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Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Early morning
it was 6:00 and Soybean field looks good that early in the morning.
Try to capture image of deer that visit in the evening
but so far unsuccessful.

I sit in my chair
this is where I read, pray, meditate and am reminded  of all I have to be thankful for -  as I look out this window.
Area surrrounded by books and on the right my computer with camera sitting on the desk.
Now television to the left - but rarely turn on....

Bought marinated mozzarella balls with olives at Kroger
so good - just 3 for lunch - a favorite cheese of mine.
Continue to find new and interesting items in this store as they continue to reorganize.

Purchased my Turnip Green seeds, want to find some more inexpensive containers.  A new
"somewhat junk shop" opened near by and may find something there :)

Welcome a little cooler weather
but need rain.


Tabor said...

So glad that you find such interesting food. I will be at your time in life ahead and glad that you find peace and happiness as you enter this time. We all will be there and reflection is certainly a luxury.

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Tabor, always your words are special...

joared said...

Lovely peaceful view. Appetizing looking food choices. Glad you can venture to new shop to sort through "junk" for just the right containers you want.

Pienosole said...

Peace :-) Early morning is such a special time of day, and you have a special place to experience it.

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

joared and Pienosole
thank you for visiting
heat still here
hopefully rain arrives tomorrow