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Friday, November 26, 2010

Entering Rest

Dear Companion of my day,

You are the Holy Mystery I surrender to
when I close my eyes. I give You myself,
the flaws, the mistakes, the petty
self-congratulations. I give You my dear ones
my fondest hopes for them, my worries,
and my dark thoughts regarding them.
Take my well-constructed separation from me,
Hold me in your truth.

This day is already past. I surrender it.
When I think about tomorrow, I surrender it too.
Keep me this night. With You
and in You I can trust not knowing anything.
I can trust incompleteness as a way.
Dark with the darkness, silent with the silence,
help me dare to be that empty one -- futureless,
desireless -- who breathes Your name even in sleep.

Being Home ..... Gunilla Norris


LauraX said...

so gorgeous...a perfect bedtime prayer. blessings to you sweet friend!

Ashling said...

That's a wonderful prayer.

One Woman's Journey said...

LauraX and Ashling, thank you for visiting and commenting :)

Freda said...

This is beautiful and so soothing. Thank you.

One Woman's Journey said...

Freda, thank you for visiting.

-teri said...

Entering rest indeed-