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Monday, February 28, 2011


Several warm days with rain on and off. I worked outside and smiled at the plants that are beginning to emerge. Each one with a story. A basket of seeds that have been saved are ready to be planted.

A walk in the woods revealed ferns emerging from their bed of leaves.

Torrential rains at the moment and the wheat field is the most wonderful shade of green. A day inside to catch up on household chores. Cleaning, baking, make some soup, yoga, desk work and reading. A day that would be viewed by many as not very exciting - but my life at this time and I am at peace and I like it. My plans to spend the rest of the week outside in the sun and dirt....

Spring In The Garden

After a night of rain
I go out, wearing my clogs

wrapped in an old overcoat
against the spring cold

water pours white
through the open dikes

peach blossoms glow red
beyond the willows

fields of new grass spread away
edged and checkered

poles from the wells
at the wood's edge

I go back in
to write at my small desk

evening arrives, I'm alone
happy among the green weeds

Wong Wei
Chinese Poet

750 AD


Anonymous said...

Hi Ernestine, Like you, I keep looking around in my yard for things peeking through the ground. We had bad storms here last night. Tornado sirens went off at 5 a.m. Kind of scary for a while. Rain all day today. I hope you missed the storms. Have a good week.

judemiller1 said...

Spring is coming--but not here. Still gardens buried in snow drifts, but soon...please

Tabor said...

I made it briefly to my home this weekend and was so happy to see the little crocus I had planted last fall blooming in gold and purple. I will try to find time to post some photos. Your day sounds perfect to me, both exciting and calm!

One Woman's Journey said...

Judy and Judy, thanks for commenting.
Tabor, I know the thrill of seeing that first flower. So happy you are home and I always loved where you traveled :)

Anonymous said...


I've had a restless night, tossing and turning. With so much going on, it's too easy to pack 10 lbs into my 5 lb sack with the excess keeping me company at night. When I should be dreaming.

So the day you described sounds dreamy indeed. Wish I could drop in for a cup of tea and just sit. Instead, I'm off to meet with a kitchen planner for the new home. Perhaps that too will be dreamy, when "it" becomes reality.


the wild magnolia said...

You are like Wong Wei...."...alone and happy among the green weeds." or green wheat or ferns!


Balisha said...

Your day sounds like bliss to me. I love your header..and the little fern is so sweet. We are behind you, so I'll have to be patient. I thought of you and Judy last night. Glad you didn't have any damage. Balisha

One Woman's Journey said...

Janell, this will someday be a memory. Like my memories of other homes. Wm and Balisha, thank you for visiting. A long and busy day is ending :)