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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Very Hot Outside

Week continues with 100 degree weather.
This morning quick trip to market at 8:00 and home.

Making a Taco Salad, fresh mixed greens, black beans and meat simmering for topping to begin
Sliced tomato, avocado and decided to make the fresh salsa that I made years ago.  At that time I would can several dozen jars, this will keep in frig for a week or two, but will be gone in several days.   Even good to add to my scrambled egg.

Chopped tomato, chili's, onion and green pepper, add a small amount of white vinegar.
No cilantro on hand.   But will be good on top of salad with some good grated cheese.  Do not like the
store bought salsa.   Handed two ripe tomato's this morning :)
So corn chips on hand and do have a store bought red pepper dip.   So this one has something to eat
for today and tomorrow.

I remember when canning at the old farm house, my son would eat a pint jar at one sitting.
He loved this....

Yesterday was the appointment for cortisone shots in shoulders.   I always feel like I am having
poison injected into my body but the pain relief is almost immediate.

Book arrived I bought used on Amazon, a recommendation from my son.   Hot inside days
good for reading, going through piles of papers and a lot of ironing up on the loft.   I always
loved ironing on rainy days and wondering about doing it on these steamy days, but somewhat cool inside with ceiling fans whirling and 2 floor fans.


Judy said...

Hot and humid here too. I am not looking forward to going out to see the Doc this afternoon.

Wisewebwoman said...

How I love reading your posts. I must make your salsa.


My Journey To Mindfulness said...

www, you make me smile.
Judy, good luck :)