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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Callie and Look What I Found

No sleep last night
and when I got back up at 3:30
thought I would let Callie out.
Looked in the utility room across her little gate
and she was not there.
I called for her
went outside and she came running.
The screen door on the screen porch
had been torn badly.
Never before have I done this
guess I let her out last night
and forgot to bring her in :(
A 40 degree night
Callie I am so sorry.

Yogurt, banana and tea for breakfast
and when I go off line
will scramble an egg and have toast and tea.

Filled bird feeders
had not been done in 5 days
and look what I found.
I feel better if I keep moving
and have always been like this.
Know I will crash after lunch
and mail pickup.

Continual connection problems with Verizon
but just not up to spending hours online and phone with them.


Sandra said...

Poor Callie! She must have wondered what had happened. I hope she found a sheltered spot to spend the night.
How wonderful to see the green shoots coming through the earth so soon.
We're getting the snow over the next few days - with icy winds too.

Rebecca said...

"Poor Callie" is right!
I know what you mean about not wanting to be tied up with phone calls to utility companies! I HATE that - especially all the hoops you've gotta go through to speak with an actual person....

Judy said...

Are those Hyacinth buds? Wonderful.

I'll bet you never forget to let Callie in again!! Poor pup

Kay said...

What? It's only January yet, and buds are coming up? I hope Callie was all right.

Anvilcloud said...

Hope your pet is fine. How wonderful to see spring bulbs coming up. We are months away.