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Friday, November 12, 2010

Special Gift

Look what someone special did for me.

Re sized my header - so the whole wreath was included.

It has bothered me and just could not figure out how to re size.

Thank you dear friend.

Thank you also for sharing that you have been following my journey - since way back when I started and moved to the city and built a smaller home and then returned to my country roots. Had never commented. Makes me wonder of those that read my rambling and never comment. Special friends that we do not even know about.

A good way to start this early morning - with a gift and a smile.

I am very weary as I do a lot of work outside. Probably a lot that is not necessary. Picking up limbs, cutting branches, raking leaves and keeping my paths clear in the woods. But --- I love being outside and the weather has been almost like Spring - know it is not going to last.

Housework can be done on those cold and rainy days.

Life Is Good.

May all be Happy, Well, Safe and at Peace.....


lilalia said...

The wreath is a treat!

Balisha said...

Love your header...Did you make the wreath? I love being out too. My real work is done and now I can just putter around and do what I want. Have a peaceful day, Balisha

One Woman's Journey said...

Lilalia, thank you.
Balisha - no I do not have that kind of talent :) This is a wreath on a small country church that is not far from me. I took some images of the church and grounds a few weeks ago.

Tabor said... shy. I wonder if I have any as well. They are afraid to write...maybe they will say the wrong thing...maybe they have nothing to say?

One Woman's Journey said...

Tabor, I am so thankful for this person who helped me. When she describes herself it sounds like me. Only difference - this private person is now sharing all with the world. But then it is not one on one - it is my fingers doing the typing.

Elsa Louise said...

Perhaps it is more a matter of having a tendency to keep one’s own counsel.

While “to lurk” seems to be the infinitive-parlance of the day used to describe folks who read but make no comment on blogs, fora, and so forth, its older, more commonly known meaning “to lie in wait” (vaguely sinister, no?) is not a characteristic that I would ascribe to myself or that those who know me would use when contemplating my general personality traits. At least not to my knowledge!

Rather than “lurking,” I like to think that I am simply “reading.” So, yes, Tabor, it’s quite likely others are reading your blog and remaining quietly in the background, cloaked as it were, enjoying and absorbing what you’re writing, as I do with Ernestine’s astute observations of life.

Much wisdom may be gleaned from her words.

One Woman's Journey said...

Elsa, thank you for commenting. You write so wonderfully. I wish I had your gift. Most of the time "I Think" who in the world would want to read my rambling. Yes, when a thought comes to mind - I just sit and type :)

Balisha said...

I have said in the past...that I read blogs when my husband was dying from cancer.I would be there at night, alone, at my computer. It was so comforting for me to know that other people were carrying on with their normal lives...not everyone was sad. I never commented at that time. I started commenting after he was gone...I felt that their happiness might rub off on me.Now that I have a blog...I appreciate the unknowns as much as I do the ones who comment.

One Woman's Journey said...

Balisha, what a beautiful thought.
I do the same. All are appreciated and welcome. Have a good night :)