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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Heat and Ultra Sound

So hot

Deer in field in front eating the soybeans
When Jamie
was expecting my two youngest granddaughter's she listened to this CD all the time.
When visiting her I heard the music, wonderful and she bought me the CD
Cannot find
want my oldest granddaughter to have for my first  great grandchild a boy due in December
Out of date but Amazon had a few
so bought me another one and sent Jessica one :)


Rebecca said...

What a WONDERFUL gesture (the CD)..

Marcie said...

I love the idea of the CD... Especially having the different generations in your family listen to it. What a beautiful way to connect.

Judy said...

Way too hot here too.
My sister visiting Virginia for her hubs, brother's funeral, said it was 100 degrees there!
I love the idea of the CD.

Candace said...

Amazon can be such a help. Love the idea of generations listening and making memories of the same CD

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Rebecca, Marcie, Judy and Candace, thanks for visiting.
Could not find my old CD - new one arrives tomorrow.