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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gray Time

A preview of Spring
made me smile

Living in the moment
almost forgot
it was a preview

Winter and cold wind
has returned

Eye problem that surfaces
from time to time

Severely dry and bloodshot
part of immune disorder

My special son shared - in Thai

Mom is told
"dew la dtua eng dusy !
Which translates
~Take care of yourself~

Whatever is happening
the lady in the woods
hopes it vanishes quickly


judemiller1 said...

Oh we so need spring to come. I will make us all feel better. We also need more sun--at least the "we" that live here.

judemiller1 said...

meant to say "it will make us all feel better"

Lonely Rivers said...

Oh lady of the help me to see each day in your light.

shannon said...

I do hope your eye improves immediately:)

One Woman's Journey said...

Judy, Shannon and LR, thanks for visiting on this cold day...

LauraX said...

holding you close ♥

mermaid said...

In the gray there is always color. Place your hand on your heart, and you will know. May you feel better.

Beverly said...

That little tease of spring can hurt when the winter blast comes back...

Ugich Konitari said...

Spring visions,
warm blues and yellows
and you drink it all in
with the eyes.....

He worries
about you,
and arranges it
such that
you rest the eyes
when there isn't much to see.

Old reflections,
meditative eyes,
and the flow
will start once again
once spring
peeps through the door....

Sharon said...

Yes, winter is not finished with us yet. I hope your snow is short-lived and the sunshine returns soon.

May you feel healthy and strong ~

Sky said...

same eye issues here, too. i wonder if the heat in winter makes mine worse. i hate having to use these anti-inflammatory drops since they contain steroids but usually can't clear mine up without them. hope yours are better soon.

don't despair...spring is on her journey to those beautiful woods. it won't be long now!

One Woman's Journey said...

Ugich, thank you so much for the poem. You make me smile.
Mermaid - I must remember - you are so right :) Sky, my eye is better this morning - like you - do not like taking those drops.
Beverly, Sharon and Laurax - to all thank you for visiting.
What would I do without all of you - you are special...