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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Please Pray For Balisha - Pat

Online friends become so special to us.
Most of the time we never meet
but read and share comments
 from our hearts.

My computer and writing opened up
a new world for this one
8 years ago.

Balisha has been waiting to know exactly what is going on
with her body.
This morning she shared
it is ovarian cancer.

So sad
I am for her.

I might add that I will not disappear
and if I can no longer post on my journal
one of my children
will let you know why.

Please pray for this special friend.


Judy said...

I too will never quit posting--unless I just physically can't. Then I will have daughter Pam, post for me. Nothing quite as scary when you are a regular reader and all of a sudden your friend's blog posts just stop. You know something is dreadfully wrong. Isn't this amazing how connected we can become to people we have never met?

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Judy, oh yes
when someone just stops and I know several who have
I always wonder.
I have cried all morning
my heart goes out to Balisha

Tabor said...

The more people we get to know the greater the chance of caring deeply for them as this enriches our life, but also the greater the chance of us going through pain with them.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Balisha has been in my thoughts and prayers since finding out her news. Life is so fragile, and our friends here in blogland become like family to us even though we've never met. We celebrated life with them, ups and downs.

May Balisha feel God's love and peace surrounding her at this time.


Judi said...

Again, no blog. Call myself a blog "stalker". I do follow Simply Balisha and really led me to so many good blogs. I am not one into a lot of decorating, been there done that. Now I enjoy having a cup of coffee with my "friends" online. I am so grateful to all those bloggers out there. Enriched my life. I sent Balisha a note.

lil red hen said...

This news makes me so sad...

Wisewebwoman said...

So many bloggers left without a word and no response to emails. Sad.

Then another walked us through her death with her and I was so very grateful and now I'm friends with her daughter.

Our blogland is amazing. I left a note for Balisha and did you see that pic with the dog, precious.


Tom DeWitt said...

I too read Balisha' blog. When she didn't post after posting on the 17th it couldn't be good news. I have been thinking about her and praying for her ever since. I saw the news and it is very sad. I will continue to pray for her. When you don't post for a couple of days I get a little nervous ..... I so look forward to your posts :) Take care, Bobbie

Tom DeWitt said...

p.s. This is my husband's google account. I am just borrowing it. My name is Bobbie :)

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Balisha is in my thoughts and prayers. She is a gifted writer and from all that she has shared on her blog, it feels as if I have known her for a long time.

Sandra said...

So sorry to hear about your blogging friend, Balisha. I will hold her in my thoughts.

Found In Folsom said... sad.....feel so sorry to hear this. All my strength to her. Will pray for her. Stay healthy.