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Monday, July 10, 2017

Waiiting for A/C man

Cooler outside then in this cottage :)
Reminds me of when I remodeled the old farm house 40 years ago.
Between me and the outside were large sheets of plastic, no air but we made it.

3 hours later
it is on - a small battery shut the unit down.   Mail just arrive, the battery for camera arrived and
Arthur the therapist my encourager just pulled in the drive.

Weary, will stop and heat up my spaghetti made yesterday, it was so good.
Purchased at the market last week - pretty good

Image sent to grandma of Caity catching a fish and I smile, she through it back in the water.
Good girl...

enough shared at the moment....


Judy said...

Heat and humidity are hard on us old gals--glad you got the A/C fixed!!!
Remember when we were young, sleeping on those hot humid nights? Laying on top of the bed, no sheets over us, and the sweat...running off our bodies? That was awful, especially if your bedroom was upstairs, like mine. Many nights I'd sleep outside in the hammock!!! Light one of those mosquitoes coils under me and sleep the night away.

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Judy, I remember well as I slept upstairs in my childhood Detroit home.
So hot and would take a piece of ice wrapped in a napkin to bed with me :)
I left that area at age 23 with 2 babies and a husband and his child for Tennessee never to return again..