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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Warm Day Approaching

So nice to have air conditioner on again and some things we take for granted.
Now faucet continues to leak, washer replaced twice, so now the whole thing replaced
Nothing last like in the past, everything in this cottage is a little over 8 years old and a lot
has been replaced.

Finally grass cut today, new help so good, but mower broke 10 days ago and then he went on
vacation :(

Several friends bring me things from their gardens, when they bake and oh wonderful eggs.
A small amount is enough for two meals for this one.   Will use balance of Swiss Chard and
Kale and a small zucchini in my stir fry.

This morning a fritata with some Swiss Chard and Kale.
Thank you always Anne and Lana.
Time for breakfast
and a new day begins

Need to rest more today then busy yesterday with two 15 year olds helping me, good help
but needed to stay with them on a very hot day....

1 comment:

Marcie said...

A home takes so much maintenance, doesn't it? Frittata is one of my favorite meals. So simple and so nice to throw in fresh greens, or fresh veggies and herbs.