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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Yesterday and a new Tomato

Yesterday, so much taken care of,
plumber arrived and new faucets installed in kitchen, no more catching water in bottles for Callie
and plants.
Grass man arrived, oh my the lawn looks so nice and one who helps in garden and woods
arrived for 2 hours.   Seems a continual burning pile of limbs that fall from old tree's.
A busy morning and moving very slow.

I was so tired when everyone left by 11:00 and so thankful to have all of this done.

A special blogger friend sent me this book.  She is part of a group study, nothing like that local.
I thank Mary....
I read, underlined and came to the conclusion, I am doing most suggested.  Have not fully
accepted what is going on in this ancient body,  but better then I was.   Therapist, knows me well and he shares, you have always been
very independent, doing everything yourself (miss cutting my grass now 2 years) and that has dramatically changed, please accept you
now need help and a lot you can no longer do like in the past, please move slower and do not fall.   He knows me well.

The Sunday New York Times had an interesting article on being cremated (my choice, ashes
in these gardens)   Titled "The Way I Want To Be Dead"
Jamie's fatherinlaws shared a special tomato, oh my so good
going to do research, not planting anything but if I find seeds will plant next year :)
Indigo Rose - sent for seeds and may experiment and plant a few when they arrive as investigation
tells me I can plant again this month - will see.
Usually tomato's sometimes not that good, but this one - oh my - good.

Hot weather continues and told front field will be sprayed today, hopefully will get rid of
a new type of weed that is invading  the Soybean field.

So many errands today and thinking of someone to go with me.
Never would have considered this a year ago :(


Judy said...

I need a handy-man!!!
Under my waist--those pads on either side of my spine, hurt so bad lately.
There is little that can be done for the pain. I am very tired of it!!

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

oh Judy, now in my 80's I have to some help.
Never before but want to stay in this cottage
till the end if possible :)

Candace said...

Cremation is my choice also and I am hoping for an outdoor cremation. We have a facility here in Colorado the only one in U.S. Cremation with family and friends participation(if they want)using juniper boughs and logs so you end up with about a 5 gallon bucket of ashes/fragments to be spread. I only hope it is still available when my time comes.

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Candace, Seems we have a lot in common :)