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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Reading Again

Just finished "Growth of the Soil" by Knut Hamsun
a long book that I thoroughly enjoyed.
On these long past (I hope) hot days would sit for several hours reading...
My son emailed me and said I might enjoy it and Amazon's used books always offers
a good price.

Once again I read "Elizabeth von Arnim - The Solitary Summer."
Love the way she described her flower beds and because of reading once again I had to order
Sweet Peas.  I am struggling to get them to survive with the hot weather.  I want them to survive
with a passion :).
She shares that a garden would be lovely with just this one flower.
and "nature herself is untidy, and in a garden she ought to come first."

Have ordered several others that my son recommended, usually buy used from Amazon.

After reading Nan's post from "Letters from a Hill Farm"  I have ordered "Home Cooking"
by Laurie Colwin.
Vowed to order no more cook books and have decreased the many I had to just a few favorites.

After reading Nan's comments and some of the Author words, I have to have this book as the words she shared are my words.
"Unlike most people who love to to go out "I love to stay at home."
"My idea of happiness is a vacation at home, morning, my coffee and wander outside to view my garden."

I have to confess that I  have always loved to read cook books, at times in the past I would read them like you would a novel,
Page after page for some reason I enjoyed and would always pick up a new idea.
In the past would even take them on the plane to read (now I no longer travel :)

The way I have been for 40 years started at an old farm house, soon to be solo  I remodeled and
a new life began for me and my youngest daughter at that time.   The life I had always yearned for was beginning.
For this one a childhood of living in apartment buildings in Detroit, a marriage with 5 children,
4 I gave birth too and one from his other marriage,  20 years moved quickly with working, many obstacles and then freedom to become me.

Enough shared on this beautiful sunny day.  Gentle breeze blowing, have spent time on screen porch
reading and so nice to enjoy this porch.
With not many cool days have not been able to enjoy this porch for weeks...

I smile
just received instagram photo of my youngest granddaughter, sitting on the sand, looking at the ocean
playing her Ukulele :)

Maybe I should have gone with Jamie....


Candace said...

Enchanted April is one of my favorites of Elizabeth von Arnim. I have put the Knut Hamson on my reading list. I love finding books through others. :)
Funny I too read cook books just like I do novels, every page, reading each recipe. You are first person I have found to do same. I especially love old cookbooks. I just bought a vegan "Whole Plants Cookbook" despite trying to really have a just few key ones.
I love that you found the space to become you, how lovely. It is so wonderful to hear of a place and way that is so enjoyed and cherished.
Have a wonderful day, you have made mine better.

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Candace, thank you - you made the beginning of my day better also.
You have a wonderful day also....

Judy said...

I agree with all you have said. The beginning to be me, took me awhile, but now, I'm into it full time and loving it!!! I planted Sweet Peas this year--lots of vines, no flowers, as too my Morning Glories. I think my once dark green thumb is rusting out, like the rest of me.

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Judy :) - I think the weather affected everything growing here.
much did not bloom

Pienosole said...

Thinking of you this evening and hope you're enjoying a cool, refreshing one there. I'll check out the books you've mentioned. :-)

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Pienosole, I always look for your visit
you have spoiled me :)
You take care...

Wisewebwoman said...

Glad you're reading again. I can read knitting books like they were novels, lol. But my taste is usually a good psychological thriller with tension in every chapter. I,too,prefer my own company to socializing unless with close friends, alas, of which there are not too many now.


Nan said...

I do so love Laurie C. and am happy you are also a 'kindred spirit!'

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Nan, loved this book and so pleased you shared about it online :)
Hoping that one of my girls or grand girls - like it

Beverly said...

I have always loved cookbooks. When I moved I gave five boxes of books to the library. I thought I was downsizing but I have more room in this condo than I did in my house!!!!! However, I kept my. Cookbooks!!!!
I wish I could post pictures but no place in comments.
I have flowers and basil on my balcony!!!!

Joared said...

Glad you're enjoying cook books and gardening these days -- we need to feed what gives us pleasure. Interesting how after living in apt bldgs that you found living in old farm house liberating those years later and understandably so. Having spent some formative young adult years in more isolated settings, I welcomed an opportunity to be somewhere I could be exposed to more people. Many years later in my hectic crowded world I would have welcomed some of that quiet and solitude.

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Beverly, keep writing me :)
Joared, at this time love my life but do have thoughts
do I need a condo but Nashville is over priced at this time.