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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow Birds And Cauliflower Soup

Another cold and snowy day.

An image taken from my bedroom window of birds at feeder.

So - what does she eat - when she really is not inspired to cook or eat.

Contents of crisper drawer in refrigerator revealed....
Cauliflower, celery, carrot, onion, small piece of broccoli, small potato and it was all simmered in chicken broth.

First - chopped carrot, onion, celery simmered in olive oil.
All added to pan and cooked until soft. Mashed slightly with whisk.

In small pan - butter - some flour and milk to make a sauce.
This with an addition of a little more milk and garlic all mixed together - made a healthy and tasty soup.

Sprinkled cheese on top and
bread, cheese, tea and some homemade cookies topped it off.

Being snowed in and trying to eat nutritiously and keep my spirits up.

This early morning it is 5 degrees but the sun is suppose to shine - a warming trend over the weekend...

The thought makes me smile..
Wherever you are on this planet -----
May you be happy, well, safe and at peace.......


LauraX said... warming and wonderful! I love how the crackers are laid out in such a way that they form a heart!
keep nourishing yourself my friend...I know it is hard on days when you are not feeling well, but it is so important...YOU are important to me ♥

Anonymous said...

We've crystal blue skies this morning with passable roads -- very soon I'll be in temperatures hovering around zero to attend a morning class at O.U.

Too bad it's not Wednesday's lofty poetry class -- twice canceled due to snow. Rather, today's class is designed to keep me grounded -- by helping me learn how to make better use of an iphone!

Your soup ingredients remind me a little of my Greek recipes -- maybe it was your use of garlic and olive oil -- along with the bread and cheese you served beside it. In my fridge are the ingredients for a Greek soup I've never made, calling for chicken, eggs and lemon. If my aunt is right, this soup will become today's poetry.

Take care.

Annie Joy said...

For some reason, after I read your post, I was led to reread your profile. Your meal and photo of the bird feeder are illustrative of your quest for simplicity and mindfulness. That is what I needed this morning, and I believe that I will make some soup also! Thanks! Annie

One Woman's Journey said...

Laura, you made me take a quick look. Did not realize the "heart"
aneverydaylife and Annie Joy, thanks for visiting.

Beverly said...

The food looks yummy...I love the table setting. The sun is shining and melting the snow here in Memphis.

shannon said...

Ummmm, yum, looks so good:)

Thank you for your warm thoughts:)

Spring is coming:)


Sharon said...

Your posts are such a bright spot on these cold winter days! I return again and again to read the poems, even if I don't always comment. And your recipes ~ you are a wonderful cook. If we lived near each other, I can imagine us sharing meals together.

One Woman's Journey said...

Beverly, just bits and pieces in the cupboard :) Shannon, thanks for visiting.
Sharon, thank you. I feel sometimes I am bold in my comments to you. But I have a background of many years of heart healing. I understand healing. Yes, wish we were near. I am near to no one - just out here in the woods...

the wild magnolia said...

Okay, here is how I think. I see this picture of all the birds, sitting in the trees, and on the feeder and I think, they know there will be food here, they "feel" the love of One Woman, and know she watches over them. That's how I think.

The soup looks and sounds so good.

Good job of taking care of you and working so hard to keep your spirits up!

Wishing life to be as you wish and imagine it!

mermaid said...

You are so kind to yourself and nourish yourself well with the hearty food you eat. It looks absolutely yummy, Ernestine.

One Woman's Journey said...

Sandra and Kaveri, thank you for your kind comments. Try to eat healthy - but it is simple. Have a good day :)