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Friday, January 16, 2015

Unsettling Process

A lifetime of wanting this upscale mixer
and never purchased.
Saw no reason as my hand mixer was sufficient.
Hand mixer began making strange noises
so I used gift cards from children to purchase
this beauty
from Amazon.

When delivered it was left on small front porch
by FedEx
and always packages left on screen porch by UPS
who is super kind and even places large packages inside for this one.
Could not lift to bring inside, dragged it inside
and found someone to help me take it out of box
and sit on my counter.
This a heavy mixer.

Finally, today, as it has been sitting on counter assembled, reading directions that state
beaters are not to hit the bowl and may need to adjust slightly.
Did this twice and still hitting bowl, called Kitchen Aid.
So nice, but do not like that they are having it picked
up, sending me another one as they say this one is faulty.

After new one received I will call and have the faulty one picked up.   So this is
all great but the size of box and weight of mixer for me to place on counter is
 a problem for me at this time.

At this time of life seems a lot bothers me that would not have
in past years.  Always independent, needed help seldom
and now it is not that way and I do not like asking for help.

Do not like even sharing this
because so thankful all is being taken care.
Guess it will be another week before I can use this upscale mixer.

So new one arrives next week and maybe all will be fine this time.

On a peaceful note
sun is shining brightly
48 degrees, I warmed my soup from freezer,
put on tray along with corn chips, my pimento cheese,
and macaroni salad with bean sprouts.

Warm coat is put on, scarf around neck and sat on deck in the sun
for my lunch.   It was cold but the sun felt so good.


PatK said...

How frustrating this type of problem is, but I know you will love the mixer once you get to use it. My husband uses ours to make all our bread. Its heaviness is the basis for its strength and so it can cope with the heaviest dough as well as froth the lightest egg whites. However if my husband was not around to lift it I would leave it on the counter all the time.
I very much enjoy your recipes even looking at photos of your soups warms me on a cold day.

Beverly said...

I leave mine on the counter. It is worth it to always have it available. You will love it, I promise....

Tabor said...

I have owned one of these since I was first married over 40 years ago and it works like a horse. Best investment I ever made. It does weigh a ton. I wish I had designed a cupboard for it in my kitchen because I do not like seeing it sit on the counter. I store it in my pantry and lift it up to the counter for use. Some day, I may be like you, and have to leave it out. It is is very strong, so be careful in using it. Have fun with the new one.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Tabor, PatK, Beverly, A restless night and have almost come to the conclusion of returning, buying a new handmixer and putting mixer money towards a new camera.
Now all of your encouraging words
and I wonder..

Sky said...

i hope you keep mixer. it has been life long dream, and you love to cook! after you get it set up, you can leave it on the counter. lots of people leave them out. there are many things you can ponder over other than whether to keep the mixer if you find you MUST worry about something! ;) (just trying to tease you into letting go of the small stuff and enjoy yourself!)

Sallysmom said...

I found this on Amazon. Is this the bath salts you were looking for?

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Sky, I agree and there is so much going on in this family at this time. Always something - I do not share.
Sallysmom, that is one of the products I use - ordered something similar and so pleased.
Thank you...

Pienosole said...

I hear you! Looks like you may have found a silver lining in this cloud. Look forward to reading what you decide. Enjoy the beautiful sun today!

Judy said...

The hand mixer died on purpose :-) I have one similar, but mine is so you can raise the head/beaters. it sits on my counter with a nice cover--that you can purchase--probably also from Amazon. I sure understand about heavy. Isn't it strange that what we used to lift is impossible now? Even though we keep active--the strength just leaves!

Kay said...

I got that same stand mixer when I replaced my hand mixer and I just love it, especially when I do egg whites. It fluffs up so beautifully without me having to hold a hand mixer over the bowl.

sandra hagan said...

do what you want about the mixer!!! it is ok!

a new camera sounds good too! keep it simple.

the salad makes me hungry!!!! it is beautiful too!

loving you blog sweet lady.

sandra hagan said...

Post Script:

do you have a recipe for the salad?

Anvilcloud said...

When things don't work out, it can be very disappointing. My daughter in a stressful time in her life was trying to put together a complicated piece of furniture when she realized that a piece was cracked and it would have to go back.

Lonely Rivers said...

Not sure what you did about the mixer, but mine is lemon yellow and adorns its own permanent place on my counter. I love it more than anything in my kitchen! (Except maybe my grandma's wooden spoons.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

LR, new mixer being delivered and present one being picked up
Hoping all is well...