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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Cold, Windy, Reading and Cooking

The wind is fiercely blowing
wind chimes making their music
and can be heard inside
But the sun is shining
even though headed for zero tonight.
I miss a wood burning fireplace
but really do not need at this time of life.

Vegetable soup has been simmering
and just finished my second and last meal of the day.
So good and I put in this pot everything I had on hand.
Potato's, onions, carrots, peas, corn, tomato,
cabbage and if not so cold would have dug up a turnip :)
Some frozen left over roast all simmering in vegetable broth.
So pleased I have masterd making 1/2 recipe of my cornbread and cook in
my grandmother's 6 inch iron skillet..   I learned so much from her as I was
growing up.
Do not have to plan a meal for next few days.
First thing every morning I always read
and always learn from Cate...

After viewing the Darjeeling Tea with Anise Star, Cloves and Lemon,
from Amazon this one ordered this tea and Anise Star as neither on hand.

I liked the clear glass cup and will add to my cups soon.

Did make tea with an addition of cloves and slice of orange this morning - so good.

the wind is blowing, chimes making their special sound
 and inside
special music "Effortless Relaxation" by Steven Halpern
is playing on the old Bose.

Simple pleasures at this time of life
are pleasing.

Dreaded the trip to the mailbox earlier, heavy coat, scarf, ear muffs, gloves
and another book arrived for my son and mom did not open.

Need to work on projects
but have not
maybe tomorrow
or even next day - no hurry...

stay well wishes
sent to you from the woods.


kerrdelune said...

My friend, I love this post, and I so wish we lived closer than we do. One of these days, perhaps it will be so.

Tabor said...

Stay warm and you are healthy with your soup and tea. I must put down this lap top and go exercise!!

Pienosole said...

Stay well and warm. Your soup and tea are so inviting! I love your plans for these bitterly cold days.

Val said...

A hearty yes to cozy days. Your soup looks so good. Vegetable soup is my favorite. Stay warm. ♥

Mitzi said...

I absolutely love reading your blog.I really admire your way of making the most of everyday. You have such a calming effect. Thank you
(I don't have a blog-just read them and yours is one of my favorites)

sandra hagan said...

It is a thrill to stop an visit you!

Soup looks wonderful and warm!

I plan on making Cate's tea....when I pick up a few things. Cate is an awesome woman!

Wishing you a blessed day!

Found In Folsom said...

stay warm in these freezing temps...take care

Sallysmom said...

My mom cooked soup the same way. She put all her leftover vegetables in and there was nothing like it. It was so good.