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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Opened By Mistake - Sorry

Even though I keep planning
to not order as many books

I am waiting for the arrival of 2 books
I bought used

"Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson"
"36 Acres"

As I looked out the window I could see the mail carrier putting mail in
my box on this rural road.
Heavy jacket on and started
old truck to drive out to see what exciting
is in the mailbox.
I retrieve a book,
lucky me something to new to read on
 this blustery cold day.
Onto cottage and quickly rip open

"The Lost Art of Walking"

Immediately looked to see who it was addressed too,
it is my son's.

Jimmy, sorry I opened your package
but mom's going to read and then put upstairs
with the rest of your unopened mail....

The thought came to mind
that walking is becoming a lost art to many.
I have always loved walking and still do.
Seems with balance issue miss walking in the woods
except when someone visits.
Something I never thought I would do
or admit
is holding onto the grocery cart handle
and walking a number of trips through the grocery.
I feel so safe....
Guess I will get my walking in
one way or another.

Went outside an hour ago
and filled 5 empty bird feeder's
and put out new suet cakes
for the next few super cold days...

While computer is running
I send safe travel wishes to my Laurie
who traveled from warm Tampa
to cold Massachusetts to attend
a best friends son's funeral.
So sad, an accident and then police ran over him.

Next Jamie, safe travel wishes while you attend
something that you will be writing about soon.
Sounds like a Spa.

And next
my grandson Gavin
who lives and works in cold Washington, D.C
Grandma sending  get well  wishes to you
this cold afternoon
by the woods...


Rebecca said...

"The Lost Art of Walking" sounds interesting. I've definitely lost it (after a hip and a knee replacement in 2014 and a bad fall 3 weeks ago). I look forward to spring and getting back AT it!

Tabor said...

Perhaps if you are near an indoor mall you can take advantage and do some walking there? Even walking around your house for 15 minutes----just walking can be good.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Tabor, I go continually, always moving, guess one of the reasons
do not gain weight :) No mall
close but the times I go to the big city love walking in them :)
Rebecca, so sorry about the recent fall and hope I can make it without replacements.
Take care..

Judy said...

I too do a lot of walking when I go to the big grocery store. I start at one door, go way to the back, than turn left and walk clear over to the grocery section. When I check-out, I have to walk the entire length of the store again to get back out the door I came in and where my car is parked in the lot. it is so much easier to walk with a grocery cart to hold onto.

Anvilcloud said...

I remember when I used to walk to a place in order to exercise. Now, walking is exercise enough.