this one is truly sorry that when busy children call
she shares too many details and their lives are full to the top with their work and families.

My children and grandchildren have always seen me super busy, going nonstop
and independent, now it is not that way and may not return to the way it was in the past.

Therapy for 2 more weeks and oh how I enjoy them coming, going and their smiles
and encouragement.

Today cleaning drawers, came across some stationery I had made in the past.

Many homes I have lived in and sometimes  made stationery
I smile at a small card my Laurie had made for me 20 years ago
with the statement
Home and Garden Consultant....

So many wonderful memories I have in my heart

Saturday, January 7, 2017

I Smile

Yes, I smile as I read something my daughter sent to me on this 5 degree morning in the country.

I changed the words

" All I ever wanted to do was build an insignificant small home by the woods on my country
property, fill it with my favorite things and surround it with gardens."

I did succeed and now the problem of upkeep - but will do it.... and still want more flowers :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

On This Day

Another warm day is beginning and then turning cold tonight.

Chicken soup in the crock pot and using my Beth's information she received from butcher
at Whole Foods, use chicken thighs with the bones.

 Remove skin and bone from thigh after it has cooked with veggies for a couple of hour
I use about 6 cups of water
and chop chicken meat and add back to the crock pot.    A bone broth is simmering with an
addition of chopped carrots, celery, onions and I always add a small potato and my herbs Provence
may add a handful of good pasta.
Will be ready for my second meal, tomorrow and can freeze a container

A morning of errands and hopefully last time using a driver, hair appointment and then on to
grocery.  Have 3 errands for driver as I have hair washed that hopefully can figure out a new
way to do it.    Realizing I am a creature of habit and like my old ways and now have to change some of them,

Why has this not been shared in the past with this one having a balance issue.  Arthur my healer
is scheduled by insurance for a few visits.   Shared that inner ear problems a part of aging
and gave me some eye exercises that will strengthen the inner ear. Hopefully helps some of my balance problem.

Early morning call from over the ocean and bless him
he always tells me he will be calling at 7:00 and phone rings on the dot.

So now back on the mat, yogurt, fruit, waffle with more fruit, my supplements and no pain
pill this morning - Yeah.    Then will dress and be ready for driver.

A picture I came across yesterday
I was 2 months pregnant with my Jamie
we are all dressed for church
one frowning as sun in her eyes...

This one Jimmy a toddler and a cousin was visiting, Laurie missing from photo.
The young girl in first photo is the one I raised until divorce and also in second image.
Many times dressed Laurie and Beth alike, seems I never could find another dress I liked.
As they grew older they told me they did not like me dressing them alike :)

Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Ending

Love this shade of green and design on paper, wish it was a piece of fabric.
A gift bag and paper wrapped around an unusual candle, called a Creative Energy Candle
Scent Rosemary and Lavender, two of my favorite scents.

Instructions say that after you burn the candle to take the warm wax and place a small amount\into
the palm of your hand and gently massage into hands or feet.

Have not burned this candle as of yet and
will wait until some long rainy day, sit and read, burn the candle and try it out.

Thank you Beth
you always find such unusual items for your mama :)

Last night at dusk
Continuing to heal from bad fall, therapy for a few weeks, nurse last week told me something I know
"your mind and body are in a different place"  early morning for the second time
on mat, difficult and only 15 minutes but will continue.   Moving slower is what I should do
and will just continue on doing all I can.

Chili made the other day and chef granddaughter told me she always adds a can of corn and so
I did.

Today cooking black eyed peas, turnip greens, cornbread and a piece of salmon.  Meal for today
and tomorrow..


Friday, December 30, 2016

Warm Weather

New header image
shows what warm weather is like
on the day after Christmas.

Young granddaughter walking on rocks
at the park...

Monday, December 26, 2016


My youngest daughter takes images while visiting this cottage
and I take the same images
but next to mine
she is a professional photographer.
She shares what I once thought of, this cottage would make a wonderful Bed and Breakfast
Not now,,,,,,it is my special retreat for family and friends...

granddaughter on the left
with a friend
are quite the young entaphaners
they are making body scrub and doing well
with their sales :)

Wonderful family time at Christmas (many missed) but  now mama &; grandma is continuing to heal
and ever thankful no broken bones and for my wonderful children, grandchildren and friends..
If there was no pain and balance problem life would be perfect.