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Friday, February 11, 2011

Doing Nothing

It's too early for anything to be done in the garden. The sun pours down -- a promise of the warming to come. In a day or two, however, the temperature will drop below freezing again. I can be fairly sure of that. Now is a time of waiting.

I sit down on the makeshift bench against the back of the garage. The vegetable beds lie before me. I lean back.

What do we do when we wait? Plan? Fidget? Fret? Dream? Rest? Pace? Why is it so hard to do nothing? The simplest, easiest thing is to let things be. Why not just "be" in the sun this little moment? Perhaps when we do nothing we see how naked we feel without plans? Perhaps we feel useless without our goals? To be without agenda --is that not the most lovingly present and accepting anyone can be ?

A Mystic Garden ~~~~Gunilla Norris


Beverly said...

Days like today you are doing are resting your mind and body to prepare for all the spring activity....It is 14 degrees here, on Sunday it will be in the 60's....

the wild magnolia said...

It feels unnatural to us, to just "be", with no agenda. We here in the West, the Americas, are taught to be busy, productive, not to waste time.

The Buddhist way of thought appealed to and drew me close, because, there is stillness, peace, quite, a taught love of wide open in the moment...only now exists, everything I need is in the moment. The glory of simplicity is very attractive to me...oh, there is so much for us!

Great post...great reminder to cultivate the moment and learn to "be".

Wishing you moments rich with peace and inspiration for your own special journey!

You are a really neat person "One Woman".

Lori Skoog said...

First visit to your blog. I love the way you write. Simple, sensitive and well worth reading.

I'm retired and love every moment I have. Such freedomo.

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Hello dear quiet one,

Thanks for stopping reminded me to turn around and visit you.

Yes, as soon as your flowers start blooming do give it a try. So easy and lovely.

Sending peace and a warm hug across the miles,

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

One Woman's Journey said...

Beverly, so right you are. Sandra,
Oh yes, living in the momentis a constant practice.
Lori, visit again.
Dear Sharon, your sharing always makes me smile and I am reminded of some things I did in the past :)
Now that I am back in the woods and planning my gardens - Your entries are even more special.

Sky said...

i LOVE the freedom of being without agenda - to own each moment freely without design unless i create one spontaneously. perhpas after so many years of work before my retirement, it is a sacred gift to me. or maybe i just LAZY!

One Woman's Journey said...

Sky, it is wonderful. Take care and have a wonderful day. Warming trend in the woods..

Sharon said...

You have found the perfect spot to "be." I can imagine sitting in that spot and taking in the wonder of your woods.

Enjoy this day ~