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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Appreciation and the Nightmare

"I think for every human being
being appreciative for daily life
is the key.

Through appreciation for everything
you are able to expand so much as a human being,
with your heart, and spirit and mind"

Sanchez Mora

The nightmare yesterday
not being able to connect to AOL.
it had disappeared....
For 6 hours talked to 6 different people,
many could not understand, 2 hung up on me
and finally with a kind person guiding me
 connected to AOL Gold.
I learn through Google
I have 4 weeks free and then a $3.99 charge per month.
Helper did not share this ?

New site is totally different
and I like things to remain the same
and over my lifetime
nothing remained the same.

So will investigate after a few days
a decision of what I will do.

I do need to not stay on computer so much
but it is very important to me along with my reading.
gardening and camera.

Can do without the television :)

Was pleased with such a horrible day
that I had cooked the day before
so had something to eat

Cabbage with onions, carrots, celery and polish sausage
and my favorite corn bread.

A wonderful cooler morning, in the 60's and to continue for a few days.

Thankful for so much in my life and realize I have to take the stressful events more calmly :)


Wisewebwoman said...

I react with stress to what you describe. All part of aging and trying to make sense of a universe racing ahead of us. I'm so glad you got it sorted and had such a lovely neal at the end of it.


My Journey To Mindfulness said...

www - it was horrible
cannot put into words
I kept thinking I will hang up and needed to find out the problem.
At times like that I have the thought
maybe no computer
just me - books, camera and Callie by the woods :)

Candace said...

Trouble with the computer is my worst nightmare, I do not know why it is so different now, years ago I was so interested and happy to try new technology. The last few years I just want the computer to let me read the news and blogs, get my email, check out book from the library, look at a few things on Youtube and research and buy what I want. All simple things but vital to my contentment, keeping me connected with the world. I feel your pain. So glad you got it fixed. I agree with you I can do without t.v. but not books or computer.

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Candace, were alike :)

Tabor said...

Wish you had a trust-worthy computer person near you to help. Sometimes it is just glitches in the system. It can be tremendously annoying. I know that churches sometimes had a computer helper for elderly folks like us.

Rebecca said...

"Serenity" is what I long to achieve - It's been in the front of my mind over the past week. Call it serendipity that I titled a blog post with the word a week ago and spent a good part of the last two days a book that (unexpectedly) contains the word or forms thereof MANY times. (I'm getting the message!)

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Tabor, I usually figure out or wait until family arrives :)
no such help offered in this rural community

Rebecca, I hear you
think we all want this as time goes by.
Do not know if my children or grandchildren
ever think of this with their busyness.
Slow down if you can. You have a responsibility with your father with you.
So kind you are - no offer will come my way :)

Beverly said...

Hi Ernestine! I am so glad you are feeling better, it seems like you do. I have moved to high rise condominiums. I could not take care of broken down House or yard. So now I see people everyday and it is like a big family. Love that you write your blog.

Judy said...

I know a lot about computers--or at least I did a few years ago. Their workings seem to get more complicated as we go along. I DETEST having computer problems. Last week my cable system was down for 4 hours, which meant, no Internet, no TV, no phone, as they are all bundled together. I missed my Soap!!!! Then I realized that even though the cable system was down, the TV and DVR still worked, so I put in a DVD and watched a movie and crocheted.
I need a new computer with more storage, could get one for $375.00 total, but---scared to take that out of my emergency account. I know, as soon as I did, I'd have an unexpected car repair or dental bill. HAH!

PatK said...

I can achieve serenity until suddenly my computer doesn't work and I find myself in a world I don't understand. I don't know why I suddenly descend into stress because in the end there is always some patient person at the end of a 'chat' or phone. I don't know how they remain so calm with this panicked person at the other end. I should learn to stay calm knowing that help will eventually come.

Oh well - if we didn't have some new skill to learn each day life would be boring.

Looking at you colorful meals is a meditation for me

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Beverly, so good to hear from you :)
I think of you often.
Please stay in touch.
Remember visiting Memphis when my oldest granddaughter was born.
I think of a condo.
but guess the woods is where I will remain....
Please stay in touch.
PatK, thank you for commenting
right there with you.
Judy, I understand...