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Thursday, September 21, 2017

So Good

A long tiring day
do not feel like cooking or eating

what would have treated house guest too tonight
I will treat myself too
sliced apple, grapes, sesame crackers, olives,  Munster cheese and the best creamy Blue Cheese
from Italy that I have ever tasted,

A small glass of Rose (diluted) hopefully will help me sleep tonight.  Has been suggested
and never tried.

Also a new Dark Chocolate with Ginger

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

All is Well

Thank you to many who checked on me with comments and emails.

All is well
Have been dealing with continual Arthritis pain, severe balance issue and trying new ways, learning and adapting.

Love Italy, never the opportunity to visit but read much that I find enjoyment reading about
that land
just finished reading, something different then my normal reading
When I bought this sale flower for deck did not realize it bloomed, so pretty
Disappointed but understand the visit I was expecting this week from daughter in Tampa will not happen, still taking care of damage from storm and expecting granddaughter really not energy in
her arriving 6 months with teaching and tutoring,  It will happen at a better time.

Weather is beautiful and read a beautiful colored Fall is expected.

Cortisone shot in knee, dislike them and they frown when I say "I think they are injecting poison into
my system:) Told that with pain I now experience that knee surgery not a good idea and 82 not a good

Did not like when my helpful therapist and injecting doctor asked me "what are your plans"
took me a moment to answer "no plans just carry on with exercise, good diet, meditate, prayer.
doing all I can with thankfulness.

Very fortunate a good mind, maybe too good still thinking she can do like 5 years ago and in mind
feel 10 or more years younger.   Maybe not a good mind I have :)

Enough shared, need to get on the mat, needed to write so all who think of me would know
life goes on in this cottage....

Friday, September 8, 2017

A New Day

A beautiful sunny noon.

Daughter from Tampa visiting Cape Cod making rehearsal dinner plans for my
grandson's wedding next summer.
Never in a million years thought she could not travel back to her home in Tampa (:

So much sadness going on in our world..

Bought this item last January after a fall, never used it and really hoped I never
would have too.

A flair up of arthritis, balance, colon problem and taking strong antibiotic for bladder infection.

Doing all the best doctor in the world tells me to do

and hope this condition is better soon...

On a lighter note

my friend Lana
has 3  new baby goats :)

When my expecting granddaughter visits soon
she wants to go see them..

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

How Can This Be Possible

grandma, looks back over 15 years
and now, you saved your money, a good buy on a car and you will be driving next year
how can 15 years go by so quickly...

Fall Blooms Beginning

Early morning, like 5:30
I walk onto the screen porch
the scent is heavenly
never disappoints

First vine planted 8 years ago
 among the Clematis
and one on trellis by the woods.
Seems through the month's I forget about this one a Fall Poinsettia
the first time I spotted it was 40 years ago in an elderly neighbor's garden (I was so close too)Miss Robbie, she shared many plants with me through the years.
They have traveled with me from home to home over the years.  Noticed a lot of these in the
compost pile and need to bring them closer to my cottage - I thank you and miss you Robbie.
Sedum, have 3 colors and takes year to become this size

A new mum
Notice Fall purple Aster is beginning to bloom, so showy by mailbox, along the drive
and several among other plants.   Every Spring I dig up a portion and plant it somewhere else.
Have seen this plant in yellow and may try to find online....

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Feels Like Fall

Wonderful weather
was able to get a 8:30 dental appointment, seems another crown came off.
Since my dentist is  half way to Nashville and fortunate to have a driver we headed for Nashville.
(I no longer am comfortable driving the hour long drive in heavy traffic or the area's I liked to visit in years past) Not the Nashville I have known for almost 60 years, lived there for a while two different times
and liked it. Yesterday on the road viewing new buildings arising on every street, cranes high in the air,
traffic is horrible.  Many high rise condo's being built
 on property that was considered less then desirable
in past years.   Every inch of land is being built on, new restaurants, shops  on every corner,  I have the thought
where are all of these people arriving from.  I do know Nashville in the past  has been an economical location
but not anymore.  I believe many relocating from California, Foreign investors .  Past homes
 lived in prices have tripled and maybe more, taxes also.

Two small shops in a quiet area I wanted to visit and was pleased that I found what I was looking for
two large baskets to hold over 40 years of pictures, many past on to children and some now copied on my computer. Now images are down loaded from camera to computer - so easy and convenient.

Most of my pictures fit in these containers along with albums, some in another conainer also wanted a basket to place by
door when family visits, most take their shoes off
Spotted this wooden box and it looks like my rural cottage.
T.J.Max never disappoints me and good prices.

It is so nice when my son visits and go to many of the newer eating places.  Will have to wait until then.

While checking online yesterday saw a recipe for Corn Chowder and it reminded me of an old
recipe from my favorite Aunt Lucille, she past it on to me and noticed the recipe card dated 2003.
It is simmering on the stove with a few changes after reading the online recipe.
Lucille is where my Banana Bread recipe came from, enjoyed for years and my daughter's now bake.

Chopped potato, celery, onion, carrots are simmering
I reduce the recipe for me and enough for 2 days
when these are soft add a small can of drained cream corn
small can of regular corn that is drained
1 cup of milk
1 cup of shredded cheese
some garlic - s & p
and the main difference was
black beans and I added a cup

when done and serving
I add chopped bacon and a dollop of sour cream.

You figure how much you want to make
I add and delete along the way....

Corn bread would be good with this but do not feel like turning the oven on as the temperature is rising.
Smells so good and have corn chips and my sweet tea
and this is all I need.

Soups are so easy and nutritious for me and soon will be making several times a week.

Evenings I read, many of my old books, sometimes I do not read the whole book but look at all of the
many passages I have underlined and dated  - find it interesting.

My youngest daughter, years ago told me she did not like reading my books because they seemed
like my diary with everything I underlined, dated and sometimes wrote comments:)

Still weary today from busy day yesterday
just the way it is...

Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Way It Is


"a diamond is a chunk of coal
that did well under pressure"

New header I took a couple of years ago
saw it looking out the window as I sat in an old chair - rocked my son and youngest daughter  in,
retrieved my camera
and got the shot :)

Another crown came off an hour ago
will be reapplied soon
only have 3 but seems dry mouth and gums (schogrens) contribute to this
do not like this..

Beautiful cooler weather
like 62 degrees this morning
helper a few hours this morning
and washed some windows.

Everything I did in the Fall
in years past
was done in a week
not any more
now takes a month or longer with a little help.
So much I want to go over, organize and clean
hopefully done in October.

Oldest daughter arriving for a couple of days in September
arriving with her my first granddaughter that is expecting her first baby
in December
a boy :)
I want to talk to him
so he knows his great grandmother...

Baked Zucchini bread, 3 loaves, one for me and two in the freezer
hopefully one will remain for daughter - along with blueberry bread and want to
bake pumpkin bread and maybe banana.

When it is cool
I love to bake
what,s different, it takes forever
and a big mess
what use to take  1 1/2 hours
now takes 3 hours or more
also like to iron and upstairs on the loft
ironing board has been brought out of the storage room
and is piled high with ironing.

Also a basket with hand sewing that I do not do well :)
but no one turning up hems to look at my stitches
everything is too long for me...

Oh my mother was a seamstress ( I took her my sewing and have many of her quilts
and each child and grandchild has one)
her mother and grandmother all sewed beautifully
talent not passed on to me
or I think
my daughter's :)

With age everything changes
but not my reading, love my books with a passion
do not want the new thing you sit and read
I want a book I can feel and keep close by
they surround my old chair, on my nightstand, can live without much
but not my books, good home cooked food and my garden to look at and flowere I grow inside
image taken 13 years ago

Life's simple pleasures
are the best....