Saturday, November 22, 2014

Welcome Arrival

The mailman is coming down the long gravel drive,
Callie is barking
and I have the thought
maybe several books I ordered are arriving.

There here :)

New book by Mary Oliver that has just been released
"Blue Horses"

A book I read about
and this one is putting among
her favorites on the table.

A book for my grown children....
for them to read the words
whenever they visit
my words to each of them.
Heart felt words
and beautiful pictures.

Wherever You Are
my love will find you
by "Nancy Tillman"

A reasonably nice day
and so nice to be a little warmer,
trip to market this morning,
post office and gas in car
and will have to make one more trip before Thanksgiving
for a few items to be fresh.

My 2:00 meal finished
and going to sit down in my favorite chair
and read...

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


It isn't your job to make everyone
feel comfortable with your emotional process.
Nevertheless its up to you
to ask yourself the tough questions
so you can gain clarity about
the next chapter of your life.

~~Joseph Campbell~

I learned about Joseph Campbell from Cate at
Mentioned this writer to my son
and he told me he had some of his books in his library upstairs in this cottage :)

Vegetable soup simmering with
 roast from the freezer
leftover from my Beth's birthday dinner.

Will be good on this frigid day.

Rosemary resting on screen porch
instead of in
the blowing wind
on terrace...

Looks as though
the Christmas Cactus
will bloom in several weeks :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Early Morning Thoughts

As this small book is once again picked up
I note the little slips of paper sticking out of various pages
marking special words.

The thought arises
that I am making progress in many ways
but will never arrive where the desire of my heart is.

This one will just keep searching, going forward, one day at a time
and more answers will come but there may not be enough time...

From the book
"The Art of Stillness"
~~Pico Iyer~~

"I find that stillness within, that deep sense of peace that I crave every day.
It is though I find a piece of me that I had lost without really knowing I had lost it."

After living a number of life styles, this one has found it in this rural setting by the woods, a small cottage she built
at age 75.

"Researchers in the new field of interruption science have found it takes an average
of twenty-five minutes to recover from a phone call.  Yet such interruptions come
every eleven minutes - which means we're never caught with with our lives."

"So much of our lives takes place in our heads - in memory or imagination, in speculation
or interpretation - that sometimes I feel that I can best change my life by changing the way
I look at it.  America's wisest psychologist, William James, reminded us,
"The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another."

I find it difficult at times to choose another thought...

"It matters not where or how far you travel - the farther
commonly the worse - but how much alive you are."

15 degrees on my deck
do not like the cold as it chills me to the bone.
Warming trend beginning tomorrow...

Monday, November 17, 2014


It is beginning to snow
not much expected
but the beginning of a few very cold days
has arrived.
Yesterday made potato soup, cornbread and another apple upside down cake.

Corn bread in small cast iron skillet that was my grandmother's.  Now pretty
good at making 1/2 recipe and it came out of skillet perfectly.
A lot of projects that I started and never finished will be going on today.
Continual problems with computer and Verizon has sent me a new Sim card
and representative will call this afternoon and hopefully it will be better.
A big part of my problem is living in a rural area and using a air card.

New book arrived that is by my chair
"The Art of Stillness"
adventures in going nowhere.
by Pico Iyer
Sounds like this one :)

A day in a cottage by the woods

Friday, November 14, 2014

Too Soon

Yes, too soon for these flowers
but they are a gift yearly
from a friend who has a nursery
by her property.
Usually receive about Thanksgiving
but a lot going on in her life at this time
being home bound with a husband who is bedridden.
She picked them up early because she was
told that nursery would have none in another week.

Where to put them in this small cottage
a problem, but they went up on the loft
and when my 2 youngest daughter's with families
arrive for Thanksgiving dinner they can take their flower.

Early Christmas on the loft at Woodhaven

The green plants that I have had for years
 came in from my screen porch and they always do well during the winter months
on the loft area.

I no longer put up a Christmas tree and just a few special holiday items are put out.
These flowers look so pretty
I think I will take my lunch up to the loft, eat
and look out the big window at the cold wind blowing...

Inside for several days and a lot accomplished that has been neglected
during the beautiful days I stayed outside in the garden.

A plus
because of strong winds
most of leaves have blown away.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Early morning
Callie taken to be clipped and bathed
while it is still warm.  Someone very close does this for me 3 times a year.
She was beginning to shed and now she is ready for Winter months.

School boy helper arrived
and a lot done in 2 hours.
This is all I can hold out with me working with him
at a fast pace.  So pleased I found him during the summer.

Separated 6 sections off of my beautiful Aster
and replanted in other areas.
This plant has traveled with me for many years
and have shared with countless people.

It grows all summer and looks like a medium size bush
and when it blooms (the last flower of the year)
it is a beautiful purple.

Then up the gravel drive to clip on some more bushes,
moved a section of fence, raked leaves and blower needs
a new battery which should arrive tomorrow.
Some wooden chairs and tables put in out of the weather.
Garage vacuumed and while some of this was going on
I lit the fire pit as it was full, no wind and will not burn it
when I am here alone.   I continually am putting small sticks
and  branches in it.  Will have to fill again before my little girls
arrive on Thanksgiving as they like to sit by the fire.

2 hours have gone by and as my helper left
I put some chicken in a baking dish for lunch.
Smells so good and copied the recipe from somewhere online.

Preheat oven to 375
Chicken in Pyrex dish
and cover with plain yogurt, some Parmesan cheese, garlic power,
seasoning salt and pepper. 

I always keep pieces of chicken in freezer for easy meals.
Usually use for my chicken salad.

Was really upset
could not find my keys and need to start wearing them on a chain around my neck.
Finally found them and then could not find
a wonderful poker with carved wooden handle that was made for me
by a friend almost 40 years ago
thern I found it where I had been raking :)

Parsley, chives, sage, rosemary and thyme still looks hardy
and wish I had picked a bouquet of my basil before the frost
took it, but do have a lot in the freezer.
My rosemary of 4 years did not make it last winter and
purchased a new plant in the Spring that has been in a pot and just
placed on screened in porch - smells so good..

So a busy morning and it is 1:30
going to eat and wait for the rain that is soon to arrive...

A lot accomplished...

Checking In

A quick post as days are filled with busyness.
This may be the last really nice day before cold weather predicted arrives.

On computer this morning
"Like cold water to a weary soul
is good news from a distant land"  Proverbs 25:25
The words that greeted me
reminded me of emails from my son
which always are uplifting.'

Long list is rapidly being completed

Yesterday - cleaned drains with baking soda, vinegar and hot water
                    changed heat/air filters
                    cut back more plants and my trusty friend the leaf blower is wonderful
                    shut vents under cottage

A quick lunch at 1:30 which is now my main meal
of salmon croquettes, my turnip greens, black eyed peas, mashed potatoes, corn bread and from the
freezer the last piece of carrot cake from by birthday :)
This early morning
chores continue at a rapid pace and continually am reminded of my son's words to me
"pace yourself and rest more."
It will come after today and looking forward to being inside to finish many ongoing
Still need to have trusty truck serviced...

Thanksgiving around the corner and will be good to see most of family.
So happy my granddaughter Sarah,  the chef :) is working in Nashville and so
pleased is her mom.   Hope this turns out to be something permanent
and would be so nice to have her live nearby as she has been working in
New York in the winter and Nantucket in the spring and summer.

A continual joy is seeing the Orchid my granddaughter sent me for my birthday.
I have good luck with these plants and they bloom on for months.
Jessica, again
grandma says thank you
and enjoy your new job of teaching...
My day begins
and will check in later....