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Thursday, August 26, 2010


I had a bad fall about 2 hours ago. I am alright. Have a black eye and cheekbone is real swollen and black and blue.

I was re potting a plant by my terrace and it is on a slight slope. I was bending over and I went totally forward and fell on my face. Stunned me for a few minutes and I was quite shaken.

I have some vertigo and must have lost my balance.

The tears finally stopped. This frightened me. I love my home in the woods and this has made me more aware that I need to be careful. Cell phone always in pocket and Miss Callie sat beside me looking at me. If her eyes could have spoke - she was wondering what happened to her mistress.

I am so thankful I did not break anything. My shoulder, neck, arm, wrist and hand are sore. I am putting ice on my face and getting ready to eat some cabbage soup that has been simmering. After eating I will take a couple of Motrin.

It has left me so aware how easily an accident can happen and how easily someone can break a bone.


sallysmom said...

Please, please be careful. Keep that cell phone battery charged.

Balisha said...

Oh, Ernestine...I hope that you are OK, Our balance is not good as we age. We have to be so much more careful...carrying your cell phone is a good idea.Do you regularly call someone each day to just check in? I work in my woods and when Joe is gone, he wants me to take my cell with me. Sometimes I just don't bother, but this accident of yours reminds me to be more careful. Take care, Balisha

lilalia said...

What a shock and painful incident it must have been. A women I know that lives in relative seclusion, has a armband that she just has to press on to have the local helpers come. Doctors suggested this because when one falls confusion and pain doesn't always let you figure out who to call. I'm so glad you were in good enough shape two hours after the incident to write. Keep good care of that eye.

One Woman's Journey said...

sallyamom, Balisha, lilalia - thank you for commenting..

Tabor said...

I am learning from you. For some reason as we age our balance gets less sure. I have been trying to keep this at bay by doing aerobics (getting blood to the brain and inner ear) and free weights (keeping strength in my upper body) and yoga (keeping balance throughout.) I am sure your were so frightened at first thinking all kinds of changes would be made. Glad every bone is fine...I worry about concussion when you are alone. Perhaps if this happened again you should call someone and have them check on you in an hour by phone to make sure there is no concussion.

One Woman's Journey said...

Tabor, I do the same things you are doing for strength and balance and guess that is why I have never broke a bone. Just want to have the gift of wisdom for these last years. Anyone that is around me always tells me to "slow down"

Laura said...

I'm glad you are ok. Falling alone is really scary. I hope your swelling goes down soon and that you aren't in too much pain. Falls are a concern for me because of MS, and the most important thing to remember (and clearly you did) is NOT to panic...(ok admittedly, I tend to do that a bit at first..mainly because of the shock of hitting the ground!) But then I calm my breath and focus and manage to crawl some place (like toward a large piece of furniture where I can pull myself back up-not an option when you are outside however. Yesterday I had a "help I've fallen and I can't get up!" moment too...although, not an actual fall (I more or less slid down the wall like butter in a hot pan because I just didn't have the energy to stand any more and at that moment even crawling was more than I could manage on my own)...I called out and one of my daughters helped me back up from the floor. Keeping your cell with you is great advice! I never think to do that in the house...and soon the girls will be back to school and my husband will be trying to make it into the office more this fall (as opposed to working from home as much as he had to in the past year)

Now I just have to make sure I'm always wearing something with pockets!!! Thanks for this post, you really made me think!

One Woman's Journey said...

Dear Laura, you are in my prayers this early morning. Thank you for your sharing. Yes, alone and falling is not good. Blessings sent to you for this day.

Nan said...

So, so grateful you are mostly alright, Ernestine.

Sky said...

perhaps this could be considered a blessing in disguise since it raised your awareness of just how vulnerable you are now and how thoughtful planning can prevent accidents that could have much worse endings. so sorry you fell and that you have been in discomfort though. :( just glad nothing is broken and no rehab stay is required. glad you keep your cell phone with you. do take care and keep using that ice for the swelling.