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Monday, February 7, 2011

One Woman's Monday

Early morning dental appointment
drove in the rain and then
a quick stop for groceries

Snow was predicted
safely home through the rain
Callie lying in the middle
of the field - waiting

Within an hour a blizzard arrived
snowflakes the size of silver dollars

What a beautiful sight

Calls and emails from children
make her smile

Special healing prayers go out for her
little granddaughter's fever
to go away

An evening to read a special book
that arrived in the mail
more poems by Mary Oliver

She knows for sure
if the heat stays on,
pantry is full
all will be well

Because her heart
tells her

Spring is
around the corner


the wild magnolia said...

Like the new header!

Spring is around the corner for you, it is something to look forward too. You are right on schedule!

Blessings dearest "One Woman"!

Mary Oliver, I love her poems, they are right on! Thank you for sharing!

shannon said...

Ah, sounds like a sweet day::)

Love Mary Oliver, isn't getting a book, such a delight;)

Beverly said...

I found a rat under the sink....then the electricity went off...not a good day.

Sky said...

we cannot wait to get back into the gardens! i see the tulips and daffies breaking ground and my heart leaps up and out the door!

One Woman's Journey said...

WM, best wishes continueing to go out for you. Shannon, thanks for visiting. Beverly, a rat - oh my that would scare me to death. Are you sure it was not a mouse?
Sky, I am right there with you :)
Hycinths in store yesterday morning. They smelled heavenly.
Another snowed in day...