Monday, June 29, 2015

The Way It Is

Blueberry Cranberry bread is cooling
in the little pans that are over 50 years old
and look it !   Many have asked me where did I get this size
which I like better then 2 large loaf pans or one large stem pan.
Cannot even remember but they have been well used and so easy
to freeze a couple of loaves and always one to give to someone.
I look at the clock and think where has the morning gone?
Up by 5:00, watered flowers, dead headed lillies, pulled some weeds, fed Callie, fresh water in humming bird feeders, 2 loads of wash,
called school boy help-not available he is going to camp, other help cannot reach
but when he is needy a call will be received,
computer, baking and late breakfast of frozen waffle covered with blueberries, banana,
little maple syrup, 2 cups of green tea, handful of supplements and now I am back on
computer sharing and wondering who in the world wants to read of my life ?

Now off of the dreaded Prednisone which has been a journey of high and low doses for
8 years.  My RN daughter shared about her good luck with Celebrex.   I asked for a prescription
last week to have on hand, the low dose and when pain is difficult I have been taking one after
late lunch and so far works for 6 to 8 hours.

Because of living at the edge of the woods there is mildew covering all most everything.
Sometimes I will use bleach but past that now so put in a call for someone to lightly pressure
wash deck, porches, walks, etc.   Do not want to strip the paint, then I remember it has been
5 years since all of this was new.   Helper said he was busy now and would call soon, told him to come anytime
when he was not busy with his grass cutting.  Also downspouts are now plugged.

There was a time that everything was done on my time table, seemed I was important, not anymore, just so I know
someone will eventually be here is excepted by this one.   This is the crew that came the end of last November.
They were excellent, all the leaves were blown in the woods, vast amount of clean up which was
so reasonable with a crew of 5 men.  Everything looked so nice when they left can remember
crying...   Tight budget also a concern at this time and do all
I can physically  but much I can no longer do.   Gardening, cooking, writing, reading, just home maintenance,  occasional family visits and guess that is what takes up most of my time.   I smile when I remember my youngest granddaughter asking me
"grandma, what do you do for fun"  guess this is it.

This is where I want to live  but when I made this decision 6 years ago never thought about
 extra maintenance of living by the woods.  Really thought it would not matter, wanted a natural look
but it does matter to me even though I am not as fussy as when I lived in neighborhoods
of the past years.

Enough shared as day continues.   Sunny at the moment and rain later today.

Sunday, June 28, 2015


At 5:00 this morning
62 degrees outside
how wonderful.
7:45 trip to Lowe's, mulch on sale 5 bags for $10.   Bought 10 bags, gravel and could not resist
2 yellow plants that were half price.   Will add some sunshine to my garden.
Hopefully several hours help next week to unload my much loved old truck,
past years I did this but no longer.

Chicken breast simmering for chicken salad and planning on enjoying this cooler sunny weather
predicted for the next week.

Unwrapping New York Times and local Tennessean for an afternoon of reading.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Oh Happy Day

I heard the noise
and then looked outside and saw the dust.
Pleased as rain is suppose to arrive this afternoon.  Maybe they will finish planting Soybeans.

Always the fussy one, keeping everything so groomed, love doing this.
Now property on either side of me and it use to be mine but sold and grass is so high and not tidy.
Trying to have the mindset
does it really matter?

The land I live in - is between these 2 properties.   Old farmhouse on
one side that I sold when Jamie had graduated from college and no longer lived with me and on the other side another time I left and returned once again  is a home I built.  First owner the one I sold it too
she sold and moved last year,  kept it looking like a park and  not that way now...   my age and wanted to return to her home
in Rhode Island and I thought about her much this past Winter with it being so very cold.

At this time in my life
have all I can take care of and so pleased
that when I thought 12 years ago I would never return to this land
that I kept these acres.
For the last almost 6 years this smaller home, land and woods are my life  and love it here.

Have tried it all, much not shared but once had thoughts of
 moving to another land by the ocean,
tried the small city and the big city.    Hopefully this is where I stay with ashes
spread in these woods in time.

Then I have the thought
is there another life out there for me.
What a dreamer I am....
one always with the mindset of thinking
she could do anything.

Thursday, June 25, 2015


I have always loved words and in years past would sit with the dictionary or Thesaurus
and read like a novel, did the same with cookbooks.
A memory surfaced this afternoon as I picked up my aging Thesaurus, inside written
1980 from Jimmy.  It was a year he did not have the money to buy his mama a Christmas present
and he gave me this book, one I used often and it was his book.  He may not even remember doing this 35 years ago...
Earlier today
I put these words in my notebook

"Stepping into evening is the best way to Praise the day"     Dawes...
found visiting "Letters from a Hill Farm"
and another new word "kindfulness" may we all practice towards one another....
from www.

Simple fare, wanted to make corn bread but should have at dawn as it was too hot his afternoon
to turn on oven.  I will make it early in the morning and have with leftovers.
Cooked fresh turnip greens, black eyed peas and a hard boiled egg.   Simple but healthy.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

On Another Hot Day

Second meal assembled
bed of mixed greens, cucumber, tomato, asparagus, bacon and topped it with a fresh country egg,
s and p and a drizzle of olive oil with my sweet tea (which I had not made in weeks.)
Yesterday appointment with doctor with good news and bad news but then what I already knew.
I was hoping with all of my good habits this health issue would just disappear.
All blood work wonderful but Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sjogrens,etc - is not going to go away and will probably become worse as
time goes by.  So I must take pain medication prescribed (which I have not been doing) for the
pain and no sleep nights. Was told to continue the healthy lifestyle I lead but be careful and do not fall.     I will continue yoga, good nutrition, more rest. gardening, walking and continue onward.   I will continually share that I am so thankful that the level of what I am
experiencing did not begin until age 77.   So I have so much to be thankful for...

After appointment market stop purchasing - 1 tomato, cucumber, sweet onion, mixed greens, asparagus,turnip greens,
cherries, fresh mozzarella cheese, yogurt, oranges, bananas, 1 mango, almond milk and some yogurt bars -  headed back to the country.

I might add that some doctors have suggested new treatments
Having no part of them with their side affects, cost and no improvement.
This is what it is
and I am not 50 years of age...
So happy
I have a good mind...

Monday, June 22, 2015

Pear Tree

This pear tree was planted 3 years ago
first year about 10 pears and I was so pleased
last year - no pears.
The end of a busy day outside, probably did more then I should
but as long as I pace myself have the thoughts this is good for me.

Came inside and decided to go back outside with cane in hand
and walk down the drive where the pear tree is planted.

Oh my there must be 50 pears on the tree and hopefully they
stay on the tree and will make pear preserves this Fall with
the 100 year old recipe my mother gave me years ago from her elderly neighbor.
Guess it does not
take much
to make
this One Woman

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Paper, Fungi and Poison Ivy

Once again  my Friday, N.Y. Times was not in the drive.
Called and customer service reported it differently because this morning
Friday and Saturday arrived - so pleased.
Yesterday after returning from trip down the gravel drive to pick  up mail

noticed something different at edge of the woods by my flowers
I thought some type of wild flower
since I am continually sowing seeds.

Here they are
such a pretty color
and they covered the ground.
I continually spot unusual sizes and shapes of Fungi -  but never this color before.
A beautiful Coral.. one of my favorite colors.

Time was spent on this very hot afternoon chopping Poison Ivy out of my very large bed of
Red Bee Balm.   Decided to make the garden in back not as deep, move my prize flowers
and the others just cut down.  Goal to make this bed so thick there is no room for weeds.

Clothes off and in wash, bath and Poison Ivy
hope you did not get me..

A soft rain fell all last night
wonderful and all of windows open at the moment.
This is a gift
because the hot weather continues tomorrow...