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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Some Things - Hoping I No Longer Chance

I have cut out and marked a lot in today's New York Times Sunday paper.
I pass on this paper and some will wonder
what did I cut out ?
so please forgive me :)

"I don't think people's weaknesses are bad at all.
We all have them.
I have tons and I'm not going to discredit you if you have them,
but I think that not being aware of them
is dangerous."     Alexa von Tobel

This one can no longer take a chance
with high risk people

Took me a long time to discover
guess I am a slow learner or try until I am exhausted
and in a downward cycle.

The loving and kind
are best for me     (thank you www for these words)
along with my solitary lifestyle.

I wonder
how many of us
are aware of our weaknesses?

an image I took one year ago today

all day rain is going on


Barb said...

To be aware and to make changes or modifications are 2 different things, I think. I believe I'm better at knowing my strengths and my weaknesses now than when I was when I was younger. However, sometimes I still forget to build on the strengths!

Wisewebwoman said...

I hear you on the unsafe people, downright dangerous in my case, I think I finally learned my lesson recently and can gently close the door now.

Love that pic, a year ago I put it on FB with your permission :)


One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

WWW, oh yes I do relate and thank you for liking my image :)
Barb, oh yes..

Tabor said...

People will always disappoint us and we are not used to asking relatives for advice on issues, because we were always so independent. It does bite, though, doesn't it when someone we know has other motives.

Rebecca said...

Some of mine (weaknesses) are so glaring that I'm overwhelmed by them. They give me very little time to wonder what "lesser" ones I have!

(Oh! What Barb said about awareness vs. making change! That's EXACTLY where I'm stalled right now!)

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

To see our weaknesses is the first step to change in our lives.

Letting go of toxic people in our lives the so good for us, mentally, spiritually and physically.

Enjoy your rain. We need it down here. It keeps being predicted, but nothing happens.

Have a nice week, enjoying your solitude ~ FlowerLady

Anvilcloud said...

I think we become more aware as we age.

Sandra said...

Love your photo of the butterflies! It is good to recognize our weaknesses and our strengths so that we may work with them together and become better human beings.

Judy said...

I completely know my weaknesses when it comes to the opposite gender. I wish I had learned before I was in my mid-60's, but learn I did and feel so content and peaceful to know I no longer NEED or want a man to make my life complete. I don't like that I have become a bit cynical about people, but I think it is a safer way of life.