Sunday, April 20, 2014


Everywhere I look
on this beautiful sunny afternoon
I see beauty.
"Is it like this every Spring"
I say to myself
and answer my question
"of course it is."

But I truly think as we grow older
every bit of natures beauty becomes more precious....

The bumbles are busy everywhere and
even busy drilling many holes in my deck.
When wood was installed 4 years ago
I was told the wood was treated and this would not happen :)
Picture sent to me this morning
and this one among many others  will soon bring back memories of this special family time.

Books on almost every surface in this cottage.
Every book has pieces of paper marking pages that
 remind me of special words.
I open "Solitary Garden" by Elizabeth von Arnim (a favorite book)
and read what I have underlined
and smile
as I think of this one....

"It will grow I know sweeter every year, but it is too big ever to be perfect and get to look
immaculate.  Nature herself is untidy and she should come first and my clipping shears
come humbly behind."

She goes on to share "sometimes when I am in a critical mood, I shake my head at the
bushes that stretch themselves across the paths, reminding me that they have not been pruned,
and the teeming plant life rejoices on the lawns free from all interference from men and hoes."

Oh yes
for 4 years I have tried to keep the gardens and lawn close to this cottage immaculate,
but this Spring it will be different and from this day foreword
it will be more natural
and I almost can hear all plant life saying - along with my son....
"thank you."

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Spring And Life At This Time

In one week my surroundings look like Spring has arrived.
Plants emerging everywhere, my Lilac bush is attracting butterfly's
and the scent of the blooms is wonderful.
Sharing a little of what I view.
Humming birds at the feeders and have not been able to get a good image.
Bird houses full of babies, a snake spotted in the garden, wild flowers emerging
in the woods and enjoy looking at the
horses in the field next door.
This is a month filled with happiness with family making a special visit
and sadness as many I know are not well and some deaths.
This one continues with a lot of sleepless nights because of pain and is trying
to simplify much of the pleasures she enjoys.

My son will be with me several more weeks and continually tells me that I
use a lot of energy doing much that
could just be done less often
or not at all :)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

May I Share

My special grandson
who made a special trip to see me...
and my youngest granddaughter
and just one more
and another
all for now
and a perfect day...

Friday, April 11, 2014

Beauty From Surrounding Fields

These beauties
have the most wonderful scent.

A gift from nature
to this one,
just growing wild in the field.
and put all over this cottage..
and I say
"thank you."

Thursday, April 10, 2014

My Heart Is Traveling With You

at this very moment
so aware of where you are,
far over the ocean...
Safe travel wishes from mom.

You have chose to live so far away,
A wonderful life and one I could see myself
following years ago.  Guess I learned of it
too late in my life - but then with the mindset
I have always had
maybe it is not to late
to reinvent myself..

I have learned so much about another culture
from you
that is a constant inspiration to me.

I miss you
and thank you always
for emailing and calling almost every week.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

View From My Kitchen Window and Ramps or Wild Leeks

Early yesterday morning,
looking out the kitchen window
I noticed a lot going on at the Bluebird house.
Quickly new batteries were put in my camera
and I enjoyed a lot going on in their world.

Mama bird flew in and out of the bird house
and dad kept watch.  He was  so protective
and I was so impressed as I watched him continually
chasing off another bird trying to get near their home.

They were really busy
and I thoroughly enjoyed watching them.
Would love to peek inside
the birdhouse
but I will not :)

A comment on my last entry from Nancy at "Good Food Matters"
 asked if I had Ramps or Wild Leeks in my woods.
I had never heard of them.
So now a new search will begin...

There is always
something interesting going on
when living at the edge of the woods.

Aware there is probably much that could be added to my diet that is growing in the woods
but still not sure
if I can add these to my diet at this time of life....

A habit I am trying to change
of getting up in the middle of the night for a snack
and then turning on computer.
Well aware it is because I go to bed early and will be up again by 5:00 with a
busy day ahead.

But then
I love getting up before daybreak, watching the sunrise and the day begin.
A life long habit....

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Delightful Spring Has Arrived

The weather is delightful.
A new surprise daily in the garden as plants emerge.
Several plants I have forgotten
what they are :)  Some plants spreading wildly and I will dig up sections
and put in the woods.
Paths surrounding this cottage have been kept clear for 5 years
but not this winter and am amazed at all of the branches
that fell from the old trees this winter.
Spent time picking up many and could hardly find my old paths
because of leaves and limbs.
Busyness continues as porches, decks, outside furniture are all
 cleaned and several pieces repainted.  Umbrella put on table
and outside rugs in place.
Inside plants taken outside and several so big I struggled
bringing them down from the loft - but succeeded by sitting down
and going down one step at a time (next year I will not do this.)
Extra beds have clean sheets on them, an air mattress purchased for extra sleeping,
 quilts aired along with winter
clothes that have been put away.
Boards have been taken away that surrounded the small veggie garden,
 have decided to just garden in pots with herbs, vegetables  and
make trips weekly to the local Farmers Market for some of what I have grown in the past.
(I need to simplify a lot that I have always done)
Lettuce and green onions a good size at the moment.
I lost my huge Rosemary plant which was 5 years old and need to buy a new plant.
I have spread many bags of mulch and this is something I need to stop doing....

The birds fill the feeders and are so welcome but have not spotted the Hummers as of yet.
Bluebirds are spotted coming and going from the birdhouses but usually camera not handy for an
image of them.

So a lot going on here in the woods home and have to have help nailing the heavy
Woodhaven sign up as it came loose during a storm.
Grass will be cut for the first time the end of the week and always like
looking at new plowed soil which will be done in another week for corn to be planted.

Friday will be a busy day with some baking, table set and probably a last run
to the market and want to pick up Kites for my two youngest grandchildren.  The local nursery opens and want to purchase several large ferns.

Can hardly wait for my children and grandchildren to arrive and fill this cottage.
Always so quiet with just sounds of nature but
the walls will echo their voices after they have all left and once again
it will be just me, Miss Callie and my son for a few weeks.

Must add
looking foreword to wild flowers emerging in the woods...

Oh, I think the Morel Mushroom hunters will be arriving soon.
Would love to cook some of their treasures
but still very hesitant to eat their findings from my woods.

On a sad note
over the last month, friends with strokes, broken bones and a visit
to the funeral home yesterday.

But life is good for this one and I have so much to be thankful for.

Might add, I am hooked on this morning juicing that I started about 3 weeks ago.
It is so tasty and now sure I am getting my daily vegetables :)

Enough shared...