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Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Difference and Waldorf Salad

Mom is up by 5:00 and headed to the market at 8:15, uses the small cell phone to call daughter
and tells her where she is going.  Jamie shares, most still resting and getting up. :)  Quick trip for mom  and the temperature
already a steamy 91 degrees.

Thinking of a Waldorf Salad, have not made in a long time.  Have apples, celery, walnuts, raisins, mayo, yogurt and honey on hand and bought
some purple seedless grapes.

With the heat it will be a salad days.  Bought some sliced turkey and beef pastrami.  Thinking of making a small amount of my pimento cheese, so all set for the long inside hot weekend.   Miss my garden and would love a fresh home grown tomato.

Free coupon for this RX Bar, if you want to gain pounds (would like 5 lbs)  this looks great, lot of calories and good
ingredients - but - loaded with cashews and almonds - which I cannot chew well.   Next trip
may check to see if one without all of these nuts.


Tabor said...

you seem to have some great food shopping places not too far from your home in the country. I am envious.

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Tabor, local town is basically 10 minute drive. The market is Kroger's which is in the midde of expanding and the size of Whole Foods, anything you could want, Star Bucks
Sushi (do not buy) make sandwiches - not me. But excellent cheese, seafood, meat
and isles of wine :) baked goods galore, but I like to bake. Really nice and upscale.
Your trip to N.Y. sounded wonderful, but would too much for this one
at this time. Thanks for visiting...

Candace said...

Waldorf salad, another great memory for me. : ) We have it on our Christmas table....because my Gram always did and when she made it she would tell us how when she was a young woman in her twenties, in the 1920's she went to NYC to visit a sister and had Waldorf salad at the Waldorf hotel. This was a big deal for a farm girl from Illinois. So Waldorf salad for special and the rest of the time we call it apple salad when we don't have grapes and use raisins instead. ;)
Pimiento cheese YUM! Do you put mayo in yours?
We have had some cooling storms come through the last 2 days! Monsoon season here...rain only in the very late afternoon or evening, sometimes so dry it just gets humid and no actual rain makes it to the ground.

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Candace, no appetite this hot weather and the apple salad came to mind - glad it did
several apples I needed to use and this choice was good on this hot day. My sandwich so good but could only eat half, Looks like in the country here in Tennesse
several more very hot days.
Pimento cheese - grate cheese (usually Cheddar) or in small processor, add small jar of pimento's,
mayo and a dash of hot sauce. Been craving this also - simple, old recipe and good
in celery or for a toasted sandwich.
Thanks for visiting, turning computer off and going to read :)

Judy said...

I was just craving Waldorf or Broccolli salad--with raisins and grapes and walnuts.
I cannot chew Almonds very well either and don't want to take a chance on breaking any of my teeth--the dentist is as expensive as car repairs. LOL

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Judy, these salads are so easy and good for you and last me about 3 days.
I love walnuts, almonds, cashews, etc - difficult to chew and in the past like last year a crown came off. Did read you could soak in water to soften, Tried, taste alright but no where near what I used to enjoy. When I use in baking they soften some. As we age, all of the repair work is costly and I have to truly say sine I always felt good in the past never thought this would happen :)