Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Cool outside
like 50 degrees.

Just finished meal
the first in several weeks that was tasty,
2 1/2 weeks of antibiotics
 upsetting my stomach and the last left me with red spots the size of a lemon slice that are
slowly fading plus other issues that will end but take time.

Stir fry, keep shrimp in the freezer and veggies and rice on hand.
Egg girl :) always brings me a sliver of something she bakes, this fudge pie was so good.
Thank you Lana.
A simple recipe she shared and must bake, maybe this weekend when girls visit.

Thankful for a driver for errands this early morning but then do not like it.  I want to drive
locally and maybe soon.   At the moment balance too bad to risk it.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Beautiful Sunday

Could not ask for a prettier day.

Soon drive by home will be black top.   Will be so easy for me to walk on.   Not comfortable
on this gravel.  So much rain has delayed this for weeks.  Hopefully dry enough soon.

Mother's Day, last Sunday a perfect day also.   Many pictures taken and deleted :)
we are difficult to please - above 2 good ones...

Going through old pictures

Friday, May 19, 2017


will share more.

Hopefully  have computer problems solved.

Now trying to learn a new way.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Country Food and Sleeping Help

My son took me to some special places for lunch during his long visit and Beth last Saturday
on trip to Nashville for leg.   Really like my food the best but it is nice to get every now and then.
Most of that has stopped for a while.

I like my food the best, not eating too good lately, no appetite and checked out the freezer
A bag of fresh corn that had been cut off of the cob, blue lake green beans and I thought
I had used all of my sweet baking items and there it was, one last loaf of my Blueberry Bread.

So cooked the best lunch of corn, green beans (frozen from a friend's garden) cabbage (and I add chopped carrots, potato, onion and a small amount of Polish Sausage.

Food for the next 2 days,  it was so good .  Missing my corn bread and not up to baking at this time.
Always so much in her freezer as they have a huge garden, just called and ask if she had any
extra corn and green beans in her freezer, she does and buying for Mother's Day lunch
and girls can bring the rest.

Lately do not sleep well and pulled out my little sound machine last week, could hardly hear it
and when checked Amazon this machine is 6 years old (no wonder) and I only play the
ocean tape.   The sound of the waves coming in and out is so relaxing and brings back so
many wonderful memories.
from Amazon $19 and my new one just arrived.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Wonderful Sun

I sit on the deck
in the wonderful sun
it has been so long, at the ,moment a break from the rain
Girls thought I needed a second set of eyes to look at damage I did 3 weeks ago hit my leg on a glass shelf,
so RN daughter took me to Nashville to the Vanderbilt Clinic.  So nice the surroundings
and the young doctor a graduate from Harvard.
said it was healing, stay on antibiotic, elevate and ice and also it will take a long time to heal.
Thankful it is not swelling as much.

Words I read this morning 
"you do not need to keep up a false front of perfection, fake people
must maintain an  image, real people do not care...

Thursday, May 4, 2017

New Bloom

Going through papers and discarding much
I find
these words.

"Keep busy in your  pursuit of all in these last years

do not expect much from others.

Take responsibility for your own happiness

without depending on anyone else."

Guess this says it all......

Then I also remember my youngest granddaughter's (sarcastic blackberry) words
'Let it Go"   :)

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Wedding Day

My youngest daughter's
wedding day.

Remember so well.
a beautiful sunny day
she looked beautiful
and Alan so handsome

As she came down the steps a harp was playing
soft breeze blowing

I took my mother and a wheel chair was provided
she sat by the window as she could not go down to the garden area.

Now 20 years later

Happy Anniversary

Jamie and Alan

Thank you for my 2 youngest granddaughter's....

At this time the young woman who does my hair
is the one that did Jamie's hair for her wedding

Cindy, you did a beautiful job.....