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Sunday, July 9, 2017

So Now

Yes now the 14 month old air unit has stopped, was told they were always available, been calling
3 1/2 hours on his cell phone, all fans whirling and have another small one upstairs on the loft
and will soon bring downstairs - only 85 in this cottage and at night will cool some.
I smile and think this is the way for my son in that far away land of Thailand.

Might as well share it all, battery in my 9 month old camera stopped.  I thought it would last
longer at a $45 for the Lithium.   It  is arriving tomorrow, love my camera...

One of my young granddaughter's spent the night with me Friday, arrived early as she had spent
the night with a friend who once lived in her area but now a neighbor of mine,
She really slept a long time but I knew a night with a friend that most likely that had been up
most of the night.   She kept commenting how pretty it was here by the woods and so quiet and peaceful.
Oh how pretty she looked and I almost cried, wasn't yesterday that she and her younger sister's
were tiny, time wish you would slow down;
We had a wonderful time and she shared about her mission trip to Mexico at an orphanage
She had never witnessed this poverty before and realizes more her blessings
and her sister on visits to the
country seems like yesterday..
So life continues through her 80's,  hopefully grass cut tomorrow as the one that does
this has been on vacation.   Still so much I would like to do but cannot risk falling,
but the desire is still there.
Spaghetti today, seemed I was craving it and covered with mushrooms, my basil
and wonderful old cheese I shredded on my meal.
So good..
Theraphist has returned and continually told how good I am doing, now I do not think so
as mobility not like I want but accepting as nothing else I can do

1 comment:

Judy said...

These Mission Trips the girls go on are such a wonderful experience for them. I think they are stunned at how poor country's live--and yet the people there are always smiling and laughing. it sure makes our girls appreciate what they have here.