Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Welcome May and City Garden

Eugene Grasset
May photo...

I always dreamed of
an English garden
filled with Larkspur, Foxgloves, Poppies
and all of many different plants were massive in size.
If this was a reality
I would also need a gardener.

I never remember my mother or grandmother's without a garden
and always a bloom in small vase sitting on their table.

The closest I came to my dream garden was a small
yard in the local city.  Wonderful dirt as this lot had been part of larger
lot that at one time had a garden on it.      I built this home 10 years ago.
My daughter Beth took this photo
and looking at it
I remember the wonderful size of all of the plants.   A portion of some of these plants
are in my garden at this time by the woods.

As an experiment put this home on the market and it sold in 3 weeks.
I took this to mean I was to move to Nashville and live near my children, did not take long
to realize I did not like the big city and the constant hum of vehicles.
My son moved to Thailand
and I put this home on the market, recession time and took months to sell.
 I immediately set out to build
a small home on country property which I had kept
after selling my much loved old farm house.

10 years old and the thought arises often
how long can I continue to do what I am doing.
I answer the thought with
"as long as I can."

Blooming at this time
Red Peony....

Monday, May 4, 2015

18 Year Memory

My youngest
now 18 year anniversary.
Remember so well...

Remember the harp playing
as she walked down the stone steps
her dress blowing in the slight breeze.

Took my mother who was living at that time
in a wheel chair and she watched
the wedding from a window.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Sunny May, Spinach Soup, Good DVD amd a Memory

Beautiful sunny May day
An at home day
Made cream of Spinach soup for the first time
tried to duplicate what I tasted at restaurant 2 weeks ago
pretty good - topped with Gruyere cheese.

First DVD
in a while I could watch with interest this afternoon.
At first sad and I thought I will have to turn off
but soon was exciting....

"Philomena" with Judy Dench - 2013

Journalist helping mother look for her now grown
son who was given up for adoption as as a toddler at
Catholic home.
In the end
seems like Catholic home lied to her as she was
searching - about records
of this young unwed mother
and did not tell her that her son had been there
trying to locate her - his mother.    Later his body returned
to be buried in the cemetery at this Catholic home
where he was born to a young unwed mother.

Made me wonder about a lot
but will not share....

Also almost felt guilty
just sitting still for a while.
Image taken
2 years ago
on this very day...

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Yesterday Morning Followed My Heart

Early morning
2 loads of wash,
breakfast and
planned on going to market,
 but instead picked up hoe
I thought for 15 minutes.
 1 and 1/2 hours later
sun shining, slight breeze,
hoeing weeds and I notice many
plants have increased in size.
I may have lost my Larkspur, love this plant
 bought two large in containers at Lowe's last summer,
put stakes by them so I would know where are and no sign of life.
No sign of life in what was a bed of Chives near some herbs.

Cosmos are finally surfacing and wonder about the poppy seeds
that Charlotte sent me last fall.   Spider Lilies surface end of May
so maybe a lot more to arise out of the soil.
Clematis, Bleeding Heart and the Wild Phlox I dug up in the woods are blooming.

Look at the buds on Iris and Peonies
and Hosta's moved from city home
are huge.

Time to go pick up the mail, then lunch on the sunny deck with vegetable soup I made,
sliced avocado, cheese and crackers and the last wedge of Rum cake out of freezer.

Guess busy part of day ended for this one
and need to bake again soon.

When you stay busy with projects
the mind is not so active.....

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Arrived Safely

Finally able to settle once again into my world.

Email of safe arrival

Cooler weather by the woods for several days.

Reading "Two Treasures"  thich nhat hanh

Guess we keep learning until the end
years ago I thought by this age
much had been learned
not so....

Favorite picture of 3 of my children

poison ivy in the middle of my Red Bee Balm plant
yesterday :)
Sure do not need this....

Monday, April 27, 2015

Thankful For This Time

Safe travel wishes going forth.

From a Life's Little Treasure Book On Joy
given to me by dear deceased friend "Balisha" last December.

Remember that
what you give
will afford you
more pleasure than
what you get.

Jimmy, you gave so much to your family
on this 2015 April visit
to your mama's home

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Memory Photo

This one with children in Jamaica
Son being held by father
older grandchildren at young age
and then a little older.

One soon to be over the water.
Have enjoyed this time so very much
he left nothing undone, spent time with everyone
no one left out but wished my oldest daughter
and grandchildren could have been with us.
Not accustomed to someone washing dishes,
holding door for me and pouring my tea.

Good memories

A cloudy day
but sun soon to shine.

Life goes on....