Sunday, September 28, 2014

Chinese Poetry

Always one who loved books and enjoys reading.

But never in my lifetime
until recently
did I read Chinese poetry.
If anyone had mentioned it to me
I would have replied
"not interested."
Never in anyway have I related to Chinese culture.

What has happened over the last 6 years
I find such peace reading and can relate
to much these poems share.

They share of  those who want
a simpler lifestyle.
This one started on this journey years ago

A journey I began and still on that journey
and most likely will never arrive.
Seems I started with a lot baggage, emotional
 and things
from other lifestyles.

These poems share of those who go into
the isolated beautiful mountains and live so simply.

Over a number of weeks, in the evening I pick up
a new book I recently ordered
"The Mountain Poems of Stonehouse"  translation by Red Pine.

Page after page is underlined and when I read of their simple lifestyles
it seems in my heart I relate and it is like a blanket of peace has dropped over me.

I thank my son for introducing me to this type of poetry.  Years ago and now
he sometimes sends his mama a special poem and I would look up to see where
it came from. Sometime I would find it among his collection of Chinese poetry books.
  I began to go through his books here in this cottage 5 years ago
"he has quite a library"   and discovered many Chinese Poetry books.
Reading them always has been enjoyable to me.

Also, this would never have happened if my son had not moved part of the year
to Thailand, writes me weekly such incredible emails that encourage me
as I continue to learn at this late stage of life
Also his belongings are in this cottage in his room.

Over the last years I have ordered some of the books for my own library  but included in the
stacks of favorite books by my reading chair are many of his books.

In these last years
there have been so many
One of them acquiring a computer in my 70's,
writing a journal and that I am drawn too
Chinese Poetry....

"Advancing or retiring grasping or letting go
people all have their own ways
Heaven and Earth let me be lazy
profit and fame put others to work
gulls sleep on piers with their backs to the sun
swallows build nests above house beams
misled by passion distracted by things
they remain unaware of the Master of Emptiness"

and I wish for this :)

"Now that I am old nothing disturbs me
I'm asleep on my cot before the sun sets
dreaming and wondering who I am
until the new moon lights the peach blossoms

After meditation I chant a Cold Mountain Poem
after dinner I brew grain-rain tea
and when some feeling lingers I can't express
I take a basket across the ridge and gather vine flowers"

Saturday, September 27, 2014


Flax seed waffles
with maple syrup
green tea
A candle burning
a good way to begin another beautiful day....

Friday, September 26, 2014

She Said

Yes, the cashier said  "you did good"
Morning errands and a stop a Lowe's
in my pocket a coupon that if I spent $50
I would get $10 off :)
So there were a few things I needed
and purchased a few items I was thinking of.

5 bags of River Gravel to put around the burning pit
and maybe it will eliminate the grass that constantly
grows between concrete stepping stones.
Less expensive then pouring concrete
like originally planned.
Notice that my high school helper
sure did make a perfect circle...
When my little girls visit
now that Fall has arrived
we will cook marshmallows..

It seems whenever I plant tulips that the squirrels eat them
and they do not last long.
Planning on planting some in pots this year.
So purchased yellow and red tulips and some purple crocus.

Bought some stick on hooks for closet and kitchen,
a garden spray that is the good kind and hopefully will eliminate
some of the pest on my much loved turnip greens.
Then I spotted something I had not seen before for my garage opener
that is now squeaking.  I had read "do not use silicone" and this was not silicone.

I was adding in my head my purchases and spotted a Wood Wash by Liquid Gold.
Their polish is used on the old old furniture and might try this.

The thought arises that I have probably spent $49.98 and coupon not good.

Surprise, it rang us $50.49 and the young woman smiled and said " you did good"
and I smiled also.

So now lunchtime
made tuna salad yesterday and will finish today.
Bought some fresh red and green lettuce and oh how I wish they would not saturate
it with water.   Even after spinning and drying it deteriates fast and I do not eat a lot
of lettuce.  Bought a small tomato and I do not like to buy tomato's as I never have
as they were always growing and I was sharing.   I surely miss my small garden and
vow next year no matter how I feel a small garden will be planted.....

Enough shared of my early morning visit to the local city
yesterday morning.

I am so sorry if what I shared yesterday upset anyone.
I do not discuss a lot of issues
but found this interesting and felt so sorry for this young man.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mornings With Tolstoy

Something that I am reading
my daughter sent to me
it speaks to me
and maybe you

After reading who this is coming from
I have nothing ever to complain about....

I read day 1, day 2 and day 3
pull them up
if you like....

I was reminded of Tolstoy
after reading these words and was going to order
the book
"A Calendar of Wisdom"
from Amazon

and then remembered:)  it is on my bookshelf

My book dated
almost 10 years ago
and time to read these meaningful daily thoughts once again....

Like most of my books
it is underlined on many pages.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Finally and Company

Yes finally able to pick a small serving of my turnip greens,
served with sliced hard boiled egg and crisp bacon crumbled on top.
Corn bread coming out of oven.
So Good...

I would not buy at the market
as they are the size of your hand or bigger.
Like to pick when they are not much  bigger
then a silver dollar and I can pick enough for one.
  Did buy some very small
turnips as mine will not be ready for weeks.

Over the weekend
my daughter, soninlaw and grandson
made a visit and so good to see them.
Standing in a small area in the woods
that I am clearing and calling it
my son's park...
Was just not up to driving to the big city
and attending my soninlaws parents 60th anniversary.
Pictures sent to me of my youngest daughter, young granddaughter's and grandson's
attendance there.

I have so many blessings
and did something yesterday that kept me awake all night.
Unloading groceries in an area I usually do not use
and looked up and there was stood an unfamiliar young man and Callie had not even barked.
He needed work
and I told him to return this morning.
He did, I worked with him
and am ashamed of myself for being judgemental.
My middle daughter knew I was using this person
and could not reach me by phone as I did not realize it was off.
So she sent the sheriff
who quickly scolded me for using someone I did not know to help me.
The world is not like it used to be
and usually am very careful.
Glad he pulled up as the young man was leaving
and who knows the impact it may have had on him.
I surely paid for my mistake with a sleepless night.

We did accomplish a lot this morning
and so good to have some of my usual energy restored
and it might be in part to the cooler weather.
 I worked with him and was very tired when he left.

May I in the future
use the wisdom
I know I possess....

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

So True

Throughout life, the mind evolves by interacting and learning.
Your thinking actually decides your age better than your biological age
and it wouldn't be wrong to say that
aging really, is a state of mind.....

something I read from a special person - Suranga
on her site Gappa -

And another one

We are what we think
All that we are arises with our thoughts.....