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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Heavy coat, gloves, hat, and
phone and camera tucked in pocket

Just finished filling the bird feeders.

Something new
Weary, breathless
and cold - when returning
inside her cottage

May move feeders closer to cottage
in the Spring
Will be easier to fill
and capture images of the
many beautiful birds that are visiting

In perfect health
except for the immune disorder
No extra weight and was surprised
how tiring this was

Might be because up for several hours
No breakfast as of yet
Feed Callie and birds before herself

For some reason she forgets
traveling through the 3 score and 10 years
will continue to be at a different pace

She continues on
at the same pace
as in the past
Just habit

Spring around the corner
so many plans for gardens
Excited to see what will emerge

She must remember her son's words

Walk slow, breathe and smile


Balisha said...

Hi Ernestine...There comes a time when we all have to slow down.I have reached that time and I'm finding it so hard to give in.
Your idea of moving the feeders closer is something that I did last fall. I found it too tiring to walk through the deep snow to the my feeders are all on the deck. I enjoy watching the activity up close.

I just ordered a book from Amazon... Gardening for a Lifetime: How to Garden Wiser as You Grow Older
by Sydney Eddison
I thought that I might pick up some tips on how to make things easier for me.

I just posted about the "big stores" and how tiring it is for us to shop there.

Well, it seems that we are in the same boat. I'm sure we will get that "spring" in our steps again when all this winter is through.
Just hang in there and stay safe.
((HUGS)) Balisha

Beverly said...

Ernestine, I have been meaning to say something to you. I will probably sound like a mother, or nurse. I think you should have a bite to eat before you head out into the woods. Maybe a muffin just to get your blood sugar up. How many hours since your last evening meal? I think you could still work circles around me....
Just some loving suggestions....

One Woman's Journey said...

Balisha, thank you so much - will check out the book.
Dear Beverly, thank you - and I know this. Just seems I get up and start moving and before I know it 2 or 3 hours have gone by. I am up by 5:00 and this morning ate at 8:00. Love you....

Anonymous said...

I missed reading your words the last few days Ernestine -- I guess I checked too early yesterday and failed to come back. And Sunday I chalked up to you taking a Sabbath rest. So today, I've had two servings from "the feeder."

Moving the bird feeders closer sounds good to me too. In fact, everything you said sounded like Wisdom herself. I pray you are better than me in doing those things you know good for yourself.

Surely rest is one treat (retreat?)offered by a Winter storm. We're expecting a second helping this evening. May we all stay warm and plugged in to creaturely comforts.

teri said...

I stop by and am once again I find comfort. Your talk of moving the feeders closer is a fine idea. My feeders are so close to the kitchen window that I can photograph my feathered friends. You will be delighted by their company!

shannon said...

I love you new picture!!

One Woman's Journey said...

teri, Shannon and aneverydaylife - thank you for your special comments.

Sky said...

beverly is right. you don't want to have a hypoglycemic moment in the snow!

great idea about moving feeders closer. we enjoy watching the birds (and squirrels) from the kitchen or out the back picture window. in fact we can even see birds from our recliners in the family room through the glass doors. lol - i even think it would be great in winter to put them on a pulley. we could pull them in to fill and then send them back out into cold winter air in the gardens. :)