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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Unexpected Sunday Blessing

My to do list is growing
and much on it now requires a little help.

A call last night from a young man that went to high school with my Jamie.
Chris has helped me on and off for almost 20 years.  Last year
was working as a welder, called and he had been laid off until
end of March.   Asked me if I had anything he could help
me with for 1/2 day on a day I usually do not work.
Made an exception since so much to do, no help has been available
and another sunny 50 degree day.

Inside for an hour, cleaning top shelves of cabinets and high furniture
I can no longer reach and uncomfortable getting on ladder like in the past.
Turned my mattress, moved the heavy rocker upstairs closer to window
for me.  Mixer off of cabinet, packed in its box, by door and ready to be picked up.

Then outside, more brush burned as wind not blowing, vacuumed garage, checked to
see if mower would run, checked the oil,  cleaned
most of garden area and raked some leaves.
Brush fire is down to where I feel comfortable as he prepares to leave.

Baked beans simmering, eggs for deviled eggs are done and my cole slaw
looks good.  Stuffing celery with my pimento cheese (Sky reminded me).
and hot dogs - the good kind - that have been waiting for little girls
to cook on burning pit - I am going to eat them :)

Simple lunch in a few minutes,  time to stop and read the New York Times...

Have not baked since Christmas and tomorrow would like to make a blueberry recipe
that was shared with me.


Tabor said...

I also have food set aside for young ones that has to be either eaten or thrown out! So sad when someone needs work and is young and skilled. I am glad though that he knew you and you know him!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

So glad you had some help call when you could really use it. Things are great when they work out like that!

You meal sounds delicious and baking to be sounds good too.

Have a good week Ernestine.

Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

Anvilcloud said...

Tough times for lots of people these days.

Judy said...

What a wonderful blessing for you.

Friko said...

Having a strong lad to come and help with jobs we can no longer do ourselves is such a godsend. Most of the jobs aren’t worth the time and trouble of a professional; they won’t come to do them. This way both of you had the benefit.

Keep warm and enjoy your simple and tasty meals.