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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

She Makes Me All Better

Grandma is feeling a little under the weather
Was awake most of the night

Might be the frozen salmon prepared for dinner last night

Still continued morning errands
taxes prepared
purchase of a pear tree,
blueberry bush and
climbing yellow rose bush

Opened mail
one look at my
youngest granddaughter

Makes me all better...

Those cowboy boots will be worn
all summer
mom can hide them...


BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Yes she would wear her cowgirl boots 24/7 if I let her! ;)

Sharon said...

Love the wings, too.

Feel better:)

One Woman's Journey said...

My daughter's were dressed so perfectly and my Jamie lets the girls dress like they want to :)
So - a special party where all the girls were dressed so perfectly.
Amelia picked out a flapper dress, wings, sparkly tights and her cowboy boots. Oh my -- that's my girl.
Sharon, I know it was the fish :(

Anonymous said...

Ernestine -- How sorry I am to hear that last night's dinner made you ill; I'm glad you're on the mend and glad you received the perfect dose of 'grands' to make you better. She sure is a cutie.

LauraX said...

LOVE those boots. Amazing what the smile of a beloved can do to bring us back to center and wholeness, when we aren't feeling quite right. She is such a cutie...makes me feel good too!

judemiller1 said...

How would we ever go on through those hard days, without our grand children. They make every thing all right.

Christy said...

Oh what a delight you have turned out to be. Thank you for your words on my blog, especially about my kids. I have struggled with life for a bit. I find you a breath of fresh air and look forward to opening our blogs to see you. God does have a way of letting you see light when it is my friend are light...and I really need it. Thank you. You also have beautiful grand children.

One Woman's Journey said...

aneverydaylife, Laura,Judy and Christy, thanks for visiting :)

shannon said...

I just have to "think" of my sweet Grands, and my heart smiles, aren't we so blessed.

I, too, remember when I made my daughter always wear the perfect dress in order to make her fit my "idea". What a waste of time that was,my Mom TRIED to tell me, wish I had listened.
My daughter is much more sensible about her babies, thank goodness:)

One Woman's Journey said...

Shannon, oh yes - I relate.
Jamie lets the little one dress the way they want to.
I was never allowed to do this as a child and guess I did not allow mine. Or rather the first 2 and the last 2 I relaxed a little more :) Thank you for visiting.
Tell me a little more about you.
Strange but since you had no profile - I kept thinking you were in your 40,s. I may be wrong.

Sky said...


the wild magnolia said...

Granddaughter is over the top, I love her outfit! The girl is after my own heart. In my younger days, and possibly again, I wore cowgirl boots with my certain of my dresses. Woohoo!

Take very good care of yourself!

Sending feel betters! Sending love and a ((hug)) too!