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Friday, July 28, 2017


Was determined this early morning, so careful with chair and step stool to assist me,  put the phone
close by
I did it.

Was able to do yoga on the mat this morning
it felt so good
have been doing on bed every morning
but love returning to doing it on the floor.
Picked some herbs yesterday
placed in the kitchen
love the scent.

Calling for rain
not a drop so far
hoping it rains
or I will have to water.

First 6 months of this year
not good health months

Arthritus still there
but moving slowly
use cane a lot
and much seems better at the present time.

So thankful
hoping it lasts......


Tabor said...

Hurray for your successful Yoga event! So glad you are getting back around. We are supposed to get rain today but only looks gray on the river. I love the smell of fresh herbs in the kitchen and I read that trying new smells improves memory.

Wisewebwoman said...

My best news of the day. We'll done you!!


My Grama's Soul said...

Good for you....getting back on track is so important as we age gracefully.


My Journey To Mindfulness said...

mgs - thank you for visiting

joared said...

Good for you! Must be really encouraging to you as it should be. Wonderful!

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

joared, thank you...

Candace said...

Wonderful to hear of your success. So good to keep trying and fighting to regain or keep our ability, no good to give it away.:-)

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Candace, I can't give up :)