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Saturday, October 14, 2017

UPDATING - Fainting and My Pretty Girls

Will continue.  Wednesday night, pain increasing and continually told to take Tramadole, even 2.and never have so I though Thursday morning I had a good breakfast so morning I took one.
I took Thursday morning at 10 and in the next 15 minutes broke out in a heavy sweat,
sick at my stomach and headed for bathroom.   I woke up on the floor, had fainted.
so all night Friday very high blood pressure and called emailed son in Thailand when I wrote "call me"
he immediately did, they are 12 hours ahead, 
he told me to call 911 and go to ER.   Just hated to call but now blood pressure over 200 all night and called 9l1/
After I woke up on floor Tramadol had taken affect and less pain.   Had a huge know on top of head.
ribs were very sore.  Just stayed here will pain, head and ribs aching, did not want to go to ER/
Friday night awake all night and emailed my son in Thailand he immediately emailed me, could not reach daughters at the time in the night,
So call 9ll, this experience frightens me as I have done 2 other times in the past.
Er eukaryote, cat scan, and so thankful just badly bruised ribs and top of head.
So today just not feeling well, slight headache and slight nauseated., no appetite.
Pushing food or ensure and told to rest ( I am not a good resting person)
Told this will take a while to heal and not feel pain in rib cage and on top of head.
I could have broken something. SO THANKFUL
So called receptionist - nurse and doctor not available, she said she would pass on.
Have not heard from doctor ?
Friday visit from Jamie and girls and today my Beth arrived
the helper I use is on vacation and will be back on Tuesday.
A little confused hope this makes sense, just had not planned on ER visit
but glad I did so I know what is going on...

they made a visit yesterday - so welcome they were

Shelby (Caitlin's best friend) my Jamie, Caitlin and Amelia.

Oh my, so pretty and smart they are
my blessings overflow.

I tell Jamie - Please guard them .....

This morning, my Beth is arriving to take her mama to the grocery and gas in car.

To be continued
finally a Tramadol pain pill
fainting and 911.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017



Maybe being powerful
means being fragile

Al Wewei

One of the most difficult people to forgive
is yourself.
Yet with patience and determination
it can be done

Allan Lokos

Monday, October 9, 2017

On This Day

On this day I was born in my grandmother's bed to my 18 year old mother.
Not quite 5 lbs and my mother told me she embroidered E's on my gowns.  Wish she had saved me one:)   My mother came down with scarlet fever and this one with double pnemonia - a difficult time.
No baby pictures and do not remember having a doll.  That's alright as it was difficult times for them.

A clear, cloudy and warm in the 80's day.

a man who helped me wash window's 35 years go, named Bill, talented at carving and did this
for me.  I wanted him to carve inside a tree for me but he disappeared.  Basil is thriving and
the scent is wonderful in the kitchen.

Some of my girls will arrive soon and happy for this
Candles are burning along with healing incense and time for the mat and then breakfast.

Spotted a red fox in the yard 2 days ago.
could not find my camera quick enough (image from google)
but this looks just like him or her....

Sunday, October 8, 2017

I Look Back Through the Years

Update at 1:00
I was going to delete this post
as different comments from several children.
Just noticted that 186 prople had already read it this morning
so guess I will leave it.  It is me and part of my journey..

Was not going to post today, thought tomorrow, but with rain a long day ahead and not planning on posting tomorrow, I will post this Sunday morning.....

Have dates wrong, just estimated.

40 years ago with my mother at my special farm house
I can see it from the windows of this much loved cottage that sits by the woods.
first grandchild, my Jessica
Jamie and this one 30 years ago.
First trip after my divorce 42 years ago with Jimmy and Jamie.  Oh my how I have wanted
to return,  It never happened and I dream of the 14 times on that island.

starting over in the country house with my 2 youngest, older in college
and bless his heart my son back and forth to city school
a new life and it was finally the real me

Jamie and I - a new life in the country

20 years ago Jessica and grandma I love a swing - one at every home
Amelia about 8 years ago
about 5 years ago, my Laurie the oldest and her 2 children, my grandchildren Jessica and Gavin
and my son, Jimmy.
With granddaughter Sarah, the chef - 3 years ago
I was 2 months pregnant with my Jamie at this time, Laurie, Beth, Jimmy and special daughter Mary who was with me for 14 years, divorce coming A stormy time and so sorry.  A marriage that produced wonderful talanted children but was not good for me with so much responsibilty on me with managing a lot in our business, home, children and a husband I could not depend on.
A business that was the American dream come true, grew rapidly and was closed with recession.
vowed never to share, these years truly were the unhappiest time in my life 
living room and my bedroom in the fine city home
never missed it as this life almost destroyed me.
pictures not in order cannot find many

last year

2 years ago

Now traveling
through these  80,s
where has time gone ?
My life has included everything, Happiness, creating, careers, sadness, good  health and never health problems until
last few years when happiness and peace over flows in my soul.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

So Who Are These People

I rarely check statistics on my journal and just looked.

Septmber - 4445 people read my words over the years - ancient one in the woods impressed :)

Yesterday - 135

Today by 5:00 - 158

Wish they would write a few words, now this morning 2 new people that have never commented before.   So it seems a lot of people know a lot about the lifestyle of an ancient one
who lives by the edge of the woods :)

Just returned from market, post office and drove down the street where I created a home in
the Historical section of Springfield.   The prettiest street, after being their 2 years as an
experiment put the home on the market thinking if it sold I would relocate to Nashville
near my 3 children.    Oh my it sold in 2 weeks, so onward I went going to the big city where I created another home.  After 2 years the recession set in, my son sold his home and left for Thailand.
I put this one on the market to once again (the third time returning to my country land and built
my cottage at the edge of the woods. This home because of beginning of recession I lost quite a bit.  Now 9 years later and a cane in hand I vow never to leave this land again....
and plan for my ashes to be spread on my garden - when the time arrives.  So whoever resides
here will have me for company :)

A birthday on Monday, girls will arrive and I took a roast out of freezer and have fresh vegetables.
Do not want a meal in a restaurant :)

Today spotted a small Lemon cake, I love Lemon and will enjoy today.   In a minute
think just toasted cheese sandwich with mixed greens and tomato plants that provide the tiny
tomato's are loaded, nothing else lived :)
Miss family, across the ocean and in other states.  Beautiful cards arrived and know I am loved.
Just their precense means so much
but it will happen at the right time.

Rain expected to arrive today and for next 3 days.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Beautiful but Dry Week - Maybe this weekend Rain

Wishing for rain, do not want to lose any of my favorite flowers I have kept in my downscaled garden,

Found the picture of my granddaughter that is expecting
what a beautiful baby
and another memory picture
this child would sit in my lap as I cut grass on the tractor, she would always fall asleep
so many wonderful past memories.

I found out what is happening to lower legs -Stasis Dermatitis.  A part of my immune disorder,
inflammation.   So I elevate some, keep lotions applied.  I do not have varicose veins, heart problem
of on blood thinner.  Doctor requesting I go see another doctor (Surgeon) how scary to see if blood
flow is normal

I read a lot and do a lot of research and guess I have my own ideas and not the Ideal Patient.  I smile at the one who said this about me - he is right on target :) Bless him and wish I could adopt him
so helpful he is to me....
I am not taking pain pills suggested as I cannot think clear with them.  Would rather have pain and
be able to think.

I have not come to a conclusion about health issues going on.   Told that surgery not an option for
knee that is wearing out just keep taking cortisone.

Made Chile on Monday, for 2 days good - I put carrots, celery, onions and from chef granddaughter
now corn.   Just put remainder in 3 cartons in freezer.  This along with usual ground beef, tomato's
chili powder and anything else I think would be good in this :)   It Was Good....

Day has gone by so quickly and nothing planned for 2nd meal.   Think I will scramble an egg
add mushrooms and mixed greens, do have some turkey sausage.   This will do.

Fall Break next week and hoping to see my Jamie and girls and maybe my Beth who hopefully
feels better...

My writer daughter shared on Instagram

"Love is the most durable Power in the world'

Martin Luther King......

she is so right
this special child of mine
but then
they are all special to me....

Monday, October 2, 2017

Monday 6:00 AM

At 6 it is still dark, days are getting shorter and at this time seems it is my computer time
even though I vow to do chores, yoga, breakfast and then computer.
Old habits difficult to change for me - I do try....

Bush hog man arrived yesterday to cut in woods, looks nice but now need someone to pick up
a load of limbs (I use to do it)    He unloaded rest of pumpkins
When daughter and young granddaughter's arrive soon they might want some of them
Television on, just turned off, so much violence everywhere :(

I am concerned about purple color on my ankle, keep bumping, doctor does not seemed concerned
aware my skin in thin, on medication that does this, but do not like it, so careful and continually
bumping myself with balance issue
the one who for years wore trendy shoes on her 7 narrow foot has advanced to super support shoes
look like concrete blocks - it's alright keeps this 106 lbs walking.  Kept telling children about it
and took an image  Their reply "oh mama looks bad - now darker then image shows.  Always small bruises but nothing this big.   Did bump severely 4 months ago.

Daylight beginning, time for yoga and breakfast, think a scrambled egg with spinach and cheese,
side of yogurt and banana - all small amounts.

"I am trying to be content in each and every situation.  I can do all through Christ who
strengthens me"   written  in one of my old journals years ago ---  in Phillipians 4:11 - trying once again at this time....
and know I can do it if I keep trying.....yes, successful in the past but now different - seems with aging everything is more difficult...