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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday In February And Callie

Snow predicted
has not arrived

Callie, Woodhaven
has been our home
for 16 months

Took a while for
you to adjust

When errands
are a must in the
small town

upon my return
you are lying in the
open field - waiting

for your
mistress to return

Never fails to
pierce her heart
As the truck pulls
down the long drive
you run to meet her

A new bed for you
the first
you tore apart

I think
you like this one


BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

I'm glad Callie loves her new bed!

One Woman's Journey said...

My Jamie - hopefully she does not chew this one up - like the first - I do not not think so - she now knows this is her home ...

teri said...

As a dog person this photo makes me long for my black "lab" that I brought home from the pound 3 years ago. I am away from home and miss her little face. Callie is a lucky dog- and even if she tears up another bed- there is nothing to be done but love her some more- xo teri

One Woman's Journey said...

teri - thank you for the time you are taking from your special trip to comment. Yes, Callie has become special. Scheduled to be put to sleep with a chain around her neck. I saved her and she has wrapped herself around my heart.

Anonymous said...


Where would we be without our dogs?

Or better yet -- who would we be?

My dogs teach me much. And on my good days, sometimes I even learn my lessons...


Beverly said...

It is snowing in Paris where I visited my brother this week. It will be there soon....
I like the picture of Callie. Pretty bed!

Lonely Rivers said...

Winter,Spring,Summer or Fall - You've got a friend. Ms. Callie appears to be in love with you..and I'm pretty sure that love is returned. Lucky both of you!

Freda said...

What a special welcome dogs give. Callie looks so comfortable and at home.

Darlene said...

Callie is lucky that she has found a caring mistress and I know she brings great joy to you.

One Woman's Journey said...

Jane, Beverly, LR, Freda and Darlene, thanks for visiting on this cold late afternoon.

Aisling said...

She has such a sweet expression. She seems the perfect companion for you in your country home.

Sharon said...

Callie looks comfy. It must be hard work taking such good care of her mistress.

One Woman's Journey said...

Sharon and Aisling, thank you for visiting..

kerrdelune said...

Oh, she is sweet, and what an expressive face!

Balisha said...

I can see the love in Callie's eyes. What a wonderful match you two have made...Balisha

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Awwww, I love sweet Callie and you captured that sweetness in the photo. NICE new bed, too. The image of her waiting for you in the field is so touching.
Hope you did not get the snow! Beautiful Sunday here in the 40's.

the wild magnolia said...

How precious are our furry person sweeties! They bring us much joy and always accept us as we are!

Hope she loves her new bed!


One Woman's Journey said...

Cate, Marcia and Balisha, thanks for visiting.
WM - take care and the best wishes are sent your way :)

LauraX said...

isn't that just the absolute best feeling in the world...the unbridled joy of our beloved dogs as they greet us after even a short separation??? Callie, looks quite comfy in her new bed. Ellie always prefers ours to her own, besides, the cats tend to claim hers, so what's the point. As long as she can still jump up, I think this will be Ellie's bed in her mind:)

Nan said...

Wonderful words and picture. Dear, dear dog.

mermaid said...

You made a new bed for Callie and yourself. Rest well Ernestine. Let it all go. The bed can hold you.

One Woman's Journey said...

Laura and Nan, thanks for checking in.
Dear Mermaid, you always say something that touches my heart :)