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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Macaroni Salad - For Sandy

I use to make this all the time years ago
when children were growing up.
So simple and good to keep on hand.
Came to mind the other day and had the ingredients.
This one just adds what is on hand and tasty to her.

2 cups of macaroni - cooked and drained (when I made for me I just used 1 and was enough for 3 servings.

Add - chopped celery, sweet onion or green onions, chopped green pepper,
          hard boiled egg chopped, green peas and some pimento.
          Mix with Hellman's mayo.

Times in the past I would add chopped olives,  tuna, chicken or even small shrimp and stuff in a ripe tomato.
If fresh lettuce on hand
can place on this

I love bean sprouts and fresh ones were available and topped it with the sprouts.

Salt, pepper and I sprinkled some paprika on top.

There all kinds of variations
and you can Google to see other recipes

A delightfully warmer day,
lunch on the deck in sunshine
and for some reason was unusually tired
seems I never catch up and always projects
I am working on.
Try to take one day at a time
but find myself thinking a lot about
what does the future hold.


Rebecca said...

Bless your heart. One day at a time is all we were CREATED to handle, I think....Matthew 6:34 ♥

Your macaroni salad sounds good! I bought a HUGE (for us) bag of potatoes this past week. Gave a few away and plan to make some potato salad using some eggs we were given etc. The dressing we like best is basically Hellman's, too.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

This sounds good. I've not made this in years and years. You could pack lots of cut up fresh veggies in this.

Have a lovely Sunday and a great week ~ FlowerLady

Sky said...

yummmmm! we love this salad, too. I wonder if it is more a southern salad - I know no one else in the pacific northwest who makes it. I, too, add things on hand. I especially like kidney beans which I rinse several times before adding. I have added chopped water chestnuts, green or black olives, and diced sweet or spicy pickles. we ate this quite often in summer when I was young accompanied by slices of fresh fruit and celery stuffed with pimento cheese. it is such an easy picnic food. you have made me want to make this salad for the ballgame later today! thanks for the idea. :)

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Rebecca, you are so right and when I cannot sleep this one
repeats scriptures all night.
FL and Sky, yes this came to my mind the other day also and so good I will make again soon. You
mentioned stuffed celery with pimento cheese - I love this...

Tabor said...

Sitting on a sun porch sounds nice as winter is giving up its last weeks. I will bet you are looking forward to spring planting.