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Thursday, May 23, 2013

They Do Not Realize

I remodeled an old farm house over 30 years ago, a brief stay in a condo which during building I changed the inside a lot and then built 4 homes over the last 15 years.
Looking back I realize now it fulfilled a lot of my creative nature.
I would plan the layout of the home and have all the
special furnishings in their place on a sketched plan.
Each sold quickly except the last city home and that
was because of the economy.

This journey began at a time when  my children were each on their own and
my youngest Jamie had started an exciting career at Vanderbilt University
in Nashville.
 I was living in my much loved spacious old farm house.  I kept having thoughts
of selling and when approached by someone wanting this home and it was not
even on the market
a new adventure opened up for me.
I began to create and move on and not look back
as each home was created with love.

Many a question "why do you move so much"
oh it really never bothered me (until the fatigue of this cottage
and long drive back and forth almost daily from city to country).
It was enjoyable to me and high energy would get me through the process.
Usually return was just my investment and very little profit
but it was done for my enjoyment and pleasure and also I liked it
better then being employed somewhere and suited me better with my
in charge personality.

Also the comment was made regularly that I needed to build homes
for individuals.  This never appealed to me as I built for myself but
always was willing to give many ideas and information  as their new
home was being built.

Remember after one home that my oldest daughter sent me a gift,
a card with my name and the words "Home and Garden Consultant"
then address and phone number.   This pleased me so very much.

Each home was named like this one that is known
as "Woodhaven"

What a pleasure it was to create a garden at each one.
When the homes sold that was always a plus and so many
comments about the flower gardens.

Very few of the flowers remain at these homes.
Many people do not realize the work involved in caring for plants.
In the past I would be in my garden almost daily, weather permitting.

Driving past the city home a few months ago
all the flowers were gone except the rose bushes
which were huge and magnificent.
Green lawn was now viewed....

I remember a phone call that told me if there were anymore flowers I wanted
to feel free to come and get them.   Looking over this garden and how each plant has multiplied
so glad that more were not moved from the city garden.

My youngest daughter has a number of plants that have been shared with her. 
Recently asked her if she wanted some more and her answer was quick
"I can hardly take care of what you have shared with me"  no more is wanted.

Images from city garden 3 years ago...

This was my garage
and I put a small covered porch on the side with a door going into the garage.  Did this at
several homes and a number of people have copied my idea :)
Looking back at these pictures,
I recognize many of the plants in this country garden
With each move a small piece would be taken and replanted
at the new creation.

In reality guess my gardens
are a garden of memories.

This image from another garden


Judy said...

I know exactly! The "youngers" just don't have time. Their lives are so busy with comings and goings. If there is any gardens, they must be low maintenance--mulched within an inch of their lives. At my farm home, I had many flower gardens--bushes that bloomed at various times of spring and summer. My daughter took them all out--everything is lawn--except for my Tulip Magnolia that she promised not to cut down until I die. Another large garden in a city home. The last time I saw it--nothing but weeds. I have many flowers here that came from those homes and my Mother's garden. I find it wonderful to go out and "putter"--it seems more of a chore for them.

Mary @ Colony Mountain Folk Art Dolls said...

Yes, Home and Garden Consultant...your creations are wonderful! Your city garden was a rare beauty, for sure!

Wisewebwoman said...

Your gardens are beautiful, Ernestine. What a lovely mind you live in!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Judy :)
Mary and Www, thank you..

Tabor said...

Such accomplishments to look back on. You are the energy woman and now it is time to go just a little slower.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Tabor, oh yes a slower pace - it has happened...

Still Woods Farmhouse said...

I loved reading about the homes you so lovingly built. I have always wanted a beautiful old-fashioned garden. You hit the nail on the head when you discussed the work that must go into a garden. For Still Woods Farmhouse, I envision climbing roses, heirloom flowers, and of course the lovely magnolias and azaleas that are presently on the land. I will have to work at the roses and heirlooms! Blessings from Still Woods Farmhouse

Sharon said...

Designing is in your genes. Your creations are lovely, and your gardens live on with the sharing of plants. What a wonderful legacy ~

Anonymous said...

I am so impressed! I knew you had designed some homes, but didn't know there were so many. And your gardens are beautiful! You are truly a creative woman! You are an inspiration!!!