Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Happiness is..Help, New Pain Relief and Book...

Receiving an email
showing Jamie's welcome at her new job.
That's my girl :)
3 Piles of limbs burned
and yesterday a 4th gathered to be burned soon.
This is the way it is when you tidy area in the old woods close to your cottage.
Some say "just leave it" but not yet.
Young man called "no school today, can I help you with anything"
I replied come in the afternoon as doctor appointment in the morning,

Thank you Peyton....

Not many young people want to work anymore.

Sad that my special therapist last day today.   Will miss Arthur but can reapply in 3 weeks.

Gift from a friend and so highly recommended,   Took one pill after lunch and will take another
one soon.   Hopefully this helps since I have tried so many things.   Curamin
and do have a shaker that I sprinkle on some food, but this is much stronger.  Also a book that
I will begin to read.    Thank you, Trish,,,,
Warm but cloudy and rain is approaching and cooler weather.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Morning By The Woods

I pick up my camera
On the mat for 15 minutes as Callie watches me -- 1 lb hand weights & phone always near by....
I keep having thoughts of a book I read 10 years ago and find it after much searching, a reminder that my
books need to be better organized.  So many from from helpful, novels and my many of poetry
an interest that came about when my son moved to Thailand 10 years ago and began to share
quotes to me, never thought I would enjoy Chinese poetry as much as my Mary Oliver books.

Day is going by quickly will share no more.   Breakfast of waffle, fruit, green tea and son just called.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

So Good....

Just finished enjoying Jamie's chicken recipe

Posted recipe 2/17  Had most of ingredients and picked up spinach, rotisserie chicken and mushrooms, yesterday and I always change recipes, used white onion and no fresh herbs as did not freeze
in cubes last year (will this year as love fresh herbs from my pots) used dried ones which I do not like to use but added some flavor....

This is a winner.....and will have tomorrow also. (which is today Sunday)
So healthy with spinach, mushrooms, chicken, artichokes, tomato, olives
and much more.
Will be making many times as this one does not find a lot that she really likes.
This will be good in Spring and Summer months, especially with crusty Tuscany bread  from Provence in Nashville (my son will take me when he arrives in weeks to come) and a slice
of fresh Mozzarella Cheese

Kitchen is a mess and had difficulty retrieving Balsamic Vinegar from way back in lower cabinet.
Keep having someone help me reorganize staples where I can reach them.   If I get down on the floor
have difficulty getting up :)
Day begins
and the son of someone who occasionally helps me called and is coming this morning for a few
hours.   Will have him tackle some weeds surfacing and clean garage.

Saturday, February 18, 2017


I wake really early, like 4:00 AM, like seeing the day begin and it is happening earlier. I open the blinds and get back in bed for a short time.  I love this time of morning...

This morning as daybreak begins I view barren fields and it is warm but sprinkling rain.
Wonder why these pale green walls look gold color in this image taken at day break.

Remember my first days in this cottage, one of my young granddaughter's spent the first night
with me.   There was nothing at the windows and I liked it and there was very little furniture
as home in Nashville still on the market and it was furnished for showing.

I liked the almost empty rooms and nothing at the windows where the fields and woods were
viewed by this one.

Last week a visit to rheumatologist and she had no new recommendations and would not do
blood work.  She said oncologist would do this Monday.   Just the word oncologist
gives me an uneasy feeling.    Dr. Means is so nice and caring and want to see if inflammation
level is normal and probably not with the severe arthritis.  She will check protein level in blood.    I do like that she always gives me
advice about a lot of things.    So will go Monday even though I do not want to.

Thinking seriously of not going to doctors anymore and continue following my good diet, exercise all I can
and trying to have positive thoughts and even though not like in the past, some quality of life.

Looking forward so much for my son's visit from Thailand in weeks to come.

Enough shared on this rainy day and need to do paperwork and continue checking on mattress
issue.   I was told it could be exchanged after 30 days, just do not like that I cannot reach them
by phone.

Notified that one so talented passed away yesterday at 94.  God Bless him, over the years he helped
me with 4 homes, so many memories surfaced.  He helped with home where older children grew up
and then when we moved to the massive home in Nashville, then when I bought the old farm house
and ideas with another home.   When you grow ancient, so many memories and many you would like to delete like you can with the computer but the mind is not that way :(  Like that there will be a small family gathering
in his garden  I like this and what I want with just my children and grandchildren....

Friday, February 17, 2017

Mattress and Recipe

I ordered my new mattress online
it arrived on time and my helper said his parents would like my old one.
It looked like new but probably 15 years old and needed a low profile box springs to lower
mattress so I could get into my bed easier.

Well, I thought all mattresses were the same and I learned differently.
My old mattress is 7 inches high and the new one 10 inches high.
Have not heard from my 4 emails stating I want to exchange this mattress for a lower one.
So now one more problem to solve....

Jamie, sent me this simple recipe recently, going to prepare tomorrow for the weekend
and will half for just me,  Always change recipes, do have artichokes and olives on hand

At the market this morning bought fresh spinach, mushrooms and a cooked rotisserie
Unusually warm at 70 degrees today,  Sat on deck for my lunch.   Theraphy stops next week,
saddens me but do not need another accident to have it continue.   Balance horrible and I am
careful and pain stays but have so much to be thankful for....

Remember - Sunshine and Love makes us all stronger,,,,

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Simple and Easy

At the market yesterday, green peppers were 2 for $1.

So just now in the oven a simple meal of
stuffed green peppers with cooked ground beef,  chopped tomato,  rice with onions, peppers and corn.
Topped with Cheddar cheese and will be good in a short time and also tomorrow
Another warm day.

Oldest granddaughter's skiing with friends, Jessica is the one in black,
their helmets look like they are from outer space.
Growing up in Michigan, can remember well my skiing, ice skating and walking 3 long blocks
down the middle of the street when walks were covered with snow.  This was easier since some did not shovel the
snow off of their walk.   I walked this many times as I got off the big bus and was on the way home from working at the
corporate office of Ford Motor Company at 18 years of age.

Do not miss that weather at all and today it is 60 degrees once again.

Sure is strange weather for February...

Friday, February 10, 2017


I pick up a little book, dated 1995.
A book I heard about years ago from Pastor Sandy Sterban at Cornerstone Church
in Madison, Tennessee.
This church and Sandy spoke in a way that my thirsty soul and broken heart needed.

I look through the pages, most underlined and notes by this one.  I come to February 10th
17 years ago and read the words that my mother passed away on that day.  It was a bitter cold
and windy snow flake day for the graveside service with a closed casket.

So ashamed that I had forgotten and so many memories have been arriving all day.
I was born in my grandmother's bed to my 18 year old mother.
Good times were few and far between as this one born at the end of the depression and no work
was to be found for my father.  They headed to Michigan where my growing up years were
spent and was able to return to Tennessee after I married.
Will leave it at that as so many stories and could not have made it without my
much loved paternal grandmother who brought me back to Tennessee during the summer
months from the huge apartment building where not a blade of grass could be seen.
Guess this is the reason I have loved my nature retreat over the years....

I still miss my mother
and think we always do when we lose them

My mother at 17 and father at 22 on their wedding day - 4 weeks after they had met :)
told her mother that if she did not sign for them to be married they would run away :)
A picture of my mother and her sister at a young age
Look at those dresses :)