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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Everywhere I look
their is beauty,
 swarms of mosquito's
and more work then I can do.

Long sleeve blouse,
cap that has visor and something to cover the neck,
hopeful thoughts that I did not get bitten.

More rain due, grass and weeds a foot high.
Trees are heavy with huge leaves on branches and  need to be trimmed.
Emptied bird baths of standing water and gutters need to be cleaned.

I need some help
or really need to remember that my original
thoughts was simplicity and nature surrounding
this cottage as this was created.

I am reminded that I have been grooming too much.
But really want as someone pulls down the gravel drive
for them to view my dwelling.   At this rate of growth
I will be almost invisible.

Wheat beginning to turn slightly golden

Most Iris are laying on the earth
because they are so huge and wet from the rain
What I see with my eyes
is what I hoped for 3 years ago
as I planted this simple country garden.

I already know
the daylillies will be spectacular.

Planned on taking a break from the computer
but there is too much beauty
for me not to share.


the wild magnolia said...

so much beauty. i want to remember it all. each picture special. the cardinal photo is so special, the look of the grass, oh my!

simplicity can turn in to the most work.

this year the look of your woodland cottage is inviting and full and speaks worlds to me of the woman you are.

Judy said...

Yes--simple. I had thought that I would not mow my lawn, when I lived in my dream woodland home--just let it be natural and wild. Large, deep planters would rim the large raised cement deck in back of my house--they would be filled with flowers and some veggies. What you planned three years ago is coming to full glory with this wonderful winter and spring we have had. Three years ago--it seemed like a good idea. Now, as we age--it almost becomes work--and we need to simplify once again. Beautiful photos!!

Sky said...

beautiful photos! i know you are enjoying the gardens. it takes time for new ones to mature and yours is settled in and gorgeous. all the rain you guys have had nurtured the plant life, i imagine. our friends in the atlanta area say their gardens are the best ever! i would love to see a shot of the bird feeder in the pic of the cardinal. i think we have one just like it! took me forever to find it a few years ago, and seems like i ordered it from canada! the cardinals are so special to me. i miss them terribly out here. :(

Mrs A said...

I love those cardinals! We don't have anything quite like it here in Australia so I love getting glimpses of them on your blogs. The garden looks so pretty with all the flowers. The rain brings so much growth, weeds all flourish don't they! Here in my garden too. I have to remind myself that my garden is for pleasure and not to see iit as work that has to be done. When there are lots of weeds, I get overwhelmed and then of course it is too much! And yes I need help then too. Mrs A

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Lovely photos of the colorful beauty that surrounds you there in your quiet space.

I hear you about simplifying.

Enjoy and be blessed.

Love ~ FlowerLady

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Sandy, thank you for your kind words, Judy, Oh yes we are on the same page, Sky, this feeder came from a nursery that was closing.
I inquired would they set it and they did to me. Mrs A, thank you.

Sharon said...

All the shades of pink are stunning. It's not just the work you put into your gardens but the eye you have for color and variety that make everything so beautiful. You have the luxury to do as much or as little as you want because either way you have a beautiful place, manicured or au naturale.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Sharon, thank you for your kind words. Never realized I had so much pink in my garden and have been striving for laverder :)
Lorraine, as always thank you...

Laura said...

so, so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous flowers and photos! How hard it is to simplify when one has such a green thumb, a creative flair and an appetite for life!!!