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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday and French Coconut Pie

A lot was accomplished yesterday.
Most of woods surrounding cottage were bush hogged.
and it looks beautiful.  Several small dead trees were pushed over
and as always I get excited about  rich woods dirt.  Creating no new gardens
but may put some in my small vegetable garden and area in flower garden where
wanter wants to stand when it is raining.

Helper put the lawn tractor in gear for me (torn muscle in right arm and doing this is
to difficult for me) and I cut for 2 hours.  Thoughts of trading this tractor with
very few hours on it for one that you start automatically by pushing a button.  Never thought
of this when it was purchased as for 50 years never a problem with starting one by putting
the blades in gear.  Just a thought as I really do not need to be on this tractor as often
as in the past.

Mosquito's are really bad at this time..  I had on jeans and a long sleeve shirt and could
still feel them trying to attack me.   The operator of the tractor had on a short
sleeve shirt and shorts and I shake my head.  My neighbor came riding by on her mower
and had on shorts and a tank top and she is my age :)  This one is overweight and has a pace maker
and the thought surfaces that I do not have this going on. 

Medication is repeatedly being put on two areas that may be poison ivy.   With left eye
having cataract surgery next Monday I cannot go on a dose pack at this time.
Most of the time I have to do this.  Very familiar with poison ivy and even though
I am careful it happens.   Maybe from Miss Callie as I pet her a lot and she loves
running in the woods.

Worker will have to return because it was too wet at the back of my property
to cut the high grass.

Contentment is my constant companion  when work and cleaning is in progress on this land.
  Love this property with a passion and so many thoughts go through
my mind of the future. When it was first purchased there was twice the amount that
I now tend too.  Two moves, some land sold and thoughts I would never return   But the acres I tend now are surrounded by the rest is as much as I can take care of.   Always wished there was someone that would love these woods like I do.  My children and grandchildren love to visit, eat, sit on porch and walk in the woods - but the city is where they work and like what it offers.

Inside at noon and after the cornbread was made for lunch I made a
French Coconut Pie.
For some reason kept craving coconut.

posted this recipe on 3/13/2012

I read what I write
and my thoughts are my life does not sound very interesting
but I could not be happier or at peace when I am outside with nature.
Just wish my body would keep up with my mind.

The answer to much at this moment is less grooming and acceptance of natures growth
and that I can no longer do what I have in the past years - also a little more help.


Wisewebwoman said...

Keep writing Ernestine, it all so good to hear your voice and hear about your days in the woods and how wonderful it is to connect with nature and nurture.


PS I'm going to try your cornbread on Thursday.

the wild magnolia said...

For my thoughts you do very well in all.

The last pictures of your Woodland Cottage was so beautiful, they took my breath away.

Have you shared the French Coconut pie recipe? If not, would you consider.

We are on the road tomorrow. I am excited. We go to Cedar Key Florida, north of where we are now.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

WWW and Sandy
posted this recipe on 3/13/12
Seems I am doing a lot of repeats:)
Sandy, Florida sounds wonderful..

Friko said...

As far as I’m concerned your life sounds just right.
we can never make others follow in our footsteps, they either do or they don’t. we all live the life best suited to ourselves.

Enjoy what you have and let the future take care of itself.

Sallysmom said...

I love how your life sounds.

Tabor said...

Your life and your thoughts are what blogging is supposed to be. Because you are honest and interesting, we all like to follow your challenges. And since I also live in the woods, I like to learn how your do it. You are probably correct that your dog is sharing the poison ivy. It is in HUGE abundance of seedlings I am pulling up, so dread it this year.

Mitzi said...

I love reading about your life in the woods. Do you ever get overwhelmed with all the work it takes to keep everything up. It seems that when I work outdoors-the indoors suffers. I can't seem to find a balance. And oh how creaky and tired I am after a day of working outdoors. Love it though.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Tabor, Friko, Sallysmom - thank you.
Mitz, Oh we are alike :)

Judy said...

Age--takes it toll on us. I remember all that I did when I was in my mid '60's--most people younger then me couldn't do it. It sometimes makes me angry that I have lost the strength and energy, but...we still have life and we still can do a bit and that makes it worthwhile.

Elsa Louise said...

Sending love and well wishes your way. I delighted in the idea of strawberry bread, and then the pie that followed, and now this pie! So many sweet treats and all so tempting.

One day, maybe one of your children will want to live at your beautiful Woodhaven. One never knows. As their lives change, it could happen.

I also agree with everyone who commented about reading your posts. I never tire of them.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Elsa Louise, as always so good to hear from you and I love to bake :)
Judy, take care...

Anonymous said...

Oh, Ernestine, your life sounds so very interesting to me, as I am living as many parts of yours as I can! I still haven't made my move, but am spending as much time on my new property as possible. I have been considering getting someone to come in and bush hog parts of the property. I'd love to do it myself, but I don't have the equipment. I have a riding mower that I got on the other day and had a wonderful time! Such a sense of accomplishment and peace I get from riding on that little machine!