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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Luggage Memories

In the storage room this early morning.

They caught my eye


Oh if they could talk

Many years since they have been in the sky..

A larger one was given away

These I could not part with

With my simpler lifestyle

I could travel with a backpack

That is - if I ever leave the woods...


the wild magnolia said...

Who said you cannot write beautiful prose or poetry!

A grand sharing my dear.....

One Woman's Journey said...

Dear Sandi - thank you.

Anonymous said...

A reminder of how your life has changed! I have those, too. Love the poem below on your blog and the picture of Miss Callie. You would be lost without her now.

Elsa Louise said...

Such gorgeous ruby leaves in the new header. And I love the luggage! It looks to be Bargello needlepoint. So very vintage in appearance.

Enjoy your day.

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Oh no, no, no...don't ever suggest that you would leave the woods. That is like suggesting that I would ever consider leaving the seaside in Maine. (Although you know I have to leave for half of each year)

The woods are in your soul and spirit.


Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

One Woman's Journey said...

Judy, thanks for visiting. Sharon - You know me well and we have not even met.
Elsa, my Oakleaf Hydranga - picture taken yesterday. The luggage looks like a carpet bag - my children use to laugh at it. Surely different 45 years ago. I kind of like it :)

Freda said...

You remind me of knowing what is important and whether and when to travel. And it is poetry and picture together. Thank you

Tabor said...

What a nice tribute to your travel days. I am sure they STUFFED with memories.

One Woman's Journey said...

Freda, thank you for visiting.
Tabor, you gave me an idea - should have made the title
"Stuffed With Memorie". Too late:)
Also, I do everything so quick (trying to slow down) wish I had taken the image in another area.
But they were upstairs and did not feel like carrying downstairs.
I always smile at your comments..

Darla said...

The luggage make me itch to grab up a bag and take off on an adventure overseas or a road trip ... yet your words leave me peaceful in where I am right now. Lovely!

Beverly said...

Very pretty bags....but, I bet you choose to stay put....right there in your heaven on earth!

Beverly said...

I am back to tell you the header is Wonderful!!!

One Woman's Journey said...

Beverly, that is my Oakleaf Hydranga that I planted a year ago.
You might be correct about travel.
But I miss the sound and smell of the ocean and fresh seafood. At the moment I will just be the caretaker of the woods. Now you could go to the ocean with me?
Darla, thank you so much for your comment.

mermaid said...

In between your words I sense many travels, experiences, and growth. Whether you travel again with these or stay in the woods, may happiness be yours.

One Woman's Journey said...

Dear Mermaid - sometimes I think - is this it for the rest of my days?
Sometimes I think "yes" and that is fine since I have lived many lifestyles. Then other times I am excited about "what is next?"
Just like I smile when I read your words "you have a whole exciting life ahead of you :)"

Sky said...

i suspect they and you will see the air again. they are lovely pieces. and, the new header is fabulous! i like the size of it, too!

One Woman's Journey said...

Sky, thank you for visiting :)

Sharon said...

That luggage screams "adventure" and would be easy to find on the baggage carousel at the airport. If you ever make your way to Maine, I will take you to my favorite place on the ocean ~ consider it an open invitation:)

One Woman's Journey said...

Sharon, this early morning you put a smile on my face and tears in my eyes. A few days by the water a bed and breakfast might soothe my soul. But -- in reality do not know if I could leave the woods.
But thank you for the kind offer.
I would not travel with the carpet bags - just a backpack:)