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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Where Have All The Flowers Gone

An errand in the big city yesterday
drove by my home that was sold one year ago
grass has replaced my beautiful garden
second picture
The home sold 5 years ago
first picture
same thing has happened
A piece of each of these flowers were
moved to the country
they are flourishing
Life goes on for One Woman
and her plants....


Tabor said...

Some are gardeners and others are not. Gardening is a passion but also hard work, so sometimes people who are busy prefer a monoculture. Your yard WAS a showpiece.

Balisha said...

I don't go by my old house anymore. The people who bought it... obviously don't enjoy gardening. Everything is over grown or mowed down. It used to make me sad, but then I realized that it's their home now and they can do as they wish. Balisha

Sky said...

Funny, but I have often thought if we sell this home we will have to come back over each season to teach the new owners how to care for the gardens during that first year! Depending on the season it sold and their ability to garden, they might not have any idea of what to do or what to expect. Maybe they would even be unable to distinguish a weed from an uprising perennial. Oh, dear, I would freak out if they dug up the gardens and planted grass! Guess I have some letting go to do if we ever put it on the market!

judemiller1 said...

I always took a few perennials with me when I moved to a new place. When I drive by my old house, there are absolutely no flowers nor flowering shrubs. All is grass--easy to maintain I guess, but so boring!

One Woman's Journey said...

Tabor, Balisha,Judy and Sky, thanks for visiting. Just curious about these homes. These people love to look at gardens but not do the work. Homes before these two - it would sadden me.
No more. My past has been creating homes and gardens and new owners have to decide the upkeep.
Thanks for visiting.

the wild magnolia said...

Earth, soil, seeds, sunshine, water, fertilizer, flowers and gardening, are a spiritual journey. Not everyone is tuned in. Aren't you so happy you have the splendid photos?!!

Thank you for sharing.


Elsa Louise said...

Experience has taught me that it is better to not go back and visit an old home. It is no longer yours, and the new occupants make it theirs. Sometimes we like what they do; other times, not so much. In any event, our own pleasant reverie is frequently disturbed by the new vision of what is, rather than what was.

Best to let sleeping dogs lie.

You keep your own memories alive by transplanting your flowers to each new garden you establish. Such a charming practice that connects your pasts, presents, and futures.

One Woman's Journey said...

Elsa Louise, I was in the big city neighborhood for dental appt. You are right. Also one of the homes is in the small town near and when I run weekly errands have a dear friend several doors down from that home :) I always appreciate the wisdom of your words.
Sandra, thank you for visiting.

mermaid said...

Ernestine, you often comment on the things I know at my age. I'm not sure you give yourself enough credit for the brave move from city to country, from external to internal, from material to earth, from fear to love.

Your flowers and you are so beautiful. If you only knew...

LauraX said...

oh, this must be heartbreaking for you...and yet you have cultivated a new garden in your current home...a lesson in letting go I suppose and trusting your wise intuition to move some of the plants with you.

One Woman's Journey said...

Kaveri, thank you for your special words.
Laura, :)