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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Last Week of February Thoughts

The first week of December - 3 books were sent to my son in Thailand. His Christmas present. Over the weeks they never arrived. This made me sad. Well they appeared in my mailbox on Saturday. I smile at the thought of all the miles they traveled across the ocean and then 10 weeks later to find them in my rural mailbox.

Spring is trying to arrive. One day the warmth of the sun on the deck is delightful for lunch and another day I am bundled up as I walk the path in the woods.

Reluctantly bought some turnip greens on my trip to town . I like homegrown but since I do not have them as of yet this will do for a healthy green. While cleaning on my little garden spot I found 6 small turnips. So this gift will be an addition to the simmering greens. They will be topped with hard boiled egg, and some crispy bacon. Add my half recipe of corn bread and a glass of tea and guess that will be my evening meal. Quiet and peaceful with a candle burning.

A memory picture of one of my young granddaughter's. Time is going by so quickly and it seems like yesterday she was born, and now she is selling Girl Scout cookies. The youngest granddaughter her birthday in March. An image of their little hand prints on a stepping stone that was a gift to grandma - 5 years ago. Oldest granddaughter will be 24 in a few days.

I wonder - how can this be.

I will be so happy when I can stay outside and work in my gardens. At least a 100 plants were brought from my other home and are beginning to emerge. Must remember that my plan is to make these gardens smaller then ever before. I can no longer pick up the 40 lb bags of mulch and potting soil. So many things I have done in the past and I just cannot do them. Being an early morning person and going nonstop until lunch and then after 1:00 or 2:00 I have to call it a day.

Always been someone available to help me few hours a week but it is becoming increasingly difficult to find at this time. So - I must remember to not buy every plant that I find appealing. I would buy plants instead of food....and to pace myself.

Many years ago when I moved to the old farm house - 12 fruit trees were planted - a small orchard. Yesterday a pear tree was planted at Woodhaven. A yellow climbing rose has a new home on an old trellis beside my small front porch.

Everything that slows us down and forces patience
everything that sets us back
into the slow circles of nature
is a help

Gardening is an instrument of grace

~May Sarton~


Anonymous said...


Your words on slowing down -- even our slowing down of plant purchases in order to keep our gardens a do-able size -- are lessons I need in the now of my life -- as I prepare to leave my much loved home in Mesta Park to begin again.

Your thoughts also remind me of this "recipe" for the good life I once found in a cooking magazine of all places.

“…hard physical labor in the morning followed by a long, lovingly prepared lunch,and then an afternoon of intellectual and musical pursuits…”

For me, it's easier written than realized -- this seeking to live the middle way of balance... somewhere between feast and fast.
But the desire is at least there which becomes my beginning.


the wild magnolia said...

"Gardening, is an instrument of grace..." May Sarton wrote so well of life, and gardens, and the grace of keeping on - as we age.

Well at least the books came full circle and did not disappear into the black abyss.

I look forward to your garden. Since my life at present will not afford a garden place, I shall find joy in your shared garden.

Turnips and cornbread, oh my I do love these two southern favorite, a sips of iced tea too. Gives me the shivers.

Time flies these days, good memories are such a blessing.

Hope this is a bright day of contentment and joy of life.

Blessings are coming your way.

love and hugs, magnolia

One Woman's Journey said...

Janell, thank you for commenting.
I look forward to your sharing about your move and new home.
Sandra, oh yes - the books arriving at my home was such a surprise.
To both of you I send wishes of
happiness, health, safety and peace.

Annie Joy said...

"Homecoming books -- how charming!" I appreciated your words on reducing plantings. I am a new gardener myself, at my advanced age. I have decided that one side of the house, away from traffic, will be just about right for a "secret garden." It will be a secret -- and a surprise to visitors, because the rest of our back yard is certainly no garden and they know that I have certainly not been a gardener!

Sky said...

Sometimes I long for the days when I felt stronger and physically able to do everything I wanted. Those days are gone. I am becoming more adjusted to this but still feel sadness from time to time. Seems like I took my youth for granted without realizing this day would arrive.

Love the Sarton quote. Miss her new journals so much and keep hoping someone will bring out a new book about her life during that last decade.

Sky said...

why did the books get returned? at least they are no longer lost and can be resent. we sent 6 adorable infant outfits to our new niece in india in july, 2010, and the package was never received or returned. :((

One Woman's Journey said...

Annie - create a small secret garden and enjoy.
Sky, I sent the books to my son's first home and then he moved on
and the books were not forwarded.
Such a pleasure to think they "returned them to sender" I will not send again. Soon he will be with me for a while and he can enjoy the books.
Have a great rest of the day.

LauraX said...

oh E...this quote sums it up so well doesn't it...seeing the slow down as a gift...I was writing about this today...and will be in a post later this week. At pt today that was the topic too "pacing"... doing things slowly and in smaller chunks of time. I know how frustrating this is for you, I really do. I've been thinking a lot today about how when I have a comfortable day or two in a row...the uncomfortable ones seem all the more disappointing. So, best to stay centered and not judge a day, a moment... just be present to each one as it shows up.

Darla said...

I enjoy your comments of meals . . . "Quiet and peaceful with a candle burning." And beautiful quote by May Sarton. Blessings.