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Monday, August 7, 2017


It is raining some every day
cool mornings are a delight
and it feels like Fall.

I like seeing the turkeys every morning
the drive way will be full
and could only catch one this morning
In the process of filling some containers with seeds for turnip greens, lettuce and onions
have missed having a small garden and will try this next Spring.   Some small tomatoes
that come up yearly are green
A dream that never happened was a visit to Italy.
Just finished reading
"A Small Place in Italy" by Eric Newby
my son recommended and it was enjoyed on these rainy days.
Have always loved reading and seems I neglected it for months
so nice to do this daily - once again,

I look at images of Jamie and the girls when they visited the ocean
Amelia, playing her ukulele :)
Caitlin and a friend
Continually being sent pictures
that I look at and smile
with tears in my eyes.

So proud of everyone and time is going by too fast for this ancient one :(

School started today and these girls are the image of their mother.   I see her in them
in so many ways.   May they be like her in all ways as they continue to grow up !

My Jamie's birthday this Thursday and family will spend time with me this weekend.

My son in Thailand received a Christmas gift from Beth that was mailed December lst.
It did arrive but seems it took 8 months.   Also heard Beth, daughter - my Sarah the chef who works in Nantucket will be visiting Jimmy in Thailand - soon.

The thought
what would I do without my computer


Rebecca said...

I agree with you about computers...and about these cool days (we're enjoying them, too)!

I don't believe I have read that book about Italy. I've read several others and have a hard time remembering titles and authors. I'm going to see if I can put a hold on it at our library. I really enjoy reading real-life stories of life in Italy, Greece or Provence...

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

I agree on titles, name, etc - but I read on - anyway.

joared said...

How wonderful this technology is for communicating when our loved ones are scattered so far away from us in different places.