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Friday, February 21, 2014

Busy Day, Police and Special Suit

A busy day today and horrible
storms during the night
and do not think I ever remember such a display of lightning - felt like hiding :(

Much past my bedtime I called my Beth on cell phone to tell her land line phone
was not working.
Aware of this I was told and she had been checking with someone and learned phones
and some electricity out in my area.
I only use my cell phone when in car and it was not on for her to get in touch with me.
Phone will be repaired next week :(

Early morning viewing and thankful of no damage
just water and mud everywhere
and a lot of limbs from the old trees are everywhere.

Not much sleep and left home at 7:30 for dental appointment.  All went well and since already
half way to big city, continued onward.   Looked out rear view mirror and police car is following me.
Upset and wondered what had I done.
I asked this and he replyed "you do not have your seat belt on."
I now wear a cross body purse and when in car it makes me think I have the seat belt on.
Guess I did not have it on.   He was so kind when I explained this, looked at my licence
and a compliment was given.   Now in the past this would have made me smile but not now.
So I was not given a ticket, just a warning, told not to be so upset, he did not mean to spoil my day and to continue on safely to Nashville.
I have such much to be thankful for
do not like the cane for balance issue that seems to come and go (especially if get upset)
along with energy level that
not like it was 5 years ago and I keep thinking it should be...
I am well aware that this one is not aging gracefully, not realistic,  refuses to slow down
and goes until she has to stop because she cannot take another step.

So onward on my journey to return something in the big city and this is one more reason I buy most online.
So convenient and easy to return items by just putting in the mail.  I have been looking for something special for the upcoming wedding just in case I can go to New York.

A trunk load of items left at my Jamie's home and want her to look through them before
leaving off at Goodwill.  Muddy car was washed at the best place in Nashville and then onward towards the country with quick stop for a hamburger as I had to have something in
my stomach.   Earlier had finished my energy drink and coconut almond bar.
No upscale or healthy eating on this day....

So good to pull down my long gravel drive.   A lot of  limbs need to be picked up from the storm
but will take my time.

Whenever I make a long, tiring trip like this
it is so good to be home
and I have thoughts of never ever leaving the woods again.

An image sent to me
that makes me smile and brings tears to my eyes.
A memory keeper

My handsome soninlaw being fitted for a suit for
his only daughter's and
my granddaughter's soon to be wedding.

Enough shared
and now time for this one to feed Callie,
 scramble an egg, cook a slice of bacon, brew some tea and have a slice of toast
before I end the day :)  and might add that while watching the news will have a
big bowl of ice cream....


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Bless your heart dear Ernestine. I am so glad the policeman was nice.

I'm glad you made it back home safely and know exactly how you feel about pulling into your own driveway. Aaaaahhhh, home sweet home.

Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

lil red hen said...

Oh Ernestine, I feel the angst you felt just reading this. I'm afraid I might lose it if pulled over. I haven't had a chance to drive to town in a long time ~ the farmer always insists on taking me! I think, when going somewhere, the best part of the trip is coming home.

Tabor said...

Calling your daughter was just what was needed. You need to hear a voice when you sit huddled in the storm. That wind and lightning is scary stuff, especially if you are alone.

Balisha said...

Thought of you last night. I could hardly sleep because of loud noises and horrible wind.Glad you had your daughter to talk to.

I go for my driver's test in March. Nervous about this.Just heard on the news, that the older generation's driving is getting better. We are safer on the roads than once thought.I can just imagine how you felt...

Your son-in-law looks quite handsome at the tailors.Hope you share pictures of this event that you are so looking forward to.

I use my cell phone when I go out to garden in the woods. No one would ever hear me back there.

Just took banana bran muffins out of the oven
Have a nice evening..

Found In Folsom said...

ohh I am so glad you are safe..and that must be a nice safe and stay warm :)

Judy said...

Glad I am not the only one NOT growing old gracefully--frustrating not to be able to do what we think we can--like we use to. Such a long day for you--I too love returning home and think it is the best part of any trip!

Nan said...

So sorry you were stopped. That's so upsetting. The law there is you must wear seat belts? Here it is only kids.
I often wish we lived closer, and really that all your readers lived near you. Wouldn't we have fun!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Lorraine, Charlotte, Tabor, Balisha, Judy, Nan and FIF, thanks to each of you for commenting on this post.
Said too much about some things
and not enough about other things :)

Wisewebwoman said...

What a day you had and no mistake!! So glad it ended well, the pic of your SIL brought tears to my eyes, don't know why, just it seemed a fitting and happier ending to your day. Ernestine I heard that 75 sees a huge shift in energies. I'm not there yet but am mindful to make allowances. Even a full day now sees me banged out on the couch after dinner :(
Pace is all important.
Lovely policeman, made up for the ones beating up the jogger in Texas yesterday. Lordy.

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Those storms really were fearsome here, too. I have never seen Ms Graysea react so strongly to a t-storm. She huddled near me for the duration. Glad you had no damage. The wind was wild.
I, too, do the same thing with my across the chest purse I use for shopping, and have found myself driving without my seatbelt several times. I will think about you each time I get in the car now. Glad the police officer was kind and understood. That must have been scary.
Rest dear friend. I am doing the same!!

Balisha said...

Please visit me at:


Friko said...

Naughty, naughty! But very nice!

Seems you had a very busy day, a lot to undertake. At least the policeman was nice and didn’t cart you off to jail. (I’m joking, of course)

Beverly said...

Ernestine, This was posted last Friday, today is Tuesday. I hope you are well and just resting, but, I know you do not "rest" very much. I hope you are well. You may be slowing down, but, your "slowing down" is still faster than many people who are years younger than you... The picture of your son in law brought a smile. I do hope you get to go to the wedding....

Kay said...

This sounded so scary. I'm so glad you're back home and safe again.

Laura said...

These things happen, we all forget, make mistakes, our bodies change, it is frustrating… and we must remember that inside our souls remain fresh, our essence is pure and nothing not even time undo that. I'm glad you are home safe. Miss you.

Sharon said...

I have been thinking of you and hope the storms have not returned. Your days are busy! I was stopped by a policeman last fall for changing lanes without signaling and didn't get a ticket. I was grateful. It certainly has made me more careful. It's wonderful that you are being kept up on wedding preparations - it's a special time.